GeDoSaTo release/distribution changes

As you might have noticed, there was no GeDoSaTo release this last weekend, even though I kept up a biweekly release cycle previously.

The reason for this is that I switched to uploading binaries on GitHub.

What this means for you:

  • You can always get the very latest gedosato.dll and executable right here, as well as new config profiles etc.
  • If there is a regression (that is, something which was previously working stops to work), you can help with fixing it even if you cant compile GeDoSaTo, by determining exactly which commit broke it.
  • You need to take slightly more care to also e.g. get the updated configuration file when getting a new version which makes configuration changes.

What this means for me:

  • I have more time to work on GeDoSaTo, since packaging, uploading and documenting/posting about a release does take some time.
  • I get more immediate feedback on new features from people who follow development closely.
  • I get fewer donations, since I usually get one or two with every new release. Well, you can’t win them all.

The current version on Github as of this posting is 0.11.1162, and it has a plethora of new features and fixes over the last “regular” release:


  • Allow multiple downsampling resolutions to be available at the same time
  • Added support for multisampling while downsampling
  • Made the presentInterval setting work even when not downsampling
  • Can now bind Xinput buttons to actions
  • Added option to force presentation resolution regardless of request
  • Fixed Steam overlay rendering with alternative injection method
  • Fixed handling of GetDepthStencilSurface
  • Fixed crash bug with Steam Big Picture Mode
  • Hook d3d9 debug dll separately (restoring third party injector compatibility)


  • Unified injection methods (!)
  • Stop accumulating empty lines when sorting
  • Added event handling for unloading dll (related to Steam Big Picture Mode crash fix)

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae Plugin:

  • Added plugin, has all functionality of the generic plugin
  • Plus can render game at arbitrary resolution (vanilla game is limited to 1080p)

I hope this works out, it seems like a much better solution.

By the way, as I said in the last post, if you do a bug report in the blog comments it will most likely be lost. Please report bugs/issues at GitHub where they can be centrally tracked and more conveniently discussed.

Edit: I realized that this won’t work out for everyone. Stay tuned for new information, hopefully tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo release/distribution changes

  1. I adore your work, and couldn’t have imagined DSFix would lead to such an universal tool.
    In “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” the GUI doesn’t scale with the resolution (Higher resolution –> smaller Interface). Since you solved a similiar problem in Dark Souls 1 by stretching the 720p-interfaces to a fitting size, I wanted to know if same is possible for Amalur.

    • It would be possible probably, but changes like that require a lot of per-game effort and writing a game specific plugin.

  2. Hi Peter,

    First, thanks a lot for this great tool. Been using it for quite some time now and it doesn’t disappoint.

    I have one slight “issue” since moving on from your Poltergeist version to the latest updates on GitHub. Everytime I start up a game that I use with GeDoSaTo, on the top of the screen, the tool will display the Downsampling Info box twice instead of just once. Essentially it looks like as if, for some reason, the Downsampling is applied twice. It doesn’t have any negative impact on performance (it really seems to be just cosmetic if at all), but I recently started playing Resident Evil 4 with your tool enabled and I noticed, that when setting up your tool by changing the resolution in-game, all the resolution options enabled by GeDoSaTo appear twice.

    I was wondering what could cause that kind of behaviour. I do not use anything else to downsample games (for instance, I have not enabled additional resolutions via the Nvidia control panel etc.)

    Anyway, I hope I made some sense. Again, it’s not really a huge thing, just something that has been bugging me recently!

    Thanks again for your hard work and all the best!

  3. Will you still be posting notification of new releases here? (on your blog)

    I pull your blog into my Feedly stream which is how I keep up with things.

    • I’ll not make posts about releases, but I will do so whenever an important new feature or bugfix is integrated!

    • I thought about using build automation, but I think the way I have it set up now is even better for this purpose.

  4. The GeDoSaToTool.exe I download from github uploaded a day ago doesn’t seem to work for me. Just says “This app cannot run on this PC” (Windows 8.1 64bit). I’m also downloading the new .dll.

  5. New releases will be very hard to track & download this way. At least use “Releases” feature of GitHub.

    • That would defeat the purpose though, since it would require me to do manual work again.

      I’ll work something out.

  6. Thanks for the new update! Just reporting an issue I’m facing. When ingame, it says some options like DoF and antialiasing type have been disabled in config (when they really haven’t) but they can’t be enabled via the ini. at all

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