DSfix 0.6

There is more changed “under the hood” here than what is visible, but I managed to fulfill 2 popular requests:

  • Added a “borderless windowed fullscreen” mode. This is very useful for people with multiple monitors, or even if you just want to do fast alt-tabbing. You can switch from windowed mode to “fake fullscreen” and back using F8. It can also be configured as a startup setting in the .ini
  • Added a language override option in the .ini
    Set it to e.g. en-GB to play the game in English without manually changing your system locale back and forth. (This is probably only useful for non-English users)

I also improved the code base significantly. Just as one example, previously adding a new setting, reading it from the .ini, making it available where it is needed and logging it required 6 or so lines of code in 4 different places. Now it’s just 1 line in 1 place.

Also, some compilation settings and manual optimizations were introduced that may make the wrapper marginally faster, but this most likely won’t have an effect on game performance.

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

DSfix version 0.6 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

225 thoughts on “DSfix 0.6

  1. how is it suposed to look in th ini for en-us and where or what is it suposed to replace? never changed an ini file sorry

  2. im trying to change the language to English but i have never changed an ini i have it open and i see the part

    # override the in-game language
    # none = no override
    # en = English, fr = French, it = Italian, de = German, es = Spanish
    # ko = Korean, zh-tw = Chinese, pl = Polish, ru = Russian
    # this does not work in Windows XP!
    overrideLanguage none

    but dont know hoe or were to put the EN-US

    can anyone tell me where? thank you

  3. Thank you for your contribution to the game! Hopefully the devs will look at this and give you a reward of some kind.

  4. Frame Drops when facing fire effect like torch, dragon flame… Version 05. & 0.4 doesn’t happen

  5. I have a problem. Resolution is nicely enhanced, but it looks like there is no anti-aliasing at all (in game AA disabled – did not work with this fix). On Youtube i’ve seen it look great, but on my pc most edges are “saw-like”, especially while walking, and strong higlights looks sometimes like random white pixels moving with your every step (like this:http://i48.tinypic.com/apb3vp.jpg ). GPU I use is Radeon 7870 and CPU i5 3750. I’ve set ingame res to 1920×1080 and the DSfix file to: renderWidth 3840 renderHeight 2160 dofOverrideResolution 1080 filteringOverride 2. Performance is ok, but the game looks much worse than what I’ve seen on videos. Hope sb can help me.

    • Nevermind. I missed the part in the README saying:

      “IMPORTANT: turn OFF the in-game AA option, otherwise you *will* get graphical issues”.

  6. Derek on 2012-08-31 at 06:42 said:

    Is anyone having an issue where the actual GAME window is super small? In the top left corner of my screen?

    But the items and the weapons are filling the screen?

    I know it doesn’t make sense. Just a random issue that i don’t know how to fix

    Same problem

  7. Game is crashing after the logos for me too on my AMD 6870. Windows report says fault in kernel.dll. Have tried with nothing running but it crashes at the same spot every time. Hopefully the next release works because I’ve been dying to be able to alt+tab out of fullscreen instead of having to resort to windowed mode.

    Thanks for the great work anyways.

  8. my spec is:nvidia geforce 8400 gs 512 mb Ram 2 gb and CPU AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core 2.61ghz and i play it on 720x 520x intel resolution and have 10-15 fps

  9. hey mate,

    thanks to your mod + modified nvidia driver settings this is why i decided to get this port on pc -> improved visual.

    i’m really looking forward how far you you can modify/tweak this game, to become the pc port that it should be.

    i don’t know how other fellas fell about it, but i hope some will truly appreciate your efforts and keeping in mind that is also your freetime and work, with the result that Dark Souls on PC is now so much enjoyable for us all.
    So to speak, if you are able to, donate and support this mod!

    call me a bootlicker but that’s how i fell about it…

    Servus Peter und danke dir für den Mod!
    Mach weiter so und ich hoffe andere schätzen deine Arbeit genauso wie ich es tue :)

  10. Hey Guy ! The Game only uses 20 % of my GPU load to run at 30 FPS .However The issue is the GPU usage move down to 10 % at some scenses , causing terrible lag !!.Please , do you have any solution ?

    My spec is Q9400, GTS 250, 4GB of ram

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