GeDoSaTo Beta 10 Release – “Poltergeist”

Two weeks have passed, time for another release. Lots of fixes and additions in this one, and also many new profiles. My article seems to have worked to at least some extent, it’s great to see pull requests popping up on GitHub (even if most are not code).


  • General:
    • Added feature to disable HUD (in games with a targeted injection profile)
    • Added keybinding to toggle through scaling methods
    • Added option to prevent Steam Overlay loading (thanks GoaLitiuM)
    • Added “loadD3DEarly” compatibility option
    • Now possible to list and query readable app name from whitelist
    • Fixed downsampling with more than 3 levels
    • Fixed stupid typo preventing games with backbuffer formats other than the default from working correctly (thanks Boulotaur2024)
    • Fixed crash when framedumping, store framedumps as TGA, create folders for each
    • Fixed crash with special characters in blacklist/whitelist entries
    • Fixed “interceptOnlySystemDlls” with nonstandard system paths
  • GeDoSaToTool:
    • Can now sort black/whitelists
    • Fixed working directory when launched at windows startup
  • Generic Plugin:
    • Show exe name and (if available) readable name in status display
    • Added option to target screenshots/postprocessing to specific renderstate changes (“injectRenderstate [state],[value]” — example of use in Ys Origin profile)
    • Added lots of profiles, thanks to all the contributors

Download GeDoSaTo 0.10 “Poltergeist” here. And if you just found out about GeDoSaTo or have been using it for a while and want to encourage further work on it donations are always welcome.

One more thing: if you want to report bugs or request features, please do so at github. It’s much easier to follow, manage and discuss such things there than in the blog comments!

14 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo Beta 10 Release – “Poltergeist”

  1. Might want to consider taking “hl2.exe” out of the whitelist since that also triggers for Team Fortress 2. Using a dll injector (even a benign one) in a VAC secured multiplayer game is probably not what most people who start the program for some other game want…

  2. The readme included in the newest version of GeDoSaTo refers to this “Plugin” Can somebody please just link me to it? I want to be able to play Dark Souls 2 with this enhancement

      • Thanks for the reply, dev. It was just a little unclear that it was included. Perhaps you could add a note at the bottom of release pages stating *This version INCLUDES all game specific plugins*

  3. Anyone know how to make it work with State of Decay? Graphic in this is propably as bad as Dark Souls (1) without DSfix.

    • That’s because DS2 is inherently locked to 60 FPS. It’s not a GeDoSaTo issue. (I didn’t realize you were talking about DS2)

  4. Has anyone tried using GeDoSaTo  instead of dsfix for dks1? Went back to that game today and thought about how nice it’d be to use the fancy bloom etc from GeDoSaTo

  5. I’ve actually never gotten it to work at 120fps either. Always thought it was locked to 60fps!

  6. Is there a way to get 120hz/fps to work? no mater what i set in the config, it locks to 60fps, vsync or unchanged.

    • If you set 120 Hz it should work at 120 Hz. I regularly use this on my 120 Hz projector.

      You need to make sure to set both the reportedHz and the presentHz though.

  7. Good work and thanks for the update! Maybe you happen to also be a fan of Risen, it’s a cool old(er) RPG and would profit greatly from downsampling. However, the graphics bug (textures disappear completely) if GeDoSaTo is just so much as activated and when I downsample (for the heck of it), then the cursor is stuck in the upper left quarter of the screen. Alas, no downsampling for that little gem as of now. Anyway, keep up the good work!

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