Audio programming and DTS decoding

Since I recently gained the option of connecting digital audio to my capture card, and since some people requested it, I added audio handling to PtBi. This required less effort than I originally anticipated, partly due to the ease of use of the bass audio library. It’s a tiny .dll and quite well documented.

One disappointment was discovering that the Blackmagic Intensity Pro doesn’t handle more than 2 audio channels. However, with some bit fiddling, it’s possible to reconstruct and decode DTS 5.1 encoded audio frames from the left/right channels supplied by the hardware. While this could mean that PtBi now may or may not violate any number of software patents in some countries, I doubt anyone cares.

Since I was getting into this audio stuff, I also added some quick features I could use such as a general audio level boost and stereo to quadrophonic expansion.