PtBi 4.1516

I just fixed the crash bug in PtBi introduced with the latest NVidia WHQL drivers.

If anyone from NV is reading this, I really don’t think having a:

Should cause the shader compiler to spit out this:

It works just fine without the “restrict”.

Anyway, if you’re using PtBi with a NV GPU then you can find an updated, working version on the PtBi homepage. Sorry for the delay in fixing this.

5 thoughts on “PtBi 4.1516

  1. I’m getting “Runtime assertion failed in f:\users\peter\documents\postaa\ptbi2\ptbi\GLFragmentProgram.h on line 33″

  2. I get the following error when launching PtBi :
    “The procedure entry point _Atomic_fetch_sub_4 could not be located in the dynamic link library D:\Applications\PtBi\PtBi.exe”

    • Hmm, it could be that I used the wrong compiler version (I usually compile PtBi with an older version to prevent problems like that). I’ll check that.

    • It should be fixed now (I didn’t change the archive name, just redownload, I was compiling it with the wrong MSVC platform. Sorry about that!

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