DSfix 2.0

Dark Souls was updated today, fixing the audio downmixing bug that had been present since launch (and maybe more?). Unfortunately, it also broke some features of DSfix, most significantly the FPS unlocking.

Well, with a lot of help from Clément Barnier, here is version 2.0 of DSfix which resolves these issues and adds a small new feature.


  • Updated the framerate unlock feature to work with the patched version of the game (Nwks)
  • Updated post-processing AA to work with the patched version of the game
  • Fixed an issue where hudless screenshots would sometimes not correctly capture some effects
  • Added “presentWidth” and “presentHeight” to the .ini for full control over (windowed) downsampling. For example, if you want to downsample from 2560×1440 to 1080p, you would use renderWidth 2560, renderHeight 1440, presentWidth 1920 and presentHeight 1080. If none of that makes sense to you just leave these values at 0 ;)

I hope this allows you to enjoy Dark Souls in its full glory again. Happy holidays!

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

Get DSfix 2.0 here.

It’s 4 am here now so if I messed up anything in this release it will have to wait until tomorrow.

24 thoughts on “DSfix 2.0

  1. After another hour of testing without the HUDmod (sigh … :-) produced no further crashes. You might want to have a look at that. I’d *love* to see that fixed, especially the boss double bars/debuff indicators ;-)))

  2. You are the man, I wish my credit card worked with paypal, you deserve my money as much as “from software”. Without dsfix the game is barely playable, with it becomes one of the greatest games.

  3. Game crashes on win8 when warping, or when quitting the game normally if the HUD mod is turned on.

    This happens regardless of other settings, and even if I disable fps unlock and AA.
    Dsfix 2.0, 1920*1080, win 8, 560 Ti, i5 2500K

  4. Thanks for the fix Durante, but I have a problem and I’m not sure why. Whether I have the FPS fix enabled or not, my characters, newly created and old, constantly fall through the world as soon as I load a game. I’ve tried changing various graphics options, but nothing seems to fix the problem; it’s like something has been modified that I can’t set right.

    Any ideas?

    P.S Also all of my characters look like clowns. The colours are messed up and all over the place. This happens whether I use dsfix or not.

  5. i take it back. i tried the game without the mod and its still giving me those lag hiccups. is it the update from steam? is anyone else having this problem?

  6. im getting constant hiccup lag.
    when i start the game everything stops and lags for a second every 4 seconds on the dot.
    i’ve had this problem before and managed to fix it, but i dont know what to do now.
    please help

  7. Praise the Sun! You truly are a Dark Souls engineering legend Durante! Everything is working perfectly…all mods I have installed along with the 60FPS is running again.

    However, there is a small issue I need help with. I found that whenever I get to this section and set “enableHudMod” to 1, my game loads up, the loading screen freezes (yet the game can be heard running in the background), then the game crashes shortly afterward. So basically, I can mess with anything EXCEPT HUD modifications. How do I fix this? Moreover, would HUD scaling conflict, or be compatible with mods such as the SilverUI here?

    Thanks for any help if possible!

  8. Also, I am getting exe stopped working when I exit out now and quit from menu. The transparent menus seems to be dynamic when not in use? it was always on last time. I cannot see or select my flasks it just shows a random square with the number of flasks and then goes away unless I press start or bring in the menu where it always stays on. Dynamic would be nice if done right but I don’t think this is intended is it? I would like it to pop the directional menu when I press up or down on the dpad if dynamic or just have it on all the time with transparency settings as it was before From’s patch.. Is this a glich for me or what? I also have a PS3 buttons mod.

  9. Great stuff man. Much appreciated. I was actually glad they updated as more than likely they weren’t going to mess anything up for any extended period of time.

  10. People, we need to start a petition so From Software hires Durante for work in Dark Souls II right away. Grand Headmaster of the Department of Awesome or some such.

  11. AWESOOOOOME PRAISE THE SUN………………. Ehh Durante and Clément Barnier of course ;-) .

  12. Wow you guys totally rock! I’ll try this out right now and see if there’s any issues. Here’s hoping I don’t get banned for anything *crosses fingers*

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