GeDoSaTo DS2E Alpha 5 Release

This one focuses on adding and improving graphical features.

  • Added new HDR bloom & eye adaption effect. Some example screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5. It’s highly configurable in the effect file. Also, it’s not particularly performance intensive, since it does large-scale gaussian blooming on a rendertarget pyramid.
  • Improved the SSAO smoothing. It now takes relative depth into account, resulting in more detailed SSAO particularly on small features.
  • Added Asmodean’s postprocessing suite as an option. It’s softer and features cinematic tone-mapping, and gives quite a different result from the profile included previously (which is still the default). Performance is comparable over both options. Default Postprocessing / Asmodean Postprocessing. Of course, both options can be customized in detail.
  • I’m now distributing the release mode .dll of GeDoSaTo, which could result in a minor performance increase.

For the next version, I’ll focus on polish, adding some small requested features, and getting ready for a source release. In particular, I want to

  • Create a plug-in system for game-specific code.
  • Move all DS2 stuff to a DS2 plugin.
  • Add a “generic” plugin which allows postprocessing and SMAA/FXAA on all games supported by GeDoSaTo.

Download GeDoSaTo 0.5 here, and as always you can donate here if you like it.

Oh, and once again, please do read the README file before reporting issues.

44 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo DS2E Alpha 5 Release

  1. Hey Durante,
    Final Fantasy III got released on Steam. Pixelated textures for scenarios, enemies and characters are ugly as hell. You are an expert of these graphical enhancements, do you know if I can find somewhere a good tool to inject bilinear filtering or something like that to fix this mess?

  2. Well Nvidia released a new Driver today with finally proper Dark Souls 2 SLI scaling and antialiasing flags.. now i can downsample from 5120×2880 to 2560×1440 or even 7680×4320 to 2560x1440p and keep 60FPS.. though i need to disable Bokeh DOF because it murders the framerate above 1440p

  3. Regarding downsampling, I wanted to ask please if it’s possible to disable GeDoSaTo from downsampling to allow me to use native nvidia downsampling while still keeping all the other features.

    It seems even if i comment out the downsampling and target resolutions in the ini, and downsample using the regular nvidia driver method, GeDoSaTo still takes over (messages show up etc).

    I wanted to know if it were possible due to that German article, to see if i can squeeze out some more fps while downsampling from a higher res.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Durante, I just found that the detection for mouse cursor position is broken if the game’s played under a resolution lower than the displaying resolution of the monitor, in full screen.

    Also the ingame brightness adjustment is seemingly deactivated when using GeDoSaTo.

    Would you fix these issues for the next release? Thx.

  5. @Hus Nope he’s not. Weapon durability (at least when hitting enemies or their corpses) is tied to fps. Thus our weapons break nearly twice as quickly as console players’ weapons.

    The game won’t run at 120fps, anyway, but if it could it would just exacerbate the problem.

  6. Yes it is. You need to use the texture override and just replace all of the textures for the buffs with transparent texture files or just replace the textures with something that isnt as ugly.

  7. @Hus I think that is not possible since the game is force locked at 60Fps, plus the weapon durability goes down faster because it runs at 60Fps, which is faster than on consoles because the game is bugged because of that.. and if you run it at 120Fps, your weapons ingame will degrade after possibly 2-3 hits… just my thought..

  8. um. of course it does, always has. That’s the game it was first developed for and which has been the focus of its development this entire time.

    What an absurd question!

  9. On GAF you said you can remove the ambient light but that you thought it was pointless. I disagree and it is one of the things I can’t stand about the game.

    Please implement this if it is not too much hassle.

  10. SSAO’s broken in the new version. Easiest way to see is take off your shirt and get the camera close. It’s blotchy/grainy and also highlights the polygons.


    Thanks for all your work, man!

  11. T3CHN0L0GiC, I have the same (small) problem with this update. I need to press the “2″ key everytime I start the game to have the DOF. I don’t know why.

  12. I ask myself, why DOF is disabled as default, i always have to turn DOF manually on, when i start the game. How do i change it? I searched for an option in configs but found none.

  13. Absolutely amazing work, I have no words. DSII is now the most  beautiful and most atmospheric game I’ve ever played. The only problem is disgusting, distant texture and sky. Any chance to fix it?

  14. The bloom effect looks amazing.  It’s too harsh on my eyes though.

    Also, this is a testament to my stupidity, but I didn’t notice how great the game looks until you made Depth of Field off by default.  I think I went through 70% of the game with DOF on; I would get headaches, and it was generally unpleasant.  I realize that it doesn’t make any sense for me to use DOF when things already turn blurry in my own eyes’ peripherals.

  15. First of all, thank you for your good work.
    This version has added screen tearing on my side. (I hate it)
    I kept the same options as the 0.4 but it did had no effect I have also tried with the default options and then disabling all effects but the screen is still tearing.
    I5 2500 k 3.3 Ghz
    GTX 560 ti
    8gb memory

    I’m sad to not be able to take advantage of new effects like hdr bloom.
    I stay on version 0.4 until the next update or saving answer for my problem;)

    • I have no idea what you mean by “true” borderless windowed mode. It already has that, it’s even enabled by default.

  16. Very impressive as always Durante, the Bloom effect is a bit overpowered on you post processing setting but just right for Asmodean´s; that little washed out look is almost like the one from the CES reveal and the performance for the SSAO is rock solid, I used to get little hiccups in some areas but now everything is buttery smooth

  17. So, did you investigate the performance difference beetween your tool and “driver level” downsampling?

  18. The bloom working very very well.

    But I have a little bug with the DOF.
    I used basic DOF, but I need to activate it in game with the “2″ key.
    It doesn’t start anymore in the realease.
    When activiacted with the “2″ key, it works well.
    In the ini, the “enableDoF” is correctly set to “true”…

    • That’s on purpose. Basically, it’s a minor inconvenience which seems to be necessary since many people don’t look at the ini.

  19. What a great update! Thank you for putting so much hard work in this! Dark souls is a special game for a lot of peoples. So thanks again..

  20. Wow! I couldn’t use GeDoSaTo without some fps drops  downsampling from 2560×1440 to 1920×1080 in Majula, but with this release, it remains at 60 fps rock solid!

    I let you know my PC, just for letting you know that older PC’s have been affected by this release.


    C2D E7500 3,5GHz oced.

    4 GB RAM.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660.


    Awesome work, Peter, keep it up!

  21. Ooh wait i might have an idea why… i have a 2560x1440p monitor and use downsampling from 3840×2160.. could it be because of this? sincerely catherine.

  22. Yes i placed only the new files of alpha v5 into my Dark Souls II folder.. no idea why this happens.. i’m going to disable steam overlay then i guess.

  23. Okay i just noticed two bugs..? when downsampling the Steam UI is pushed up to the left upper corner and very small.. plus the game freezes/gets whitescreened when opening the steam overlay and i need to force quit it via windows task manager.. this has been there since alpha 1 of GeDoSaTo

  24. Thank you so much for releasing the new version! i love the new extras! now nvidia just needs to release a SLI profile and my 780Ti’s can work together for downsampling heh

  25. I can’t seem to get the texture marking into a working state, it automatically crashes my game whenever I enable it, got any clues?

    My specs : gtx 770, i7 2600k @ 4.5 ghz, 8gb ram, 1080p, win 8.1, game installed on ssd

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