PtBi 4.1516

I just fixed the crash bug in PtBi introduced with the latest NVidia WHQL drivers.

If anyone from NV is reading this, I really don’t think having a:

Should cause the shader compiler to spit out this:

It works just fine without the “restrict”.

Anyway, if you’re using PtBi with a NV GPU then you can find an updated, working version on the PtBi homepage. Sorry for the delay in fixing this.

DSfix 2.0.1

With 2.0 yesterday I introduced an issue with the HUD modifications. I fixed it now. That’s all that has changed.

People are also reporting some stability problems and physics issues since the patch, but I’m not sure those are related to DSfix. On the bright side, it seems like in addition to fixing the stereo downmix, the patch also somewhat reduced the CPU load of the game.

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

Get DSfix 2.0.1 here.

Edit: Mediafire decided to take the file down for some reason, here is a mirror.

You can also always get DSfix at the Dark Souls Nexus.

DSfix 2.0

Dark Souls was updated today, fixing the audio downmixing bug that had been present since launch (and maybe more?). Unfortunately, it also broke some features of DSfix, most significantly the FPS unlocking.

Well, with a lot of help from Clément Barnier, here is version 2.0 of DSfix which resolves these issues and adds a small new feature.


  • Updated the framerate unlock feature to work with the patched version of the game (Nwks)
  • Updated post-processing AA to work with the patched version of the game
  • Fixed an issue where hudless screenshots would sometimes not correctly capture some effects
  • Added “presentWidth” and “presentHeight” to the .ini for full control over (windowed) downsampling. For example, if you want to downsample from 2560×1440 to 1080p, you would use renderWidth 2560, renderHeight 1440, presentWidth 1920 and presentHeight 1080. If none of that makes sense to you just leave these values at 0 ;)

I hope this allows you to enjoy Dark Souls in its full glory again. Happy holidays!

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

Get DSfix 2.0 here.

It’s 4 am here now so if I messed up anything in this release it will have to wait until tomorrow.