DPfix 0.1 alpha

So, Deadly Premonition PC was released today, locked at 720p.
DPfix aims to fix that.

This is the 0.1 alpha release, so don’t expect the features / relative stability of recent DSfix versions — this really has only been tested on my system, and the first half hour or so of the game.

It allows you to set the rendering and display resolutions of the game, and that’s pretty much it. For some of us, that’s the most important thing ;)


Here’s a 2560×1440 screenshot of the game.

More to come, hopefully, later.

As always, donations are greatly appreciated but by no means necessary.

Edit - known issues with this alpha release:

  • The minimap appears in the wrong location.
  • Teleporting effects of enemies appear in the wrong location.

I’ll have a look at these as soon as possible.


26 thoughts on “DPfix 0.1 alpha

  1. Durante you are the hero the pc gaming community deserves, I commend you for all of your great work, your work for dark souls improved the game immensely.

    Unfortunately, when I try to launch the game with d3d9.dll in the game folder it causes an instant crash from dp.exe after a black screen for the game comes up :(

    I know this is an extremely vague kind of error but I wish you best of luck with your progress on DPfix

  2. Thanks for all the amazing work you have done and I can’t wait to see how this fix turns out. I know the current DPfix is early but I just wanted to bring it to attention that your fix is currently incompatible with TriDef 3D. It uses it’s own d3d9.dll and I REALLY hope they can be compatible in the future. The game works great in 3D but I can’t use both at the same time. DSfix turned out to work well with both DSfix and TriDef so I hope this one does too. If you need any testing or help with anything I am more than happy to help any way I can. Thanks again, Jordan.

    • I can port the dll chaining from DSfix to DPfix — I’ll get to these things once the more severe bugs are ironed out.

  3. it works really fine thx 4 your fast work

    i wasn’t able to play without it

    (gamepad support would be awesome)

  4. Daww, thanks Durante!

    This is great. Was waiting for this to come to PC, but totally expected it to be a not-great port.

    Very glad you’re working on it.
    It’s pretty nifty as is. Only problems I’ve run across with resolution – as already reported – are the teleporting effects of zombies, which instead of being in the same place of the monster appears to be where it would be relative to the original resolution.

    Admittedly it scared the absolute crap out of me the first time. :P

    And the map is pretty messed up. But still very playable. Not sure how much of this can be fixed, but I guess that shall be seen later.

    Thanks for the fix thus far! (And for your previous excellent work on Dark Souls). :)

  5. I’ll have to try the fix about the cutscenes in a few hours. But i’m a bit against k-lite installing lots of unneeded codecs -_-. I normally use mpc hc with its built in things + madvr. I might try to install ffdshow or something and see if that fixes it ingame.

  6. Thank you for the fix!!! I’ve played about 30 minutes and it works just fine. Waiting for gamepad support =)

  7. Thanks again Durante.

    neonism, my game seems to animate fine at 60fps, but if vsync is turned off or the FPS becomes uncapped in any way, a higher framerate seems to really make the game tweak out. My fix (restart the PC) is specifically for people getting what appears to be very choppy animation, while other things (such as the UI and camera movement) are super smooth.

    So if you’re getting choppy animation, restart your PC, if you’re getting weird things like York’s tie flying around wildly, I think that’s something else entirely.

  8. I don’t know why but couldn’t reply the last post regarding the speed.

    That’s what i thought, i guess the problem about being faster relies in the game and not the fix.

    My question is, does other people notice this faster speed or it is just me? Maybe it’s because i’m used to play the ps3 version which has a very low framerate, but i think there’s something off with the speed of the game at 60fps. Very visible in the profile sections, where you see flashes of things or scenes where york speaks (seems it sounds like high pitched)

  9. Hi Durante!  Thanks for the awesome fix.  Since you don’t seem to be getting much feedback outside of compliments, here’s an issue that pops up, not sure if it happens near the beginning of the game as well, but as soon as I get to the city the map goes bonkers, I’ve included 3 screenshots, and my description is simply that it appears your character’s position is locked at the bottom right of the map (it rotates properly if you spin, but it never moves from it’s x,y location and the map it outside of its designated box as you can see, the larger map doesn’t have a box and is a secondary function I’ve included just as an example):




    I’ll let you know if I spot any more minor issues like this, thanks again for your hard work!

    (I’d post all this on GAF, but I don’t have an account there.  If you wouldn’t mind letting people know, the “FPS” issue people have been getting is a strange case where you need to actually restart your entire PC and then everything is super smooth.  It’s been discussed on the Steam forums and appears to have a 100% success rate.  No one knows why.)

    • Thanks for the information! Clearly there’s still a lot that needs fixing. I’ll try to get to it tomorrow, but it may take until the weekend.

  10. the infinite scrolling bug is caused by either having an x360 or dual shock 3 connected. If you used dual shock 3 and disconnected and this still happens it might be because it is still registering in the scp service (if you are using the scp drivers), disable the service or just reboot the computer without having dual shock 3 connected.


  11. Thank you!

    I found something – teleporting monsters effects are showing in the original resolution. Just thought I need to report it.

  12. Is it just me or the game feels like it’s running a bit faster than it should. This is more apparent when York speaks ingame.

    Another weird thing that happens is about the cutscenes. When they are played ingame they play at low framerate, really choppy and they render in 3d (stereophonic). It’s really weird because those cutscenes are in wmv format and they play perfectly fine outside the game.

    • Game speed should be entirely unaffected by the mod, so if it’s running too fast it’s inherent in the port.

  13. tested. everything is fine by now, thank you very much.
    but that retarded scrolling of weapons is killing my nerves. i won’t go further in game, will wait for new versions and i sincerely wish you luck.

  14. Holy shit, thank you Durante!

    Do you think you can fix the french subtitles?

    The game don’t render the accented characters properly and it’s all fucked up.

    It piss me off since the 360 version didn”t have this problem…

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