Tales of Symphonia GeDoSaTo plugin

Edit: My article about this sordid affair is now up on PC Gamer.

I never expected that, but Tales of Symphonia was released resolution-locked. I’ve released a preliminary GeDoSaTo plugin for the game to fix that.

Note that when I say “preliminary” I mean with a total development and testing time of less than 3 hours. So if you run into issues, keep that in mind. (Of course, if you get crashes, or the game failing to launch, or anything like that, it might just as well be the game or its DRM system rather than GeDoSaTo)

Things to keep in mind:

  • The game name, for purposes of config files, screenshot paths, etc, is “Symphonia”. This is a bit of a hack due to the silly DRM they use.
  • As always with games with locked rendering resolution, you need to set your desired one from the .ini file ( config\Symphonia\GeDoSaTo.ini ). It looks like this by default:
  • There is a bit of an ugly interaction with some low-res processing going on. I might fix that if I can find the motivation.
  • Keep the in-game resolution setting at 720p, that’s the only thing I tested.

You can get the latest version including this plugin by updating from within GeDoSaTo or with the installer provided here. As always, you can donate to support continuing GeDoSaTo development here.


16 thoughts on “Tales of Symphonia GeDoSaTo plugin

  1. It’s wonderful of you to take the time to do this, especially since the devs couldn’t even be assed finishing the port before releasing it. Gaming is heading in a really bad direction but thanks for picking up the slack and helping the community.

  2. i’m a tad bit confused on what i’m supposed to be doing, i’m not really tech savvy and can already see that i’m gonna have problems with this game from reading the article. but what am i supposed to be doing where to fix the issues.

  3. I would also like to add that the game does feel more sluggish with GeDoSaTo. It is running locked @ 40 fps without using GeDoSaTo (I swear it feels faster than 40 though, I actually thought game was 60 fps at first) but with GeDoSaTo turned on it runs between 36-38 (this actually feels like 36-38 compared to the 40 which feels way faster). It stays between 36-38 no matter what upscaling I use (tried 1440 p up to 5K) so it can’t be my hardware. It’s obviously a worthy tradeoff and I’m grateful but I’m still curious if anyone else experience the same and if you might know what’s causing it, Durante?

    • No idea, but as far as I know the game “should” be running at 30 FPS, everything other than that is the wrong speed.

  4. Thanks alot for your work the difference of the textures is like night and day you really saved my day.

  5. I think your article/work has gotten at least LaZy MoFo’s attention: http://steamcommunity.com/app/372360/discussions/0/458607699626180963/

    Also thanks a lot for your “hard” work. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

    A few constructive things to add though. As you hinted setting the in-game resolution to anything other than 720p causes issues (setting it to 1080p just has the game only render in the corner of the screen). Also, and this isn’t a big deal, trying to force borderless window has some weird results. Finally running the application in a Window seems to disable the downscaling (at least the UI looks less crisp than in fullscreen, it is kind of hard to tell really). It does still come up with the Overlay message like it work though.

  6. Any idea why I get a NullReferenceException with Error setting installation path? Windows 10 Home, 64bit, build 10586. I’ve pulled the source from GitHub to try to debug, but setting the proper prerequisites is kind of a pain, so maybe you have an idea?

  7. Thanks for this, Durante! I truly appreciate it. It’s a travesty that we have to depend on other people like this. Clearly no effort at all went into this port nor the QA of it. Now we have to wait for another kind soul to unlock the FPS as well, because Namco sure as hell are not going to do anything about that. Cheers mate!

  8. Awesome! Thanks for the fix. It for some reason doesn’t hook on my end. Have GeDoSaTo running as Administrator, and ToS launching with the default 720p res. Another guy on NeoGaf is having the same issue. Anything I can do to help debug? I’d join in on the NeoGaf thread, but my account isn’t activated yet :P

    • I forgot the whitelist entry initially. It’s fixed now, but you can also just add
      sec* || Tales of Symphonia

      to the whitelist yourself.

  9. Can you also take a look at the load time issues on windows 7 or this is outside your fixing shity ports ability?

    Oh and great work as useal.

  10. I was trying to use the character masks in the GeDoSaTo whitelist last night to try and get this working with the sec*.tmp files and trying all the compatability options, but was really having no luck.  I’m delighted to see this post.

    Thanks so much!

  11. Truly amazing how fast you were with this. I was reading the GAF thread like a good book lol. ITs a great start to making this the definitive version. Just need that 30fps lock removed now.

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