DPfix 0.7.1 (Updated)

I’m quite proud of this release, since it accomplishes something which is amongst the hardest things I did in any of my interceptor .dlls so far, and which I failed to do back in DSfix: improving the quality of the shadow mapping.

mirror finish


  • Fixed an issue that could happen when reloading and encountering a dual-perspective scene twice (0.7.1)
  • Fixed crash when accessing the Add-ons menu (might also fix other crashes)
  • Added the ability to improve shadow rendering: shadow map resolution and precision settings
  • Added reflection resolution setting (affects e.g. mirrors, see screenshot above)

The most complex of these is the shadow change, and it also make a rather large difference, as you can see for part of the shadow map of the opening scene below (Left shows the default, and right with settings shadowMapScale 4 and improveShadowPrecision 1):

shadow buffers

There are some minor bad news which come with the crash fix, since it involves changing how textures are hashed:

  • All A few existing texture mods may no longer work, until they are updated to the new hash code.
  • The fix for dual-scene rendering is also affected, and will not work until I can get to such a scene in the game again and find the right hash. (Or until someone provides me with a savegame in the room in chapter 5)

I will release a 0.7.1 to fix the latter issue once I am able to do so, I did not want to delay this release further since I might not get a chance to work on anything concerning Deadly Premonition until Saturday.

Download DPfix 0.7.1 Here

As always, if you enjoy this release, you can donate here.

23 thoughts on “DPfix 0.7.1 (Updated)

  1. Are you sure you properly linked to DPfix 0.7.1? Several people are still reporting the dual scenes rendering with improper resolution. The download link seems to be for DPfix07, or did you just not rename the zip archive to DPfix071?

  2. Actually, if you read the Steam forums. People are bitching to high heaven. It seems most people can’t start the game, Fix or not ,and those that can, say 6.1 works, but 7.1 does not.

  3. No one else seems to be having problems so this could be something going wrong on my end – I’ll need to try updating graphics drivers and the usual.

    The exception I’m getting is 0×80000003 (breakpoint reached), but that doesn’t seem to be too specific about its actual reason.

  4. Damn, I ended up just trying anyways, but the game crashes, DSfix or not =/


    Just boots up to a black screen then crashes. No idea why. I turned off all my Overlay stuff…

  5. Thank you for your great work and for making this great, but broken game more enjoyable!
    However, I have a small request.
    I have noticed that the console version of this game are much darker, some areas in this game that are supposed to be dark so your flashlight should actally be useful are as bright as day.
    Is there a way you could add a brightness setting? I haven’t found one in the game itself.

  6. Hello and thank you for this great work.

    I have the same problem as Xbob42, but i don’t think it’s related with keys. It started after 0.5 fix. Get in car, start driving, after like 30 secs engine roaring disappears, then ~1 min and oops! crash.

    Also, when I’m completing loaded chapter it crashes just after autosave. It’s not critical, just annoying.

    It would be nice if you understand what I’ve tried to say.

    From Russia with love. :D

  7. Yo! Here to report another bug! After updating to 0.7.1, if I get in a car and press two directions at once (i.e. holding reverse and turning left, or accelerating and turning right) the game instantly freezes. Does not happen if I just hold forward, reverse, left OR right on their own.

    Anyway, thanks for the update besides that weird bug! It looks so much better!

  8. Hi,

    Nice for keeping up with the awesome work. I just noticed that even if I run the game in win 98-mode it still freezes for me after finishing the hospital stage, exactly when the world retunrs to normal.

    Is there anything else that you’ve found out about this? What’s causing it etc. I’d love to be able to keep playing the game :(

  9. Once again you did an incredible work!

    I hope that the devs are paying you but anyway here are my 10€ for the awsome work on dark souls ;D

  10. I’m getting a crash on startup with the 0.7, doesn’t seem to matter which settings I’m using. The game starts loading, but then crashes right after going full screen (if full screen is enabled). 0.6.1 works fine.

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