PtBi update and source release

I just released a new version of PtBi (5.1729). It’s a minor update that adds a few small features people were asking for:

  • A nearest neighbour scaling mode.
  • The ability to bind keys to switch directly to a given AA or scaling mode (instead of going through the available modes step by step). See keys.ini for details and some examples.

More importantly, I also uploaded an initial commit of the PtBi source to GitHub. It’s probably a bit hard to get to build initially due to the dependencies, but I hope it is useful for someone.


5 thoughts on “PtBi update and source release

  1. Any chance of that new version soon? I like the new feature of setting specific AA/scaling in startup.ini, but not enough to deal with the audio issue.

    • Sorry for not releasing anything for so long regarding PtBi, I’ll get to it this weekend I promise!

  2. Thanks for the response! So long as it’ll be fixed you have nothing to apologize for! :3

  3. Yes, that’s my fault. I was too aggressive in trying to reduce audio delay. It will be fixed in the next version. Sorry about that!

  4. The new update has brought along with it some audio static for some reason. I checked my cables and everything, yet static still persisted. It happened in two ways, first it was constant, then after restarting the program a few times it started happening in short, but very frequent bursts. I then went back to the previous version of ptbi, and there’s no static.

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