DPfix 0.3 beta

This version fixes all issues I was aware of (which were caused by DPfix and not inherent in the game), so I’ll call it a beta. Of course, there might still be problems I’m not aware of yet.


  • Fixed normal mapping/lighting of many surfaces in the game (this is a big one)
  • Fixed minimap location
  • Added windowed mode (in addition to fullscreen and borderless windowed fullscreen modes), since it was requested

Get DPfix 0.3 beta here

Unless something more crops up, I can now focus on additional features (and I’ll also slow down the pace a bit probably, I’ve done little else these past few days).

I’ve also been contacted by Rising Star Games about DPfix, so maybe we can work something more official out.

(If you find DPfix useful, you can consider donating here)


There is a remaining issue with scenes that render 2 camera perspectives later in the game. I’ll have to play a bit to get to those before I can attempt fixing them (I don’t really want to skip forward by downloading a save, I’m actually enjoying the game)


13 thoughts on “DPfix 0.3 beta

  1. Good to see this progressing pretty well.

    This release broke the borderless window for me though. I probably wouldn’t even mind so much (though alt-tabbing is really nice), but the game seems to minimize sometimes when just pressing Esc, follow by the black screen of death.

  2. I found another minor issue. The issue with enemy teleportation causing a ghost effect for a split second can still occur if you’re outside. I noticed this when I went outside Swery 65 around 1:30AM.

  3. Thanks for the minimap fix, it really made navigating the world a whole lot easier.

    As stated above me though, theres an issue with the other two maps (Esc menu and ‘M’ onscreen map) being that they also aren’t aligned/sized properly. Also, I’ve found what seems to be a bug at Episode 2 part 2 – Chapter 12, upon entering a shed outside the art gallery a cutscene plays, then it cuts to a loading screen where the game crashes. Upon verifying my cache and relaunching, the same issue occured, but when disabling the fix I could pass the loading screen into the next area. I can turn DPfix back on and it plays perfectly fine from a save past said loading screen crash, so I’m almost certain it has to do with the fix.

  4. This is great. Thanks for your continued work. :)

    Super ultra good!

    Good to hear RSG has contacted you. I’m sort of hoping they patch in a brightness option; pretty sure even the console versions had that.

  5. Yes i also confirm i have that menu map issue, btw it’s good to know that RSG contacted you, i looked on their twitter page and they said they contacted the devs too, looks like they really want fix this game, i hope they will also add controller support.

    Thanks for your work!

  6. Another minor issue with the map: when driving, if you press M to switch to the larger version of the mini-map, that larger version is still suffering from the same issue the mini-map used to. In other words, it has the same size and positioning as the 720p version, but the icons that get drawn on the map are in the right spots relative to the selected resolution.

  7. It’s working great now, but still two issues I been encountering besides Borderless Window still not working (Window 8.1 64X). Driving cause a audio loop, which I guess can be fixed by changing to stereo on your PC setting. And the other is the big map in the main menu still not displaying correctly.

    • Audio is not really my field, but I’ll fix the main map in ASAP. Regarding borderless, have you set the game to windowed mode in the launcher?

  8. Found a small bug :(



    When you get to the third combat area (the woodmill) and the raincoat killer attacks you, there’s a scene where you have to hide from him. The game shows two camera perspectives, the RK’s and york’s. This scene only takes up 3/4 of the screen, basically it’s only displaying in 720p.

    There also might be a similar problem with the in-menu map, although I haven’t taken the time to run without DPFix to check.

    Either way these are pretty minor issues and I’m enjoying playing the game at a smooth 60fps downsampling from 2160p.

  9. You are a super star!

    Now if only Rising Star can fix the controller support and we’ll finally have the version of Deadly Premonition we thought we were getting!

    Thank you so much for your amazing work!

  10. Thank you! I’m excited to get back to the game now. Take all the time you want, I’d be perfectly content if this was the final release.

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