GeDoSaTo Beta 8 Release – “Rapidity is a justice”

This release comes with a Smörgåsbord of feature additions to both GeDoSaTo itself and the tool. It also increases game compatibility greatly, adds a high-quality Lanczos downsampling option, and massively increases screenshot performance.


  • General:
    • Added ability to have per-game postprocessing shaders
    • Added the “forceAlwaysDownsamplingRes” option (can be used to make reluctant games – like Divinity:OS – show downsampling resolutions)
    • Added Lanczos downsampling filter option
    • Changed default screenshots to also capture GeDoSaTo overlays
    • Made screenshot-taking asynchronous (basically 0 performance hit for the first SS)
    • Restored neutral render state before downsampling [Boulotaur2024]
    • Refactored rendertarget management (to easier turn API agnostic later)
  • GeDoSaToTool:
    • Implemented alternative dll injection strategy (for games which build the
      D3D device before doing anything which would be caught by the default)
    • Prevented multiple instances of GeDoSaToTool being started
    • Added startup checks for path validity and admin rights
    • Added basic editors for postprocessing shaders

The combination of the new injection method and improvements in GeDoSaTo now allows games like Divinity: Original Sin (which is a fantastic game releasing tomorrow which you should buy, btw.), Witcher 2 and Mafia 2 to work with Downsampling.

Download GeDoSaTo 0.8 “Rapidity is a justice” here, and I always appreciate any donations made here.

There are a lot of options which can be configured per-game now, so if you find some compatibility settings (or good postprocessing options) for a given game please contribute on github. Of course, more in-depth code contributions are also very welcome!

Once again, GeDoSaTo is not a virus or whatever else your misguided browser/scanner heuristic wants to label it as. It just does a lot of pretty wild stuff. If you don’t believe me, compile your own from Github, all the source is up there :P

If the alternative injection method is not working for you, you might have to set the registry value “LoadAppInit_DLLs” in the key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows” to “1″. Beta 9 will do this automatically.

12 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo Beta 8 Release – “Rapidity is a justice”

  1. I followed steps from a user above “Just delete the spaces in the Dark Souls II-folder so that it looks like this: “DarkSoulsII”. That worked for me.” and it also worked for me.


    Thanks! :)

  2. Divinity Original Sin only works with LoadAppInit_DLLs 1, but mouse position is broken, i’ve already tried so many combinations of mouse settings and gave up. It actually worked before, but i think one of the patches broke it.

  3. I wish this would work with PayDay2, since this game has no antialiasing at all, has an ugly not so high quality DOF and no proper SSAO.. the game instantly crashes when changing the ingame resolution when trying to downsample with this tool.

  4. Same problem here. I’d rather not change my game folder name, as it’ll likely screw up something with Steam at some point. Durante, is this ‘no spaces’ thing really required?

  5. Just delete the spaces in the Dark Souls II-folder so that it looks like this: “DarkSoulsII”. That worked for me.

  6. Hey, Durante,

    Do appreciate your great work with this as always, it totally changed whole atmosphere of Dark Souls 2 and I can’t even think about running it without GeDoSaTo.

    By the way, I believe broken shadow by SSAO, can be seen on surface of Character up close and found from Alpha version 5, is still found in this version and wonder if you ever plan on fixing this in near future.  Have tried Asmodean SSAO a while ago but I believe your up to date SSAO has more depth in general view…Even tried HBAO Nvidia is now offering with Dark Souls 2 but it actually has flickering issue in everywhere while general look is the best…

    Your SSAO in Sharp option is the best looking one so far only if such broken shadow can be fixed, any of your comments or thought would be much appreciated.

  7. Sigh, no cant use prog in my default dir cos it contains spaces!? Srsly? It was working before, why now restricit it. Cant have a dir in game, cant have a dir in \Program Files (x86)/ ..

  8. Hey Durante!

    Thanks for your fantastic work. The recent changes (especially the lanczos filter) are top notch!

    I’ve just tested Beta 8 with the GOG-Version of the Witcher 2 and I’m having a few issues. The resolution is correctly shown in the configurator and I’m able to launch the game. However, the menu flickers a lot and the game crashes as soon I’m trying to load a level.

    I guess that the downscaling is buggy because screenshots taken with MSI Afterburner are fine and have the correct DS resolution.

    Log file:


    Would it be possible to overwrite existing resolution? I’m using driver downsampling which works fine but is limited to bilinear scaling. It would be nice to have an option for overwriting them.

    Thanks in advance!

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