DPfix source release

The source code for DPfix is now up on github.

I always planned to do this, but I decided to do so earlier rather than later for a few reasons:

  • 0.8 works perfectly for me, but causes problems on many other systems, and it’s very hard to “remotely” debug issues.
  • I’ll be really busy with work the rest of this week and throughout next week, so I can’t spend as much time on Deadly Premonition (or anything really) as I would like.
  • Someone asked for it.

Now, when I released DSfix I was a bit disappointed by the lack of external contributions. There were a few brave souls, and I’m very grateful, but overall 95% of the code in DSfix is still written by me and untouched.

I think the problem was at least partly a lack of documentation and guidelines on my part, so I just spent over 2 hours writing up a developer README for DPfix. Have a look if you are thinking about contributing, or if you simply want to get a better idea about how Deadly Premonition works or how I create these interceptors.

PtBi update and source release

I just released a new version of PtBi (5.1729). It’s a minor update that adds a few small features people were asking for:

  • A nearest neighbour scaling mode.
  • The ability to bind keys to switch directly to a given AA or scaling mode (instead of going through the available modes step by step). See keys.ini for details and some examples.

More importantly, I also uploaded an initial commit of the PtBi source to GitHub. It’s probably a bit hard to get to build initially due to the dependencies, but I hope it is useful for someone.