GeDoSaTo shader development features, Dark Souls 2 SSAO improvements

I just pushed an update to GeDoSaTo which makes it significantly easier to work on shaders and effects (i.e. downsampling, SSAO, postprocessing). It’s now possible to bind a key for reloading shaders. The magic thing however, and what really saves time, is that if loading the new shader fails the old one will continue to be used instead, and the error will be reported:

screenshot_2014-08-23_14-58-34_0This really saves a lot of time restarting games. My workflow is now to have the game running in a window in the corner of the screen, and have Visual Studio take up the other half. This way, I can make changes to the shader and see the result in-game in about 3 seconds. It’s not a GUI, but it’s much more flexible and almost as fast in terms of iteration.

To prove the claim that this makes shader development much easier, I set out to improve GeDoSaTo’s SSAO. While better than the built-in monstrosity, this was never really high quality, particularly considering its performance impact. Well, it’s a whole lot better now:

_prev _curThat’s the old version on top and the new one in the bottom. Look in particular at the detail in the distance, the lack of pixelation on the grass, the much better definition on objects like the staircase and the lack of polygonal artifacts on the floor.

Now, you might ask “But Durante, the AO was already really heavy, can I really afford to run the new version performance-wise?”. The answer is yes, absolutely. For the result shown above, the previous version took around 9 ms of GPU time on my 770. The new one takes 4.8 ms.  If you’re keeping track, that’s almost twice as fast as previously. While also looking better, and sporting fewer artifacts.

You can get the new version right now with the updater.

Oh, one more thing. Since someone asked in a donation message: yes, I do read all the donation messages :P

GeDoSaTo Dark Souls 2 Edition 0.1 ALPHA Release

EDIT: If you came here from some external link, don’t get this, get the latest version. And please don’t report issues in outdated versions.

Well, this is it.

Get it while it’s hot. (link to outdated version removed, see above)
: Download link changed to version 0.1a, fixing (hopefully) .dll dependency.
UPDATE 2: It seems like Steam Overlay popups break the graphics in DS2 with GeDoSaTo currently. Disable the Steam overlay as a workaround for now.

For more information about the background and development of GeDoSaTo, read my earlier blog post about it.

For an in-depth description of what it can do for Dark Souls 2, do read my PC Gamer article. I really enjoyed working with the people at PC Gamer, and not just because they gave me early access to the game ;)

Please remember that this is an initial public alpha release, as such it’s almost certain to be buggy.
And please read the readme file carefully. It is included in the download. And if you want to quickly get an idea of the state of things in-game, press the “+” button on your numpad. It should show you GeDoSaTo status information.

Oh, and if you enjoy what I’m doing and have lots of disposable income, consider donating to further GeDoSaTo development. There’s a lot yet to be done.