DSfix 2.0.1

With 2.0 yesterday I introduced an issue with the HUD modifications. I fixed it now. That’s all that has changed.

People are also reporting some stability problems and physics issues since the patch, but I’m not sure those are related to DSfix. On the bright side, it seems like in addition to fixing the stereo downmix, the patch also somewhat reduced the CPU load of the game.

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

Get DSfix 2.0.1 here.

Edit: Mediafire decided to take the file down for some reason, here is a mirror.

You can also always get DSfix at the Dark Souls Nexus.

67 thoughts on “DSfix 2.0.1

  1. Hey,

    I appreciate the work you’ve done with this.

    Can I make a request for future versions if you get to them? In the text file, a quick-start settings guide would be handy to streamline this process a bit for us. For example, “For most reasonable machines, try these settings XYZ for a great visual boost without destroying your framerate.” I spend so much time trying to optimize settings in games these days, it really cuts into play time.

    The in-game tutorial text on the floors seems to be missing too, which might be a problem for me since I don’t really know all the game mechanics yet.




  2. Ah dont worry about it, finally found the problem!

    What a waste of a few hours :(

    I was trying to use a bluetooth ps3 pad. Changing that with a wired xbox controller worked after i setup x360ce!

  3. Please can someone tell me how to get a controller to work when using DSFix?

    Ive tried everything but nothing allowes my joypad to work when the DSFix is present, if i rename the DINPUT8.dll file (which disables DSFix) then it works fine.

    I heard that i cant have DSMFix installed, but i never installed that anyway. Plus in the DSFix.ini file the DSMFix is commented out anyway!

    Does anyone know what could be wrong?



    PS:- Thanks so much for this patch, its the first one ive tried and boy does it change the gfx! :D

  4. Durante/Peter: I’d like to make a suggestion — please update DSfix downloads so that enableBackups is enabled by default in DSfix.ini.

    It seems that every week there are new threads on /r/darksouls from PC players who have permanently lost blacksmiths, bosses, NPCs or stats to hacker invasions (the delevel glitch was only patched out on the PS3 version).

    Though many had DSfix, they did not think to enableBackups when they first set it up.  This is a tragic waste; the ease of DSfix’s savegame backups are one of the great advantages to using the PC version.

    Enabling it by default will help strengthen newbies against hackers.  New victims who ask for help can then be told “if you have DSfix, you have a backup,” and be saved from rage-quitting.   I believe DSfix’s popularity is such that a simple change like this to the defaults will have a profound impact on a new player’s experience.

    Thank you for reading.

    I also recommend a new default maxBackups of 7; 10 backups puts a strain on the Steam Cloud sync.  See my thread below for details (Misc. Notes section).


  5. Wonderful work! Just as a personal bit of curiosity though– why not set depth of field to the vertical render resolution? I’ve seen people endorse making it exactly equal to your vertical resolution and they seem to run the game fine.

    • Well, it used to be the case that DSfix could get confused by this, and think that the depth of field buffer is the main rendering buffer. It could be that this is no longer an issue in recent versions, I never checked that.

      • I’m so glad to hear from you! I was worried something happened to you. Hope you’re well!

  6. I am also having the same problems as you. I started playing again after a long hiatus, and now my game is very laggy/stuttery. I have never had a problem running this game at 1080p before and have no idea what has changed to cause this. All my settings are the same, and I have even tried playing around with them a bit but to no avail. Any suggestions?

  7. Maybe somebody can help. AA isn’t working for me in this new version (neither FXAA or SMAA). So I try downscaling, but when I do that, the UI changes don’t work at all.

  8. Sorry for the wrong place but I don’t know where else to post this.

    I wonder if such a genius as yourself can make crysis3 run in dx9/10 putting the same amount of time you initial put to create the first dsfix

  9. Hey Durante this is a crazy longshot but is there any way to extract the cubemap texture applied on weapons/armors for their reflections? If so do you know what texture that is? I just want to look at it and see how Dark Souls manages to make the reflections look so nice.

