GeDoSaTo Article (German)

PC Games Hardware published an article (in German) about GeDoSaTo.

What surprised me most about it (in addition to the article’s existence) is the difference they measured between performance with GeDoSaTo downsampling and “native” downsampling. I always expected that to be negligible, at least if you use bilinear downsampling, but I never really benchmarked it. I’ll try to see if I can reproduce their results, and what can be done about it.

In other news, I’m getting closer to the next release, which will primarily be about adding a new HDR bloom & eye adaption effect for Dark Souls 2. This image shows it in-game.

16 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo Article (German)

  1. if you have a Nvidia Card, have you tried changing your sli bits profile to the one that includes the game “Payday”? This completely fixed my framerate when downsampled (default profile in inspector was aweful).

  2. Hey Durante,

    Can you post the settings you were using in that screenshot? (GeDoSaTo.ini and SweetFx if you use it)

  3. Firstly – Long time player, first time poster.
    You are my hero. Thank you for all that you do for the gaming community!!!

    That said *ehm*

    ilovelctr – if I am not mistaken, the ‘controller delay’ you speak of is actually an issue with the poor default dead zone settings.

    That threw me off really bad too…

    Thankfully, I found THIS:

    Hope this helps – enjoy!

  4. Been meaning to try the ENBs but I much rather have the options of your mod Durante….with that sweet HDR effect I guess there wont even be a contest anymore.

  5. Oh and also, when using GeDoSaTo’s downsampling from 3840x2160p to 2560x1440p with 780Ti sli, the game stutters and hitches when walking around and or into new pausing 1-2 seconds which is very annoying.. i have the game on a SSD which shouldn’t happen at only happens with GeDoSaTo.

  6. Made a mistake myself describing the article:

    PCGH didn’t compare 8k@4k GeDoSaTo-DS to 8k native like my comment implied – probably because 8k hardware isn’t that common ;P.

    Their article included 1080p native, 4k@1080p GeDoSaTo-DS, 4k native and 8k@4k GeDoSaTo-DS.

  7. Hi Durante, PCGH didn’t compare GeDoSaTo-DS to driver-DS in this article – they compared it to the native 4k and 8k resolutions and found that performance was lower with DS on.

    However, this particular topic came up in their comments to the article.

    Ideally we need performance numbers for the native (4k or something like that)resolution compared to GeDoSaTo-DS and driver-DS in one graph and one of their writers indicated that they might just check that in a future article.

    Should be easy enough to bench a few games to see for yourself anyway, if you got the time for it :).

  8. “I always expected that to be negligible”

    Shouldn’t going through scaling.fx have some overhead (tiny amount) no matter what, as compared to ‘Native’ downsampling which doesn’t need to do anything.

    Not taking xxAA.fx being utilized.


  9. Nice :D i cannot wait to try the next version out! i have one question.. does that HDR bloom effect also torches and bonfires to make them “Sparkle” more like in the ENB mods?

  10. The spear looks fantastic! Thanx for all the efforts to make this game more beautiful. :-) I wonder if you’ll try developing a fix for the controller’s delay? Currently the kb/m control can be fixed by AHK.

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