DSfix 0.7

Edit: it seems the intro skipping feature isn’t working properly for most people. Just ignore it for now!

This release adds 2 new features:

  • Save game backups: backs up the saves at regular intervals. The maximum number of stored backups can also be set. I implemented this since I almost lost my save while testing. The minimum interval is set fairly high to discourage people from using this to cheat death.
  • Intro skipping. NOTE: the way this is implemented is completely insane. It works for me, but I can’t guarantee that it won’t set your computer on fire. Just turn it off if you experience problems.

Now that these convenience features are out of the way I’ll focus on the graphics again.

Consider donating if you like the mod.
Regarding donations, I was told that the donation page was in German so far, it should now be set to English.

DSfix version 0.7 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

131 thoughts on “DSfix 0.7

  1. Will this back up feature allow me to keep my character and use him on different GFWL accounts and computers?

  2. Hello,

    Thank you very much pour this awesome fix ! :D

    The backup option make my game crash. I moved my “Documents” folder on another partition, it’s maybe the source of the issue.

    Extract of the log file :

    SaveManager: searching for files ending on .bak
    SaveManager: last backup time 0
    SaveManager: Backing up save files
    SaveManager: searching for files ending on .sl2

    It ends on those four lines.

    • Thanks for the information. I ask Windows for the location of the Documents folder, so it should work even if moved. I’ll look into it.

  3. First I just wanted to say Durante I love your work and its made me come back to Dark Souls after quitting on my PS3 due to the unbearable lag.

    I have a question… My monitor is a 16:10 aspect ratio 1680×1050 resolution so the game has black bars on the top and bottom and makes it look like 16:9. Should I put a 16:9 resolution like 2560×1440 or a 16:10 resolution like 2560×1600 in the DSfix internal rendering setting?

  4. This might have been asked before, but is it possible to implement some mouse sensitivity variables?

    Great mod. Really appreciate it.

  5. Hi Durante! Great job! Here’s some suggestions for your next versions: display aspect ratio selection & correct AA support. where is the backup saves location?

    • The backups are in the same locations as the saves, [your documents]\NBGI\DarkSouls\[your GFWL account]\

  6. Author, can you add 4:3 and 5:4 monitors support? Because i wanna play on 1280 1024 resolution, but i have terrible black lines. Tnx anyway

  7. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar, I thank you!!!

    Any chance of being able to duel bind stuff? eg have esc and end as menu… or perhaps bind the 1,2,3,4… keys?

    Thanks again

  8. For some reason it doesn’t appear to be working for me :( It’s just really low resolution all the way from the menu (the copyright text isn’t even readable at the bottom of the screen), but it wasn’t 3 days ago… I rolled back the fix to 0.4, but it still doesn’t work…

  9. Really nice work, it makes the game shine!

    I run Win 7 64bit on a i73770k with a GTX 580. First I had problems with the 15 fps, in certain areas and at certain moments, but I resolved it by disabeling core parking in Win 7 and using Gamebooster 3. As it seems, these two tweaks did it, I now run a smooth and steady 30 fps all the time even in those particle heavy moments.

    Maybe this helps others too.

  10. Thank you for this awesome fix!
    I’ve got an advice for you guys, if you use a 1920×1080 screen (/ Windows Size) just set the renderWidth / renderHigh to a value that is a multiplier of 2 of the resolution –> 3840×2160, 7680…
    As long as your graphic unit has enough performance. This super-sample like thing will makes the games graphics even better! You should also increase the DoF to a high value.

    Runs perfect on:
    i7-2600K @ 3.4 Ghz
    GeForce 680 GTX
    16 GB DDR3-1333

  11. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for all the hard work man. Namco/From Software should at least consider sending you a swag bag or something for more or less fixing their game.

  12. So, I just upgraded my PC, installed Steam and this game, installed this patch and decided to continue playing this game from where I left in my previous computer.
    My question is, is this GFWL thing supposed to NOT synchronize your save files? After I connected to my live account, I didn’t have any saves to load. Did I fuck up?

  13. Thanks for patch!

    anyone know how to solve the message? platmsg?, after killing taurus demon.
    I try to play online and offline, but the same thing keeps happening and I close the game

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