  10. very disappointed to see there are no more updates. the intro skip and borderless fullscreen DO NOT work properly on windows 8

  11. hey durante … thnks for this fix … i really like the hud mode but sometimes it reverts back to old hud and then back to new one in quick succession .. and all the boss hp bars dont show up properly , theyre yellow like color like when u hit a boss … and also whenever i change the estus flask slot or any other slot … theres a white flash on the hud area which is nothing big but if that could be fixed it would be awesome … uve done so much for this game but if u could sort this hud problems i would really like to use the new hud … :)

  12. I forgot to mention something about the fpsfix. Why is it like moving in a kind of broken slow motion while backstabbing/countering something? Same applies while resting at bonfires. The fps is great while using the fix but once I stab/rest it starts to like lose animation frames while in slow-mo. I didn’t have this problem with 1.9 and I’m more than sure that the settings are just the same with the exception of one thing.
    On 1.9 I’d use option 3 instead of 1 however by doing so on this version 2.0.1, I get a crash which requires me to completely remove the mod and verify game integrity via steam before the game can work again.

  13. Well, something’s up. I haven’t played in about 2 months now.

    Despite the word that the patch improved performance, my game is running quite poorly now with no change in my settings.

    I’m running at 39FPS in this screenshot (http://i.imgur.com/GJag1.jpg). When I last played I was at 60 without issue.

    I thought it may have been the new ‘presentwidth/height’ options, so I set them to 1080p but it changed nothing. My config file is essentially the same as UpsilonCrux’s, posted a few comments above this. But, for completeness, here’s my settings: http://pastebin.com/wTPq0zZz

    Anyone else experience this?

    Really bizarre that my performance would drop so heavily. GPU is at 88% load as well which is higher than I remember it. PC specs if relevant: http://forum.daow.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4#p99

    Can’t post on NeoGAF (and was finally denied today after months of waiting; apparently my website’s e-mail address is ‘invalid’ to them; glad to have months of my time wasted), so I have to ask for help here.

    • Hmm, I don’t see anythign wrong with your settings. Are you sure you were getting 60 FPS in the same scene with the same settings?

      • To be honest, I can’t specifically remember since it’s been around 2 months, but I do remember being able to stay at 60FPS at all times unless I was near Blighttown/Demon Ruins or if there was a fog gate in view. I even dropped down to 2560×1440 and DoF 810 and I’m still below 50 in that area.

        For some reason Undead Burg has horrible FPS now, whether in that screenshot or up on the bridge with the drake; I’m dropping down to the mid 35′s.

        I’ve done some more testing though. I upped my res to 4K (3840×2160) with 1080 DoF and oddly enough only dropped to 27FPS. This made me scratch my head as I expected it to be much lower.

        Eventually, I toggled off SSAO and my FPS shot up to 60.. at 4K.. yeah.

        Went in the config and dropped SSAO quality to 2; put me in the low 50′s at that same spot at 4K. 60 solid at my previous resolution.

        Was there some change in SSAO rendering? As you can see, I’m still using the old VSSAO like I was last time (v1.9 and pre-patch) at the resolution in my config. I don’t really want to drop SSAO quality any further, nor keep it off.. but the fact that I can play in 4K at 60FPS is insane; guess the patch really did improve performance. Still drops near Blighttown/Demon Ruins and with particle effects on screen, oddly enough to the point where 2880×1620 with VSSAO at quality 2 = 3840×2160 with SSAO off.. usually (certain scenes drop it much further than with lower res/SSAO).

        Guess I’m going to have to keep my SSAO quality on 2 instead of 1 like it used to be. While it still drops below 60 at some points, at least it’s not horrifically low like it was on 1, and I can actually keep SSAO on, as the game looks so much better with it.

  14. Hey peter– I think this new patch to DSfix introduced an error.
    I recently decided to start using the save backup feature, I have it on default settings (25 minute backup intervals, max backups is 10).
    So last night, Dark Souls started acting up. For some reason, after a period of time I would get a complete crash and a BSOD.
    So today, being the suspicious person I am, I started DkS up again and put a stopwatch on for 25 minutes. Low and behold, the game crashes a little after 25 minutes– this proves that it’s something wrong with the save data backup system.

    So I check my savedata folder and I look @ my backups. There are 12 of them, not 10 like there should be– somehow the game made more than 10 backups (the max value allowed), and because of that when the game tries to clear out the extra backups it freaks out, and abadons ship, causing my whole computer to BSOD for some reason. So for now, I’ll be manually backing up my save-data until a fix is out.

