GeDoSaTo Beta 6 Release – “Stranger Than Fiction”

I’m rather proud of this release. There have been major changes under the hood, and I’m getting ready to release the source (and hopefully get bugfixes, improvements and plugins from lots of contributors).

First things first, I’ve decided to call this release the first beta. Also, since version numbers are dreadfully boring I’m adopting a new scheme whereby each release version will also have a name, and that name will be the name of an album I was listening to while working on it. This time around it’s “Stranger Than Fiction” by Bad Religion.


  • General:
    • Large-scale internal rewrite introducing game-specific plugin system
    • Moved all Dark Souls 2 specific code to a Dark Souls 2 plugin
    • Added generic plugin which supports AA and postprocessing in games without a game-specific plugin
    • Added performance monitoring system (per-frame CPU and GPU timing)
    • Added per-game settings support
    • Various bugfixes
  • Dark Souls 2:
    • Added option for different types of SSAO blur (the softer and better performing one used pre-0.5, and a fixed version of the sharper one introduced in 0.5)
  • GeDoSaToTool:
    • Now start up activated by default
    • Added Text viewer/editor component for readme viewing and editing setting files (has various text highlighting and autocompletion features)
    • Fixed black/whitelist handling in some circumstances
    • Fixed tray icon persistence in case of errors

Here is a screenshot of the new GeDoSaToTool UI:

And here’s what the performance monitor looks like:

In the source screenshot for the image above you can see GeDoSaTo running with SMAA and postprocessing in Ys Origin.

Download GeDoSaTo 0.6 “Stranger Than Fiction” here, and as always you can donate here if you enjoy using it.

The next steps are writing some developer documentation and a ToDo list, and then getting the source up on GitHub.

38 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo Beta 6 Release – “Stranger Than Fiction”

  1. Yes, I have:
    forceBorderlessFullscreen false

    And the game set to fullscreen in my native 1920*1080


  2. Hi all,

    I’ve been using GeDoSaTo since alpha 4, but recently I acquired an SSD disk and installed in it Windows 8.1. Since doing that, i’ve been unable to run GeDoSaTo along with DS2, if i run it before launching DS2, I only get a white screen for 5 seconds and then an error message saying DS2 stopped working. If i wait to activate until I’m in game, it just crashes as soon as I’m back from alt-tabbing (in windowed borderless mode)

    Any clue as to what’s happening? :_(



  3. I’m curious; is there any way to make this game work with upsampling (if that’s even a thing)?  With my computer, I used DSFix to drastically lower the graphics settings, not increase them.  Is there any way to do this/could this be done with GeDoSaTo?

    • Hmm, it’s not currently designed to do that, but it should be possible as long as a given game allows the lower resolution you create using GeDoSaTo.

  4. Hey three things:
    #1: Can confirm, chrome blocks downloads of Beta 6

    #2: I have almost the same computer buildout as the guy with the Gtx 770M (same cpu, half the ram, same gpu), and I ALSO get great performance running at 4k! and this is using alpha 5!

    This is amazing to me because prior to now I had been running at 1280×720 just to get a solid 60 fps with all the goodies turned on. 1080p was not really something i could do and just thought it was becuase laptop gpu, so i never even bothered to try anything higher. tonight, i just did 4k (well, 16:9 4k so it’s like 3840×2160) and with everything else on and running at 1080p native resolution output i get a solid 40 fps. crazy!

  5. hi my friend…looks fantastic tool..i used the old DFix for first Dark Souls last year

    but this tool still didnt gonna try it and im sure its gonna amaze me

    but this file i can use for other games too? for AA or somthing?

  6. The sharper SSAO is still just as broken in DkS2, and the “gaussian” one is broken now, too.

  7. I see, nice to think about it :)Also, do you think it’s possible to create a hotkey in the next release, to reload the textures overrides that are loaded upon game start, like the UI, hollows and such? These textures don’t seem to reload when you quit to title and reload a character, you have to quit and relaunch the game,  making it rather annoying to mod these files.

  8. Hey, Durante? I’ve noticed an… …interesting quirk with GeDoSaTo on my system, namely that it seems to run better at 4k than it does at 2k or native (1080p) (with the DS2 Plugins graphical effects). It runs at 50 to 60 fps with GeDoSaTo at 4k (drops to 50-40 when looking at a specific spot in Majula), but runs at 50-40 with 2k, and 50-30 at native (It runs at a fluid 60 without GDST). Do you know why that is? It’s very strange.

    System Specs:

    i7-4700MQ (2.4 Ghz, 3.5 turbo)

    GeForce 770m (3GB GDDR5 VRAM)

    16GB RAM

  9. Thanks Durante! Status overlay indicates no downsampling and DoF not enabled eventhough both enabled in the setting file. FYI, I have GeForce 337.88 installed. Any ideas?

  10. Always look forward to your updates (good album choice, btw)


    Eager to see the source on github!

  11. GeDoSaTo works with Shadow of Chernobyl, but apparently only on the static lighting mode.

    I tried GeDoSaTo 0.5 alpha with STALKER Lost Alpha (which uses a modified version of the engine from Call of Pripyat) – the game crashes on launch with GeDoSaTo active (using the DirectX 9 Full Dynamic Lighting mode).

    However, I found a weird workaround – installing SweetFX Injector in the Lost Alpha folder somehow prevents the game from crashing on launch with GeDoSaTo active

    (I don’t know why this worked)

  12. Hi, thanks for updating.

    I have just one question : does it reload it’s ini file when you modify it? Also how does the previous version handle it?



    • It reloads whenever the dll is loaded, so whenever you start a game. I’ll add a reload key in the future.

  13. it will work good even with the first dark souls or it’s still better use DSFix?


    btw awesome work like ever! keep going this way! =)

    • You should just use DSfix for the first game. I’ll probably never re-implement everything it does.

  14. Hi,

    I’ve been playing around with the post processing fx files, trying to create my own, but it is tedious to have to restart the game every time to see the effect.
    Is there or is it possible to have a button that can reload the config from the fx file?

  15. keep up the good work man!

    I probably would have not liked the game as much as with your tool.

  16. I truly love Gedosato and Beta update is truly amazing. I really like the new plugin and all fancy features you have added, have been using Gedosato ever since Alpha 0.2 and now I can’t think of Dark Souls 2 without it, much appreciated for your great work, Durante!!

    • Wolfenstein is OpenGL. It will likely never work with GeDoSaTo.
      (It would need an entire separate code path for basically just 2 games)

    • Alt-tab crashes if you downsample and are not using borderless windowed fullscreen mode. The easy workaround is using borderless fs.

  17. Thanks a bunch again Durante!

    Could this be applied to the Stalker games? I hate how traditional AA doesnt work on them.

  18. Testing! :D

    So far have you investigated the performance difference between this tool and “driver level” downsampling?

    • Not in depth so far, but the splitting up of the functionality via the plugin system should help. Now that I have proper performance monitoring tools, it will also be easier to say where such a performance loss could be coming from.

  19. Hey dude, Google Chrome has marked the file as malicious and blocked it. Is this to be expected?

    • I have no idea why that would happen. I certainly didn’t expect it ;)

      The only thing I can tell you is that it’s not malicious. It may look to be so to overzealous virus scanner heuristics though, simply because of the low-level fiddling it does.

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