DPfix 0.1 alpha

So, Deadly Premonition PC was released today, locked at 720p.
DPfix aims to fix that.

This is the 0.1 alpha release, so don’t expect the features / relative stability of recent DSfix versions — this really has only been tested on my system, and the first half hour or so of the game.

It allows you to set the rendering and display resolutions of the game, and that’s pretty much it. For some of us, that’s the most important thing ;)


Here’s a 2560×1440 screenshot of the game.

More to come, hopefully, later.

As always, donations are greatly appreciated but by no means necessary.

Edit - known issues with this alpha release:

  • The minimap appears in the wrong location.
  • Teleporting effects of enemies appear in the wrong location.

I’ll have a look at these as soon as possible.