DSfix 0.7

Edit: it seems the intro skipping feature isn’t working properly for most people. Just ignore it for now!

This release adds 2 new features:

  • Save game backups: backs up the saves at regular intervals. The maximum number of stored backups can also be set. I implemented this since I almost lost my save while testing. The minimum interval is set fairly high to discourage people from using this to cheat death.
  • Intro skipping. NOTE: the way this is implemented is completely insane. It works for me, but I can’t guarantee that it won’t set your computer on fire. Just turn it off if you experience problems.

Now that these convenience features are out of the way I’ll focus on the graphics again.

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Regarding donations, I was told that the donation page was in German so far, it should now be set to English.

DSfix version 0.7 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

DSfix 0.6

There is more changed “under the hood” here than what is visible, but I managed to fulfill 2 popular requests:

  • Added a “borderless windowed fullscreen” mode. This is very useful for people with multiple monitors, or even if you just want to do fast alt-tabbing. You can switch from windowed mode to “fake fullscreen” and back using F8. It can also be configured as a startup setting in the .ini
  • Added a language override option in the .ini
    Set it to e.g. en-GB to play the game in English without manually changing your system locale back and forth. (This is probably only useful for non-English users)

I also improved the code base significantly. Just as one example, previously adding a new setting, reading it from the .ini, making it available where it is needed and logging it required 6 or so lines of code in 4 different places. Now it’s just 1 line in 1 place.

Also, some compilation settings and manual optimizations were introduced that may make the wrapper marginally faster, but this most likely won’t have an effect on game performance.

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DSfix version 0.6 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

DSfix 0.5

This is a maintenance release, and adds a few mouse-related features people were asking for.

  • Mouse cursor toggling with F9 should now be less finicky
  • You can toggle whether the mouse is allowed to leave the window with F10
    (this is useful in windowed mode or in fullscreen with multiple monitors)
  • Both of these settings can also be set in the .ini
  • The fix introduced in version 0.2 for cut-off text/buttons has been reworked to be much less invasive — if you have seen any degradation in performance or functionality from 0.1 to 0.2 this should fix it (I haven’t seen any changes)

This will probably be the last version for a little while, I have to go to work tomorrow ;)

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DSfix version 0.5 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

DSFix Optimus testing

Edit: This fix didn’t work out, sorry. No further testing required for the moment.

I was told that the Nvidia card can be directly selected by an application on an Optimus system by selecting a different D3D adapter. I have no way of testing this since I do not own an Optimus device.

If you are an Optimus user (and only if you are an Optimus user) please download this version, test it on your system, and leave feedback below.

(link removed, this fix does not work)

Also, please do not get your hopes up just yet that this will fix the Optimus issue. Since I have no way of testing it I have no idea if it will work.

DSfix 0.4

This version fixes the Depth of Field (DoF) effect, the last huge “bug” of the mod in my opinion.

  • Added an .ini setting for overriding the DoF resolution
  • I also provide the option to completely disable DoF scaling. However, I don’t recommend that. I think the game looks better with DoF, and it’s the way From Software intended it. Also, disabling the DoF this way may actually reduce performance.

See a screenshot showing off the fixed DoF here.

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DSfix version 0.4 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

Some important DSfix remarks

  • If you just see a black screen with a grey square in it, disable the in-game AA setting. And try to read the readme in the future.
  • The issue with Optimus is know, but I can’t promise a fix soon, since I don’t own an Optimus device to test on.
  • I am currently working on fixing the DoF effect, I can’t say when that will be ready. Other requests will come after that.

Dark Souls internal rendering resolution fix

I’ll add more internal details here soon.

Check out a general overview at GAF.

Also, this is the donation link in case you want to donate.

Download Link

Important: turn off in-game AA (blur filter)


Known Issues

  • Message text is not rendered correctly. I will work on this tomorrow.
  • Does not work with the in-game AA (but that’s just a blur filter anyway)
  • Bad framerate reported on AMD cards, NV seems fine


Nvidia RGB Full/limited range toggler

I recently had a problem where I simply couldn’t get my NV GPU to supply full range RGB (0-255) over HDMI when the resolution was either 720p or 1080p at 59.94 Hz.
Apparently this has been a known problem for years, and the only reliable solution was to edit your driver .ini files before installation.

After some digging through obscure NV support posts I managed to find the registry keys that control this behaviour, and I implemented a small tool to switch all graphics modes between full range and limited range. It’s not as convenient as a driver level toggle, but it fixed my problem and since NV hasn’t acted on this for years I don’t expect them to do so any time soon.

Here’s the binary: NV_RGBFullRangeToggle

And here’s the source for anyone interested: NV_RGBFullRangeToggle_Source

It’s a very simple program, basically it does this: