AGmod 0.1, a small Agarest: Generations of War mod

Today Agarest: Generations of War releases on Steam.

It’s not a particularly fantastic game, but it’s remarkable in that it’s a PC port of a JRPG developed specifically for the western market. As such, I was interested in seeing it succeed and joined the beta test. It’s a solid PC port, but I still implemented some stuff for fun that might interest one or two people out there, so I gathered it in a small mod.

Working features:

  • Change the internal rendering resolution of the game (e.g. for supersampling)
  • Turbo mode which speeds up battle (2x or 4x) and can be toggled by user-configurable keys
  • Dump and override textures (as in DSFix)

Not-really-working features, but neat as demo:

Here’s a screenshot of the unmodified base game.

And here’s a modified one (4x supersampling, sprite scaling, turbo)

The AA difference is obviously more visible in scenes with more polygon edges. And you only see the turbo overlay, and not its impact, in a screenshot ;).

Anyway, have fun!

Download here

I don’t plan on releasing the source unless someone is particularly interested. It’s mostly just a hack of DSfix as a base, my sprite scaling stuff (which is open source in the PPSSPP project) and some silly pointer chasing/reverse engineering for the turbo feature.