Nvidia RGB Full/limited range toggler

I recently had a problem where I simply couldn’t get my NV GPU to supply full range RGB (0-255) over HDMI when the resolution was either 720p or 1080p at 59.94 Hz.
Apparently this has been a known problem for years, and the only reliable solution was to edit your driver .ini files before installation.

After some digging through obscure NV support posts I managed to find the registry keys that control this behaviour, and I implemented a small tool to switch all graphics modes between full range and limited range. It’s not as convenient as a driver level toggle, but it fixed my problem and since NV hasn’t acted on this for years I don’t expect them to do so any time soon.

Here’s the binary: NV_RGBFullRangeToggle

And here’s the source for anyone interested: NV_RGBFullRangeToggle_Source

It’s a very simple program, basically it does this: