GeDoSaTo Beta 7 Release – “Seishoujo Sacrifice”

The first release after open-sourcing the project! There haven’t been any source contributions yet, but at least one person gave me some pointers to issues which need investigation.

I’m very happy with this release, particularly since I managed to fix the alt-tabbing crash bug which has been in GeDoSaTo since day 1 (read more here). But there are lots of other improvements as well, see below.


  • General:
    • Fixed Alt-tab crash when downsampling in fullscreen mode (!)
    • Added IDirect3DSwapChain9 interception (fixes compatibility with some games, e.g. Dragon Age Origins)
    • Screenshot fallback to full-size if hudless not available
    • Fixed Z/stencil buffer format detection (fixes e.g. GTA4)
    • Improved handling of automatically generated z/stencil buffers (don’t duplicate, we don’t need an original-res depth buffer when downsampling)
  • Generic Plugin:
    • Store screenshots after AA/postprocessing, not before
    • Only use float BB if required (should improve AA/post performance on most games)
    • Added ability to specify a “marker” pixel shader in the configuration, in order to apply AA/postprocessing before HUD rendering and capture hudless screenshots
  • GeDoSaToTool:
    • Added ability to edit game profiles using the built-in editor (still need to be created externally)

I guess I will need to create a guide for the new pixel shader marker functionality in the generic plugin. Its goal is to allow everyone to enable postprocessing without affecting the UI and hudless screenshots for every game, simply by editing the config file, without coding a plugin or compiling GeDoSaTo. Currently, I’ve added a config file for Blackguards which uses this feature.

Download GeDoSaTo 0.7 “Seishoujo Sacrifice” here, and I always appreciate any donations made here.

If you find a shader hash and create a config file for a given game, please post it on github, I will then include it in future releases.

28 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo Beta 7 Release – “Seishoujo Sacrifice”

  1. Hello. I haven’t forgotten about this, but after I’d installed a bunch of games you have also, tested them etc, I kind of came to the conclusion that it’s probably that the games that don’t dump textures, are probably not using the DX provided method. There’s a few oddball cases where it dumps some textures and not others, but I expect there’s probably reasons for that also.

    I will raise a ticket, as having this on github is better than comments on a blog, even if it ends up as above.

    just FYI, and before I do post a ticket:

    Sonic All Stars: dumps everything.
    Alan Wake: dumps UI stuff only, X360 buttons etc.
    Deus Ex HR: dumps nothing
    Batman AA: dumps nothing

  2. Great work as always.

    Can I ask how “generic” the SSAO functionality in GeDoSaTo is?  I’ve been trying it in a handful of games that don’t support SSAO because as an AMD card user I can’t force SSAO in my control panel, but in a ton of games (in fact, probably most of them) it doesn’t work at all.  Is there anything I’m missing?

    • SSAO isn’t generic at all — it’s basically impossible to make it generic to the extent that no per-game work is necessary (that’s why NV has profiles for every single game where SSAO is supported). However, using GeDoSaTo as a foundation it should be relatively easy to add a game-specific plugin for SSAO.

  3. Is there a command line parameter I can add to GeDoSaTo to activate it upon start? I’m using Launchbox for Dark Souls II and it gives the option to load additional programs before the game. However, it is microseconds before, and I’d like it to automatically activate GeDoSaTo. Is there a way to do this with command line parameters?

  4. - Age of Wonders 3 is not scaling rights, UI is getting smaller just like with driver downslampling

    - Dragon Age Origins gives me “Failed to detect a supported video card” on startup

    - Borderless is generally broken on AMD with 14.4whql/14.6beta driver. Age of Wonders, Dragon Age, Blackguards, all these games are not working with borderless.


  5. Hello, I’d like to get the DoF feature to work in FFXIV:ARR but it says the plugin isn’t supported when in game. I’d love to learn how to create my own plugin for this so I can get this to work in FFXIV but don’t know where to start. This is something I have always wanted to see in the game since relaunch and have yet to see anything from the developers on adding it. This tool may just be the key.

  6. Hello,

    I’m curious about the choice to use PNG and not TGA in textureoverride. It takes time to convert, but worse is that I’ve had no luck enabling the transparency in the PNG. The TGA has a seperate alpha channel that is more easy to work with imho.

  7. I have problems with downsampling since beta6. In Beta5 it was still working fine.

    Now since Beta6, its downsampling two times (2x notice upper Screen of downsampling), from 1680:1050 -> 1920:1200 – and then the pictures AR is bad.


  8. enableTextureDumping as a setting sometimes works, but mostly not (granted, that could be my choice of games.) Is this feature known to have issues and is it worth raising this on the github tracker if so? This has been the case for me since the first release.

    I’m certainly not ruling out the possibility I’m doing something daft or missing something obvious, but aside from setting enableTextureDumping to true, I’ve barely touched the .ini file.

    I’ve had success with LEGO Star Wars, and Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. Partial success with Alan Wake, LEGO Batman.


    • It’s not a widely tested feature. Opening an issue on Github would help, as long as you can provide a list of games where it works and where it doesn’t.

      It only works with games that use the D3DX API to load textures.

  9. In this edition,I’m just found that we can’t see the mouse,even I choose “unchanged”

  10. can confirm the new update is now working on Vista! thanks for working that out for the 6 total of us still reluctant to upgrade!

    • Oh, yes, I never managed to compile the update myself since I was spending my time with other things. Finally decided to load up DkS2 again after I saw the ticket closed.

      Thank you very, very much for this. A bit of a pain to manually configure for multiple games unless I manually create directories for them all, but hey, it’s great nonetheless.

      I’ll throw a donation over after playing with it for a bit longer.

      Side note: SWTOR doesn’t seem to work with it; but SWTOR uses an atrocious engine, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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