DPfix 0.8

Edit: Apparently there are some issues with this version on some configurations. If you experience any problems, revert back to 0.7.1 until I can figure this out.

Closing in on the final version.


  • Fixed pixel offset error in light buffer with higher rendering resolution (caused small halos around some objects)
  • Fixed AA not being correctly applied when the game uses the alternative rendering path (e.g. in the gallery)
  • Added option to improve the Depth of Field effect (reduces flicker/pixelation)
  • Added intial version of SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion) option

Some of these were much harder than they should have been. Maybe I’ll write up a longer post at some point with some more in-depth explanation of some of the things which go on in Deadly Premonition’s rendering pipeline, and how they affected DPfix development.

Download DPfix 0.8 here

Also check out this high-res font/UI pack by InfiniteNine.

This is the “halo” effect I’m talking about in point 1:

It was caused by some pixel size (or rather, 0.5/pixelsize) shader parameters not being correctly updated with the increased resolution, both for vertex and for pixel shaders, and it got worse with higher resolutions. It should be completely fixed now.

The DoF improvements can be seen in the shot up top already, with a less muddy/pixelated but still unfocused image in the distance. Finally, here are two screenshots showing off the current SSAO effect:

SSAO off | SSAO on

As always, if you like DPfix you can consider donating here, and if you enjoy the work InfiniteNine did on high-res UI textures you can donate here.

27 thoughts on “DPfix 0.8

  1. I had a crash at launch with 0.7.1 (0.6 worked fine), and that seems to be gone now with the 0.8. So I guess you fixed it, even if you didn’t find the reason :)


  2. Is there any way to make it so I can move the window again with DPFix installed? With DPFix installed the window just snaps back to the center of my screen rather than staying put with it uninstalled.

  3. He is reffering to the load times inbetween buildings, 20 seconds is a long time every time you want to peek into a window or run into one house and then leave, I feel it shouldnt be too hard to offload most of what we need into the ram / graphics memory. Its a 6gb game and most of us have got 6gb of ram and a 2gb graphics card. Never had load times this bad in ANY other game. Its just poor game design, because it has to keep going back and re-loading everything from the HDD that would normally just be on the ram or stay in the graphics memory.

    • I can’t realy do anything about those, since I don’t experience them (the game always loads in under 20 seconds for me).

  4. Hi

    I just tried out 0.8, and as others mentioned on NeoGAF the light is flickering and the bump mapping is gone. It’s easily remedied by disabling SSAO, but something that is even more weird is the fact that now the game refuses to run in 60hz/fps for me.

    Instead it uses the 120hz that my screen is capable of, even if I limit the screen itself to 60hz and set the refresh rate to 59/60 in DPFix. This makes the game run twice as fast, and it didn’t do this in earlier versions.

    Thanks in advance.

      • If I disable SSAO the flashing stops, but the game still run at 120hz/fps which makes it unplayable since it’s at twice the speed. :(

  5. Tried the new version, unfortunately had to go back to 7.1 because the lighting effects keep appearing and disappearing with a VERY VERY VERY bright tint.


    also some flickering in shadows…..in 7.1 all good.

  6. Very strange … with my Crossfired 7970s, compared to 0.7.1, I get a third the FPS and loading times are at least 4 times longer, even when I don’t use any of the new features added in 0.8.  Reverting back to 0.7.1 fixes all those problems.

  7. I think something gone wrong.




  8. Thanks for the continued Hard work.


    Any chance you can fix the XAudio 2 bug that everyone on the forums is crashing from? The only reason I ask is because you seem much more competent than the actual developers. :P

    • There still seems to be a problem with the profiling scenes (the movie is being played on the top left corner of the screen and is obstructed by the tape reels.) This seems to only happen with the ones later in the game. Other than that no problems so far.

      • As far as I understand it happens with all profiling scenes, early and late in the game, but only with improved reflections on. Set reflections to default (value 1) and profiling will get fixed.

        • Oh, that’s interesting. And strange. Thanks for reporting it, will be useful when I have a look.

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