DSfix 0.4

This version fixes the Depth of Field (DoF) effect, the last huge “bug” of the mod in my opinion.

  • Added an .ini setting for overriding the DoF resolution
  • I also provide the option to completely disable DoF scaling. However, I don’t recommend that. I think the game looks better with DoF, and it’s the way From Software intended it. Also, disabling the DoF this way may actually reduce performance.

See a screenshot showing off the fixed DoF here.

Consider donating if you like the mod.

DSfix version 0.4 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

230 thoughts on “DSfix 0.4

  1. So I am still wondering whether to buy this game for PC.. with this fix, does it make the game worth getting yet? Or are there still things that the develop would need to do to make it worth the AAA premium price they are asking?

  2. Amazing work! The difference this mod makes is unbelievable and invaluable. Thank you so much for this!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a donation to make.

  3. Another Optimus user that would through money your way if you can get it to work with our cards.

    Heres hoping.

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  5. i’m using .5 version of your fix… oddly its not here… i have 5870, and its working fine….

    your a life saver with the option you gave to hide the mouse…. i hate controller, am playing with a mouse, it was hard to adjust to but an hour into the game i got my key binds to my liking but the mouse always nagged me… it didn’t feel as right with the mouse showing… thanks again

    also thanks for fixing the DoF…

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  7. Hey first off thanks for rescuing dark souls it looks beautiful, but i got a problem lol and im not much of a tech person but i can normally figure this sort of thing out,

    Its displaying the screen in 1/4th the size of the screen with movement shadows all over the other part and glow effects on the black parts etc, happens on windows mode and on all resolutions, anyone else come across a similer problem? im pretty sure it was ok pre mod so got me scuppered

    any ideas would be awesome cant enjoy the game atm with it like that TT

    • heh im an idiot managed to figure it out >< i read the readme but somehow missed the AA and blur motion settings needing to be turned off, i thought somehow my system was up the creek or that id just somehow stuffed it up

      now all i gotta do is get a wired xbox controller

      Thanks for the mod! :)

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  9. First of all thx for this great mod…but i got a weird issue with 0.4 and 0.5v.. game running very low fps at first start ..than i rest on bonfire or restart game sometimes it start at normal 30fps and all smooth…Also this adressed by another user in neogaf forum today..

      • no its GTX 460 ..and cpu is e7200 3ghz overclocked…i try today again ..realy weird everytime i start a new game its auto 15fps..then i restart game or rest at bonfire than it run normal 30fps..btw im using 16:10 screen is it related?

  10. When i try to open up DSfix (1, 2, 3, or 4) It says the program is not found and has no icon. I did that from my downloads folder and when i move it, the icon becomes 7- zip and still will not open. am i missing a program or something?

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  12. I cant use this on my laptop because apparently the resolution patch is forcing the use of my intel integrated graphics, I was wondering if we will see a fix for this. Several other users on steam forums/reddit noticed this and most have to have the fix disabled to play dark souls without poor integrated performance.

    thanks for the work, I love the fix on my desktop and it works great.

  13. Is there any possibilites that you could add a fullscreen windowed mode (windowed mode without borders) like in the recent Blizzard games? The reason is that I have a multi-monitor setup on my computer, which I use for using multiple applications at the same time. Having a fullscreen windowed mode would make it more convenient to switch between applications, while having the game running at 1080p at the same time :)

    Thanks for all your hard work making this game better :)

  14. Dude , i really appreciate the work …. all i need now is a fix for the damn camera speed and the cursor icon showing up all the time and i can start playing this game…

  15. Would it be possible to get rid of the letterbox on 16:10 resolutions in a future version of this fix or is that something that can never be fixed?

  16. About my SSAO screenshots :
    I read some post on Neogaf, stated that I may have faked the SSAO, on my screenshots. I couldn’t reply on Neogaf, as it declines my email to open a new account.

    This is absolutely not the case, SSAO works fine on my computer, but, perhaps, I should give more details about my configuration, and above all, about my card drivers.

    graphic card : NVidia Geforce 8800 GTX
    drivers : Beta drivers, Geforce 304.79 [r304_00-124]
    OS : Windows 7 64 bits
    plus, Ambient Occlusion should also be checked on “Quality” in Nvidia Control Panel/ Manage 3D Settings/Global Settings/
    I guess this is important as I remember this to be mandatory to make the Nvidia Inspector AO settings work.

    I’m sorry for the people who couldn’t manage to make it work, I hope these informations will help. Can somebody glad enough make some test on their computers ?

    If it still doesn’t work, I can still make a video (this would be more difficult to fake).

  17. Hello, first off I would like to thank you for essentially saving dark souls pc.

    And I would also like to bring an issue with the mod I have noticed to your attention. Sometimes certain objects, or terrain will have an odd striping effect applied to them, I guess because of another issue with low res effects. So far it’s most apparent in Anor Londo like here http://i.imgur.com/cFQGI.jpg. The stripes will rove across the environment as you move. Turning the game back its original low res self seemed to diminish or remove these.

    Sorry if this has already been brought up.

