DSfix 0.5

This is a maintenance release, and adds a few mouse-related features people were asking for.

  • Mouse cursor toggling with F9 should now be less finicky
  • You can toggle whether the mouse is allowed to leave the window with F10
    (this is useful in windowed mode or in fullscreen with multiple monitors)
  • Both of these settings can also be set in the .ini
  • The fix introduced in version 0.2 for cut-off text/buttons has been reworked to be much less invasive — if you have seen any degradation in performance or functionality from 0.1 to 0.2 this should fix it (I haven’t seen any changes)

This will probably be the last version for a little while, I have to go to work tomorrow ;)

Consider donating if you like the mod.

DSfix version 0.5 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

216 thoughts on “DSfix 0.5

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    I run a 560Ti 2GB **GeForce R300 Driver (301.42 WHQL)**, 8GB RAM, 2.4 Quad Core, Steam Version of the game.. and with the fix my game either fails to launch (via steam library) or “stops working” on launch. I take the fix out, loads fine. I shut down Xfire, FRAPS, Precision/PrecisionX, and it still fails to launch or “stops working”. Any ideas ?

  5. I know someone mentioned this earlier but no one replied, does anybody know if it’s possible to enter a resolution under 1024*720 to speed up performance? so far everything I’ve tried has crashed the game after title screen. different resolutions above work fine. is this because the fix assumes you go bigger, or just because the game can’t accept rendering at a lower res. obviously this isn’t ideal, but I’ve tried everything else and my laptop can handle Skyrim, max payne 3, battlefield 3 all on high but for some reason this game just chugs along. after updating my amd drivers i’m just like 5 fps away from being able to stand it. so any ideas?

  6. I’m curious if this game can run with Core2 Duo 1.6GHz, 4GB of RAM and Intel GMA965 aka x3100?

  7. I wrote this on an earlier thread on accident (along with a very heartfelt thank you), but I just wanted to ask for one more thing of you – if it’s even possible. Would you be able to add a feature that can disable the (negative) mouse acceleration? It pretty much ruins the game’s lock on system because if you even move the mouse a centimeter while attacking, the lock switches targets mid attack, even to guys behind you, causing you to completely miss your intended target and more than likely take a sword in the back as a result.

  8. Just a heads up to anyone using ATI. Do not update to the 12.8 drivers, it will crash your game with the fix. Just spent a while figuring that out and uninstalling reinstalling back to 12.6

    • The game crashes when you use the 12.8 drivers on your PC, not on mine. I updated to 12.8 prior to playing Dark Souls and the only problem I have is that when using DSFix I see a significant increase in quantity and duration of load times. Starting up the game takes a bit longer and there are frequent loading spats while playing that cause slowdowns where everything is sluggish and the frame rate plummets.

      Given all the reports about this being AMD specific and not driver specific I’m going to presume that the drivers aren’t at fault for this either.

      • Hm. I seem to be crashing on 12.6 now too, I’m gonna try 12.8 again and see what happens, but ever since 0.3 I’ve been getting random crashed when I try to start the game and it’s from the fix cause no crash when I’m not using it.

        • I actually figured out what was causing my crashing. I had the setting in the fix where it would open the game in windowed fullscreen and I guess that It didnt like that, but If I just load it in windowed then toggle it to windowed fullscreen it’s fine.

  9. hi,
    i don’t know why but with your mod fix, my fps constantly stays at 15. with an exception when im sitting at the bonfire. do you know why?

    • If you’re talking about the symbols on the ground (and not the text once you activate them) then that’s an issue with your connection to the server.

  10. I have a problem with a GODDAMNED laggs on my laptop. I change option in the Control panel Nvidia, and this is go to nothing, game are still lag
    There is my system
    Intel (R) Pentium (R) P6200 2.13GHz
    4gb RAM
    Nvidia GeForce GT 520M
    And integrated Intel HD graphics

  11. Anyone else having problems with this after updating to the GeForce 301.42 drivers? I’m getting some crazy texture flickering/disappearing now.

    • Derp, my fault, nevermind – think I nudged something when doing my regular PC cleaning. >.>

  12. Works like charm except for a thing, I can’t equip rings or bolts/arrows without crashing the game. I deactivated this and It worked so it’s confirmed that the DSfix is causibg this. Any help is pretty much appreciated.

    • I can equip those items just fine. If this was a general problem I think I’d have heard of it earlier, some people have completed almost the entire game with the fix.

      • I can confirm that many people from twitch tv live streaming website have played the game with this fix and they have been able to equip everything just fine and many have even finished the game, I myself finished the whole game as well 3 times and there has been no problems at all.

  13. HEY MAN, youve done some FANTASTIC work, could you PLEASE make a FIX so that the MOUSE operates as it should?!!?!? YOU WOULD BE A SAVIOR for so many people!!!!

    • That’s out of the scope of the current mod, since I’d need to actively modify the input behavior.

    • Yes, and they are incompatible since they both use d3d9.dll as hooks. Let us petition Durante to add proxy dll support to his mod :)

  14. Sometimes this mod causes the game not to load properly, either:
    - the DARKSOULS.exe and DATA.exe processes show up in procexp but the actual game window does not, after about 30 seconds both processes are killed
    - the game window shows up and the ‘DARKSOULS.exe stopped responding’ message comes up
    Removing the d3d9.dll solves both variants. Running on i5 3.1 quad, 8GB ram, 560Ti, 64bit Win7

  15. Hi Durante, thank you for your very useful mod :) I have one request for you: please add support for proxy dlls so we can use some post process anti-aliasing injectors to eliminate those nasty jaggies :) Keep up the great work!

  16. Oh really?
    1) Whenewer i move mouse a little bit screen shaking – its not critical, but annoying as hell.
    2) Its impossible to fight with lock-on against 2+ enemies – camera nonstop swapping them.
    It is exactly gamebreaking problems with controls.

  17. i don’t understand the problem you guys have with the controls.

    It plays fine for me. The only annoying thing is the target change , but its not gamebreaking.

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  19. I tried to improve native k+m controls and i think i made a bit of a progress:

    Its not ideal, but mouse micro movements feel much smoother and you ll not swap enemies all the time, only with fast mouse movements or wheel rotation.

    Things that you ll need:


    I) Install Mouse_fix from “mouse_disabler” folder

    Place dinput8.dll, dinput8_.dll, mousefix.ini into the game’s binary directory. (The place where DARKSOULS.exe is)
    (this may be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA)

    II) Install PPJoy:
    a) If you have win7 – run Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider.exe from “If_you_have_win7″ folder and start test mode. That necessary to install PPJoy drivers.
    like in this video [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScuYfagMixU[/url] – put Win7 in test mode, to install those drivers
    b) Start PPJoySetup-0-8-4-5.exe and follow istructions.

    Next – installing PPJoy,
    After installing PPJoy, launch it, than Add virtual joystick:

    Than we Mapping it in such way:

    Thats all, press done, we wouldnt need to config anything anymore further.

    To start game:

    1) Run RunMe.bat from GlowPIE and press RUN button ( Do not close it )
    2) Run Dark Souls
    3) In game press P to turn off basic mouse controls

    From now on to star game repeat from 1)

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