DPfix 0.2 alpha

I didn’t get as much done today as I wanted to, the enemy trail problem was more tricky to diagnose and fix than I expected.

Anyway, this version adds the following:

  • Fixed the enemy shadow/teleport trail location
  • Added borderless windowed fullscreen mode option (also fixes alt tab crashing if used, on by default)
  • Added option to disable the built-in joystick/gamepad input support (since it doesn’t work anyway, prevents the known input issue with e.g. cycling through weapons, on by default)

DPfix 0.2 alpha download

Known issues with this alpha release:

  • The minimap appears in the wrong location
  • The borderless fullscreen mode implementation appears to be broken for some people. If the game crashes for you after updating to version 0.2, replace “borderlessFullscreen 1″ with “borderlessFullscreen 0″ in the DPfix.ini file

(If you found this useful, you can consider donating here)

13 thoughts on “DPfix 0.2 alpha

  1. Maybe you could ask someone on neogaf if he can share his save files, actually there is already a save file posted by Nishastra who claims to be pretty far in the game, i would share it myself but i didn’t begin the game yet.

    If you want here you can find the save from Nishastra:


    So you should be able to load that chapter and do some tests :)

    Thanks again for your work.

  2. Thank you for all your hard work, really.

    Looking forward to a version that fixes the minimap issue and I will make sure to send a little donation your way once that happens.


    I would keep cheering for you in the neoGAF forums but apparently my mail accounts aren’t suited for registering.



  3. Well, so far the patch is great, the only real issue that is effecting me is the misaligned maps, which makes navigating around the town a pain. There’s another issue that I’ve noticed in Ep. 1, when investigating the Lumber Mill, you enter a Hiding and Chase ‘scene’ in which it swaps to two cameras, in this the ‘dual-camera’ section gets turned back into 720p and is shifted to the top left of the screen, yet the background stays set in my desired resolution. This isn’t much of an issue since its a QTE button masher or a 5 second ‘push E to hide in one of three places’, but its an issue none the less, and could effect later levels if more advanced gameplay uses such a feature.

    • Oh, so much for 0.3 fixing all remaining bugs. Sadly, I won’t be able to do anything about this before I reach that part of the game.

  4. About the borderless crash, someone posted on neogaf:

    “Tried it with fullscreen ticked in the launcher and it crashes. Untick it if you use borderless people!”

    I confirm that worked for me too.

    Thank you so much for your work :)

  5. Hey, I just tried 0.2 and noticed that setting borderless windowed to 1 disables the pause function of the ALT key. Anyquick way to fix that?

    Don’t want to suffer from long loading times again, pressing ALT twice fixes that.

  6. Another idea:

    Since pausing and unpausing with 2xAlt solves the long loading / ESC menu loading time, could you implement something that automatically inputs 2xALT on every loading occasion?

    • No problem, I’ll add it in the next release. (I just didn’t include it because I didn’t think there would be any demand)

    • I got a similar report from someone else, but I can’t reproduce it. Have you tried setting “disableJoystick” and/or “borderlessFullscreen” to 0 in the DPfix.ini?

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