Some important DSfix remarks

  • If you just see a black screen with a grey square in it, disable the in-game AA setting. And try to read the readme in the future.
  • The issue with Optimus is know, but I can’t promise a fix soon, since I don’t own an Optimus device to test on.
  • I am currently working on fixing the DoF effect, I can’t say when that will be ready. Other requests will come after that.

36 thoughts on “Some important DSfix remarks

  1. I hope you have the time to look into the FPS drops when in front of heavy particles since the 2nd version of the fix, the 3rd didn’t fix it either, tried with all the override settings. Still using the 1st.

    Keep up the good work, regardless!

    • Good to know it wasn’t just me, lol. thought my PC just couldn’t handle it.

      Noticed after 1 FPS drops during resting dropped to 15ish, same if i looked into the fire when the dragon would go over the bridge.

      fix 1 still seems to be the best overall as long as you don’t mind not seeing text~

      Anyway good work on everything so far! this is leaps and bounds better than what they tried to release us!!

  2. Can anyone help me guys? I’m having a problem with the mod. I’ve followed all the instructions but as soon as I get in game to where you play it. The game only takes up about a quarter of my 1920×1080 monitor which as you can imagine is super frustrating. If anyone knows anything about this PLEASE HELP! I love this game and having this mod makes it sooo much better. I just want it to work properly! haha.

  3. I changed the render width and height to my native monitor resolution, no point in rendering higher res when it looks exactly the same and get bad frames.

  4. I appreciate all your work on this.

    I don’t know if you’re the guy to be asking this, but is the playability with a mouse and keyboard fixable? I can’t stand controllers…even bought the device so that i could play on the xbox and ps3 with a mouse and keyboard.

  5. Please add support for 16:10 aspect ratio without stretching. I’ll gladly donate just for that.

  6. Praise the Sun!
    Setting the resolution in the ini to 2x your native resolution looks incredibly good.

  7. i rly like your work keep doing mods plz !!
    sry to name a request already but is it possible to create a mod which makes the gameplay even more fluent. frames …i dont know much about it though but during my game is always epic laggy

  8. I would like to add that it’s not just the Optimus invidia cards that are having issues with this fix. I personally along with several others I’ve seen on various MB’s are experiencing major FPS issues with a variety of the invidia mobile GPUs.
    I personally am running geforce GTX 670M.

  9. Would it be possible to add an option for changing the game language? Changing the Region/Language options in Windows is quite a pain…

  10. Thank you for what you are did so far .. you are like angel
    i dont know if thease are even possiple to fix by a mod (dont have much knowledge besides gaming itself) but if you can check them out :
    1- mouse sensetivity
    2- keyboard mapping (dont know if it’s even fixable by a modder)

    thanks in advance

      • Nope man, changing the mouse sensitivity on the ingame menu (at the camera sensitivity option) does nothing. I lowered it to the minimum and it’s no good. But I’m getting used to it. Of course I wouldn’t complain if a fix showed up.

        Btw, I have to greatly thank the guy who did this fix. The game was unplayable whitout it. Man, you’re a saint.

  11. Take all the time you need man, other modders will be doing stuff like 60hz, high res textures etc, so no rush, long way to go to get this game up to scratch.

  12. Thanks a lot for the fixes.

    One request. You might not be able to fix that, but constraining the mouse inside the game window would be very welcome.

    Again, thanks.

    • Give the program Display Fusion ( a try. It’s extremely handy for multi monitor users and has stuff like a cursor lock hotkey and multiple taskbars. Not sure what’s in the free version though. I also think there’s a standalone cursor locking program out there, though I don’t know what it’s called.

  13. Hey mate, your work is awesome. I know you do it with the intention to have a better graphics in the game, but i want to let you know that your work let me downscale a little the settings so that i can play it very well on my pc, while the vanilla version was running very slow making the game not playable for me. Thanks for that, without it i would have wasted 40 euros.

  14. Great dude!FROM SOFTWARE should pay you…you’re doing better than them.
    I know is kinda early,but my request would be “640×480″ mode.Sorry for the persistence

    • try this go in DSFix.ini file then find the first line
      # internal rendering resolution of the game
      renderWidth 2560
      renderHeight 1440

      change the width for 480
      height 640

    • Hey Charleskinkton!

      i’ve posted this on the recent dsfix 0.6:

      “btw: you can also always downgrade your resolution (if you posess a 5 yrs old laptop like me) only thing you have to do is to rename the “movWW” movie folder in to like …. “movWW1″ or something and then go downwards the res. like for example:
      renderWidth 1024 – 992 – 960
      renderHeight 576 – 558 – 540


      besides you can set dofOverrideResolution to 240 wich results in a great performance boost.

      best regards”

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