    Please try to look into this.

    • Nevermind, it was a problem w/ motioninjoy 7.00001, causes GFWL games to BSOD for some reason
      6.00001 works fine with GFWL games.
      still seemed odd though why there was 12 .bak files instead of the supposed 10 maximum.

  15. I get a crash desktop error.
    I had 1.9 version before and after the patch it stopped working. Now I applied this fix and the same problem arises.
    Please help.

  16. help pls, i finished to install this mod and when i try to play the game, appears a box saying dark souls stop working.

  17. I’ve had some problems with the HUD since 1.4 whenever I look at the sun and the sunflare pops up which makes the HUD either disappear or go back to the default settings. Also certain pop-up messages are cut in half, boss HP bars are yellow and doesnt show names and there’s a buggy transition between cutscens

    These are my settings atm.
    # Enable HUD modifications
    # 0 = off (default) – none of the options below will do anything!
    # 1 = on
    enableHudMod 0

    # Remove the weapon icons from the HUD
    # (you can see which weapons you have equipped from your character model)
    enableMinimalHud 0

    # Scale down HuD, examples:
    # 1.0 = original scale
    # 0.75 = 75% of the original size
    hudScaleFactor 0.60

    # Set opacity for different elements of the HUD
    # 1.0 = fully opaque
    # 0.0 = fully transparent
    # Top left: health bars, stamina bar, humanity counter, status indicators
    hudTopLeftOpacity 1.0f
    # Bottom left: item indicators & counts
    hudBottomLeftOpacity 1.0f
    # Bottom right: soul count
    hudBottomRightOpacity 1.0f

    • This happens when I have the settings enabled of course. I also use minimal HUD but I tried turning it off. Didn’t help.

  18. Sadly the FPS unlock feature is not working for me. Enabling it causes the game to crash right from the start, without it the game runs just fine. Disabling DEP or trying the other suggestions didn’t fix the problem for me.

    Windows 7 x64
    i5 2500k
    8GB RAM
    GTX 570

    • Found a fix for my problem, maybe it will help someone else aswell. I had to set dofBlurAmount to 0, and after that, the FPS unlock works without problems.

  19. I got the game yesterday, played for hours on end, thoroughly enjoyed it. But the graphics were pretty crappy, thanks to your mod it looks as amazing as anything else. Thanks for such a good mod, keep up the hard work man. +1

  20. Durante, do you think you will be able to fix the HUD problems (double debuff bars, flickering) somehow? That would be so awesome …

    Thanks for the great work!

  21. Hi petert, thanks for your continued support on this! Just a small question, is the HUD modification feature of DSFix broken in the latest revision? I can use RightCtrl to hide the HUD but it does not seem to be taking the resize settings from the ini. Also, not a big deal, but the game menu appears blurred since the last revision, fine once you load up a game though.Here follows my .ini settings, less comment text;

    renderWidth 2880
    renderHeight 1620
    presentWidth 1920
    presentHeight 1080
    aaQuality 3
    aaType SMAA
    ssaoStrength 2
    ssaoScale 1
    ssaoType VSSAO
    dofOverrideResolution 1080
    disableDofScaling 0
    dofBlurAmount 1
    unlockFPS 1
    FPSlimit 60
    FPSthreshold 28
    filteringOverride 0
    enableHudMod 1
    enableMinimalHud 1
    hudScaleFactor 0.65
    hudTopLeftOpacity 0.8f
    hudBottomLeftOpacity 0.75f
    hudBottomRightOpacity 0.5f
    borderlessFullscreen 0
    disableCursor 0
    captureCursor 0
    enableBackups 1
    backupInterval 1500
    maxBackups 5
    enableTextureDumping 0
    enableTextureOverride 1
    skipIntro 1
    screenshotDir .
    overrideLanguage none
    dinput8dllWrapper none
    d3dAdapterOverride -1
    logLevel 0

  22. Remove any file from the fix. Re-download the fix. If you’re using the steam version of the game then verify game cache first and then put the newly downloaded fix.
    My list of tested features with this version:
    - internal resolution
    - fps unlocker (yes it works perfectly fine that’s not the thing conflicting for the rest of you or at least shouldn’t)
    - skip intro
    - mouse fix
    - the rest of the options I have not yet dealt with after downloading this fix again and that’s to avoid the sudden crash at start-up. My guess is that:

    # Set SSAO scale
    # 1 = high quality (default)
    # 2 = lower quality, lower impact on performance
    # 3 = lowest quality, lowest impact on performance
    ssaoScale 1

    should stay like that. (before I used to change that to 3 for obvious reasons and no matter what else I’d change it crashed)
    Also if you believe the fps unlocker is broken. Try updating your drivers or remove any redist and reinstall it.

