GeDoSaTo source code online!

The source code for GeDoSaTo is now online at:

It includes a (rather short) developer Readme. The code base is, in my opinion, in a much better state than DSfix and DPfix, though I wouldn’t call it “clean” still. But it shouldn’t be too hard to get into.

I hope everyone who has sent me technically detailed mails about potential improvements (and everyone else interested of course!) will contribute!

The best way of contributing is using the GitHub facilities. That is, fork the project, add your improvements, and gather and document them into a pull request. As I wrote in the readme, if you plan to add a major new feature, it would be very helpful if you could contact me before (e.g. by email with a suitable subject line) so that we can discuss the design and not duplicate any work.

Please use the comments for this blog post only to discuss development or issues with this source release!

6 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo source code online!

  1. hey i was just browsing around GitHub and saw that you may have fixed Vista compatibility. i dont know really how the site works. how can i implement your fix? i dont have any knowledge of coding so do i have to wait for next release? thanks for all the work youve continued to put into this.

  2. Now that this project is open source, we need some one to make it work with Skyrim perfectly.

    If we could get this to work with Skyrim with SSAO and DoF, would it be faster, i.e. less of a FPS drop, then ENB?

    Also the Post FX being rendered under the HUD is mainly what I want for games.

  3. Ok I found the missing libs in a pre-compiled package setup. Grab the relevant installer according to your Visual Studio version here :

    • Good for everyone that wants a binary. Of course, you can just download the boost source release and let bjam build everything you need.

  4. I’m having troubles compiling this and of course the issue comes from Boost libraries : the compiler always complains it cannot find either ‘libboost_filesystem-vc110-mt-sgd-1_55.lib’ or ‘libboost_filesystem-vc110-mt-s-1_55.lib’. I checked the .lib files in my \Boost\stage\lib folder and all I have is ‘libboost_filesystem-vc110-mt-1_55.lib’ and ‘libboost_filesystem-vc110-mt-gd-1_55.lib’… I can’t get the Boost makefile to generate the static runtime libraries apparently (that’s what the additionnal ‘s’ in the filename stands for, right ?)

    I hate all those c++ libraries compiling  issues…

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