11 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo in-depth profile article

  1. This is really neat. Could something like this be used to re-scale the HUD in a game? Mass Effect 3 in particular shrinks it’s HUD down to nearly unusable sizes once you go above 1080p, it’d be neat expand it to roughly its 720p size while running at 4K or 6K.

    • That would be quite complicated and game-specific – it would probably require a different plugin per game.

  2. have you eliminated the need for spaceless directories? or would we still need to change every game’s folder path?

    • You never needed to change any game path. The path restrictions were about the path you install GeDoSaTo to, not game paths. And they have been relaxed since 0.9.

  3. How easy would it be to implement your style of VSSAO2 to games which don’t normally have SSAO? This is very exciting stuff btw.

    • SSAO is harder than normal postprocessing to generalize, since it needs a Z-buffer and knowledge about the Z range of the given game.

  4. Can the HDR bloom effect be added to a game profile in a similar manner to the post.fx postprocessing, or does it require more in-depth tweaking?

    • It could work, but it would require per-game cutoff tweaking at least. I’ll think about it.

    • That’s easier said than done! Also, I’m not sure how well SSAO would play with the 2D elements in those games.

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