Anti-Aliasing comparison tool, MK2

3 years or so back, I wrote a tool to compare anti-aliasing methods. It was designed to accompany my Beyond3D article on the topic.

The tool is still useful, but it has a few issues:

  • It’s based on raw OpenGL code, which means that it’s hard to extend, and somewhat likely to break on driver updates.
  • For the same reason, it’s slightly more difficult to ship without dependencies.
  • It doesn’t offer any temporal anti-aliasing technology, which is currently where much of the most interesting research is happening.
  • Its user interface is terrible, and it doesn’t guide people in any way in terms of interpreting what they see.

To solve these issues, I implemented a very similar tool in Unity.

You can get it here.

It features a whole lot of information about the various AA types it supports in tool-tips, and also includes the currently-in-development Unity temporal anti aliasing.

aatest_2016_10_08_21_22_34_955 aatest_2016_10_08_21_23_02_960 aatest_2016_10_08_21_22_48_516If anyone is interested in the sources I can release them, it’s pretty basic and mostly boring UI stuff.

One thought on “Anti-Aliasing comparison tool, MK2

  1. Nice work bro!  Temporal supersampling was so good but causes blur by solved subpixel problems,look like no aa is perfect ,and I prefer fxaa with proper threshold and  subpixel blend disabled,it gives a sharper result and doesn‘t have too many artifacts.

    And…I know it’s improper but I found the “disabledofscaling” option of dsfix is not affect other scene(such as the distant view of firelink shrine, you can see the great hollow big tree and some structures of  blighttown,but it’s affected by dof),is there any way to turn it off completely?

    Hope the problem can be solved soon,thanks,and have a nice day.  : )

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