    Thanks again for the fix!

    • I was unaware of this, have not seen it yet. I will investigate it when I do. Thanks for the heads-up!

  18. Awesome mod and in a record time!
    Good Luck solving the lighting effect problems. I really want to follow the develop of your work and how far goes.
    Impresive man you are ;)

  19. I cannot get this to work.
    I use the newest Nvidia Beta-drivers, set custom resolutions, added the mod files and get no better resolution. Fraps says “2880 x 1620″ but the game looks ugly as hell. Any ideas?

  20. The game is locked at 60Hz screen refresh rate, how can I increase it to 75Hz (my monitors native), any mod or is there a possibility for you to add it in near future? Thanks

  21. It seems that Dark Souls is using some kind of internal double-buffered Vsync. Is DSfix able to disable this?

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  23. Thanks for the fix!! cant test it till day 31 tho xD limited edition on the way.
    Could anyone please post some screens of different places? And one last thing, does thie fix work with Ati cards?

  24. I have a Laptop with the i7 processor and a GeForce Gt 540m and I have been having some trouble with the mod. The game seemed to cap the fps to 15. It seems that the game forces dark souls to run through the integrated graphics card. I fixed this in the Nvidia settings making the dark souls.exe and data.exe run only through my GeForce card, doing this I get a solid 30 fps. But when I use your mod the game goes back to running at 15 fps solid. I have seen that a few people have the same problem. Is there anyway to fix it so I can use your high res mod. I am playing the game with a low res at the moment to keep the fps up, but I would love the game to look the way it was meant to.

    Thanks for all the hard work so far.
    Keep it up!

  25. Hmm, all versions are crippling start game logos [namco bandai] and [from software], and when ingame, I see only blank [black] screen and huge white rectangle. Seems like serious texture problem. Any advice?

    • Ow and I have following specs:

      - Core i7 2600K @ default clock
      - Asus Sabertooth P67 rev 1.0 [or B2]
      - 16 gigs of 1333 MHz Corsair Ram
      - Asus GTX 580
      - latest beta drivers from geforce.com
      - 2x Intel 520 120 GB raid0 SSDs for system [1100 read/1000 write]
      - legal Windows 7 x64 Pro
      - am using latest beta drivers, tried also retail drivers, I’ve got the same result

    • Disable in-game AA.

      (The artifacts in the startup logos are a known problem, and one I don’t plan on fixing. See it as a confirmation that the fix is in effect ;))

  26. can any one give me the links of the dark souls pc official fourms >>>??
    i found it but no pc version at all >>???

  27. Oh and btw, will motion blur ever be included? I sort of like that effect, and I miss it with this mod.

  28. The mod’s great, but it still has a significant bug.

    Intended HDR/sunray effects are diminished and inconsistent with the modded d3d9.dll in use. It’s most noticeable with sunlight visual effects. Sometimes the sunrays don’t work at all, sometimes they’re much weaker, and sometimes the it varies according to the camera angle.

    I’ve tested this in multiple locations in the game, and once you realize it’s happening, believe me, the difference is very noticeable. These lighting effects still work, sort of, but they’re far less impressive looking with the mod.

    All in all everything being higher-res is a net-gain trade-off, of course. But I can’t help but think this issue is probably something very simple and easily remedied, if Durante only realizes it.

    • I’m aware of that issue, but sadly it’s not a simple fix at all. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and there’s no obvious pattern to it.

      I will keep trying.

  29. Hi, first off thank you for this amazing fix you managed to come up with in just a few days after the release.

    I’d like to know if you’re planning on adding injected SMAA as an additional feature of your fix, even if it’s done with a proxy .dll file (like it’s done in Skyrim, for example). That’d be the icing on the cake of a wonderful job.

    Thank you again!

  30. Have you think about include an DirectX Triple-Buffer? like D3DOverride, or maybe the SSAO like the Nvidia profile does, it is possible? :O

  31. Peter, Can you add the mouse cursor toggle to verion 0.1 ??
    yeah . i know … but somehow its the one working for me !!

  32. If i enable the mod the framerate locks at 16 even if i set everything in the dsfix high.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  33. Is there anyway you can affect frame rate drops on certain places, or try to fix it in future versions.

    Also if anybody else knows, has developers said anything about patches.

    Did they at least sent you a thanks for making their game playable :)

  34. Hi, great job you have done so far. I’m wondering if this dll can also work on other Direct X 9 video games ?
    Or, this dsfix is only specific to Dark Soul ? I really love to use the Super Sampling for other video games. If you can make the same on Dx 11, it would be super super great !

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  35. It’s probably been said before and for all I know you’re working on it, but it would be nice if the HUD was scaled down. It covers way to much of the screen (not more than on the console-versions but it’s more noticeable with the higher resolution

  36. Good job man,but my system seems to work better with DSfix3 don`t know why,with DSfix4 my game just runs very slow, will be a great thing if u can solve the windowed mode.
    Many thanks

  37. for even better image quality, i suggest use a program like nvidia inspector use negative lod, like -1.0 you will fell like high res textures.

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