  23. I need help while starting Dark Souls. If i try to start with the Framerate option enabled, nothing happens and the Dark Souls.exe not even start. If i start the Game with the Framerate option disabled, the game runs in minimum FPS… Before the new Patch that fixes the Sound Bug, i run the game with the DSFix 1.1 and everything was fine. The game runs in 50 FPS. But now i had no choice to update my game and try the new DSFix 2.01… Can someone help and tell me how i can run the game with the Framerate option enabled and in 60 FPS?

  24. also HUD is not fixed for me. still malfunctioning just like it used to.
    please fix all these problems

  25. Peter, I’ve tested the dsfix changing one setting at time. Everything was looking good until I’ve changed the dofOverrideResolution from 540 to 1080, then the blurring on loading screen was showed itself. (I’ve tried to set as 810 and the image remained crystal clear) My rendering resolution is set to 3840 x 2160 and my display res (presentwidth/height) to 1920 x 1080. Any ideas on what can be causing this? Ps: The text override is working fine, I tooked an early conclusion without wating for “dsfix enabled” text to show up.

    Ps: In early version I used exactly that configuration without any problems.

  26. I’ve discovered the problem! The texture override isn’t working! Even the loading screen (that shoul appear with “dsfix enabled”) isn’t being enabled! Please durante, can you verify that problem? My text override setting on dsfix is right (i think), as you can see bellow:

    # enables texture override
    # textures in “dsfix\tex_override\[hash].png” will replace the corresponding originals
    # will cause a small slowdown during texture loading!
    enableTextureOverride 1


  27. Guys, I’m experiencing a minor issue with this fix. The loading / checking save screens looks SOOOOOO blurred, everything is blurred (texts, images, loading gifs). I’ve already tried to use HD fonts, but everything stills looking horrible. I have the 2.0.1 DSfix and tex override set to 1. Can anyone help me with that?

  28. No EXE problems so far and the HUD is now not going away like a dynamic one anymore. I can select things fine although when I do select a different item with the directional pad I still get the square and number that pops for a second right next to the item emblem. Not a huge problem as the HUD is now functioning properly. Anyway, thanks, looks like you made some decent changes. A lot more stable now.

  29. Durante, this is unrelated to v2.0.1 specifically, but since you’re active once again dealing with the surprise patch issues, I thought I’d ask if you can make a guess why I have a zero byte “dsfix.log” file since like v1.6 (or v1.5) was introduced? I thinks it’s important to say that I have no AV running, and also tried running the game with zero hooking processes in the BG as possible (namely d3doverrider, rivatuner, afterburner, gpu-z, dxtory) and no cigar.

    DSfix can still write screenshots to the game’s root dir, so I don’t think it’s a permission issue. I’m stumped.

    • Actually, that simple: in release versions all logging output is suppressed since 1.6, regardless of what you set the log level to. I figured no one except me was reading the logs anyway. I guess I should have documented this somewhere, sorry!

      • Haha, well I guess you were right in assuming that no one pay attention to the log, since other than me, I didn’t see anyone ask about it before.

        But it’s really useful for troubleshooting things like key bindings usage.

  30. Hi everyone, I`ve this issue from the patch.
    when I load a game and is load, the char fall in the map,and never stop until death!
    I have 4 char and all have the same problem.
    The other weird thing is that in the load screen (where you choose char) the faces are blue, and the pixel are not original color, this is appear the same time of the other issue….thx 2 everyone

  31. its not fixing my internal resolution. the image is stretched, as if the modfix wasnt applied

    • this version is unstable. when using borderlessfullscreen DSfix does not fix the internal resolution to the one you have specified.

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