DPfix 0.6.1 (Updated)


Just a small update:

  • Fixed crash caused by using the texture override functionality (sorry about that one)
  • Added screenshot functions for both normal and hudless screenshots
    You can configure the keys for screenshots in DPFixKeys.ini and the path they are stored at in DPFix.ini (default is [game path]/dpfix/screens)

Download DPfix 0.6.1 here

You can get the override textures used in the screenshot above here. The key texture can be used together with a controller profile to get correct key prompts when playing with a controller (particularly handy during QTEs).

(Ye olde donation link is here, since every post tagged dpfix could be the first/only one someone new sees)

Edit: 0.6 broke texture dumping, 0.6.1 fixes it again. Download from the link above.

45 thoughts on “DPfix 0.6.1 (Updated)

  1. The texture override with .png files is working for me but I can’t get the .dds files working.

  2. Thanks for that tidbit (DP only properly supporting 16:9, even with DPfix). I think that fact is worth stating in the readme and/or the release posts, because my native display resolution is 1440×900 and I’m sure a fair number of other players have a 16:10 display – the visuals look fine now, but only after messing with the settings in a seemingly odd way.

    In my case, I seem to get the best quality by setting internal resolution to 1920×1080 and display resolution to 1440×900, but not just because it’s a higher internal resolution… setting both at 1440×900 gave me a strange situation where HUD elements rendered crisply at 1440×900, but the actual 3D content seemed “low-res,” as if it was being upscaled from sub-1440×900.

    With the former setup, objects on the screen seem to be at the right aspect ratio (though I wouldn’t swear on it)… the only trouble I’ve noticed (v0.5) is the (first?) dual-camera section rendering in only 3/4 of the screen, but as you said only 16:9 is supported so that’s not too surprising (and anyway, it was playable).

    Anyway, I thought I’d lay out my experience with 16:10 for others in my position. I’m sorry if anything I wrote was unclear; I find it hard to articulate this kind of thing.

    Thanks for your work, Durante! Being able to play above 720p makes it much more enjoyable.

  3. Just wanted to chime in and verify that I’ve also been experiencing the issue where the game crashes when trying to access the Add-Ons menu (F at the title screen).

    Also experiencing the issue where the game crashes upon trying to enter the small shack (with the entrance to the tunnels) behind the art gallery in Chapter 12. This one is easy enough to remedy, since there is a save point on either side of the problem, though it does involve closing the game and disabling the mod only to turn around and have to do the same to re-enable it after passing into the tunnels.

    Other than that, my only issue is that [Alt] no longer pauses the game when playing in fullscreen mode for some reason so I ‘ve been playing in borderless window mode – this wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for the fact you more or less need that [Alt] key to speed up the atrocious loading times.

  4. Thanks for DPfix! Will you make it compatible with Nvidia Optimus cards? When I try using DPfix the game runs only with de HD Graphics card.

    • I’m aware of that issue, but it’s harder to circumvent than it was with Dark Souls. I’ll try to work something out, but it will probably take a while.

      In the meantime, you could always bug NV to fix it (since it’s really an Optimus issue).

  5. DPFix now makes my game crash when going into the addon menu (F on the title screen) and also when using the weather doll. They work fine if I play without it though.

  6. You think its possible to make the enemies invulnerable (still be able to stun with a few well placed shots) so that York has to avoid enemies rather than fight them? If it was possible to do that I think I would enjoy those “enemy” sections alot more than I do currently. Not sure what kind of other changes the game would need to allow that but I’m just throwing ideas around for different kinds of mods :P

    When you get around to a final version, I recommend adding it to modDB. Theres a section for the game on that site now.

  7. It happens with and without DPFix… My game is bugged, somehow… I isntalled the CCCP, updated my graphic card ( GT 440 ) and I’m still in trouble :\ in-game, it runs in 60fps, without any lag or bug… my only issue is with the cinematics :\

  8. I have a problem where if I alt-tab, I can’t enter back into the game. Is this a known issue?

    • It’s a known issue with the game. You can prevent it by playing in borderless windowed fullscreen mode (enable it in DPfix).

  9. It happens with and without DPFix… My game is bugged, somehow… I isntalled the CCCP, updated my graphic card ( GT 440 ) and I’m still in trouble :\ in-game, it runs in 60fps, without any lag or bug… my only issue is with the cinematics :\

  10. I have a problem during the cutscenes… Look how it look’s like : http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/9339/p8mh.jpg

    I tried everything, change resolution, all the configs inside DPFix.ini, but nothing solved my problem :\ what can I do to solve this?

    • set affinity to all processors or try update 1.01 game starts using only cpu 0 so dual cores and quad cores play videos at 10 to 25 fps and unwatchable

  11. Is there anything you have found regarding the choppiness of cut-scenes?

    The cinematics for me jump between 10-30 fps and it looks horrible. When I view the videos in wmp they run at a smooth 60 fps.

  12. Hi there!

    Finally got everything to work, including the gamepad solution. The only thing that bugs me now is that as soon as I enter the car and use it the braking-sound continues to loop over and over again until I exit the car. Is it something that you can look into perhaps since you’ve fixed everything else in an awesome fashion?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Audio is not really my field of expertise, and also I don’t actually have this bug, so I don’t think I can fix it.

    • Switch your audio to stereo from whatever else it is at the moment (Mine was 2.1, but 5.1 users had the same problem). It will fix the car noises and a bunch of other audio issues as well.

  13. How does ‘scaling up’ textures work? I just tested out an Agent York texture that’s twice as big as the vanilla one, but none of the textures were mapped to the correct parts of the model, so he was a garbled mess. Am I missing something here?

      • Thanks heaps, your work is much appreciated.

        The sooner we can upscale, the sooner we can get a photorealistic high definition 160mb texture for The Pickles.

  14. Also, I can’t reach Addon Menu now. Game crashes when I press F.
    My friend tried new DPfix and now it’s crashing for him too.
    Tried rebooting and 98mode — nothing. DPfix 05 does the same and only DPfix 03 works

  15. I’ve been a big fan since your initial DSfix, and was really excited to see you continue on to DP now.  I’m rendering at 3840×2160 and running 1920×1080, and it looks fantastic.  Was wondering if you might have plans to introduce an FPS limiter?  My Crossfired 7970′s do 100 FPS consistently but it forces the cards to 100% load and very high temps.  Would be great to have a way to  keep FPS down to about 60 to avoid the unnecessary loads.  Thanks for everything you’ve done!

    • I could add that, but why not just use V-sync? (You must be forcing it off in your driver, since the game does V-sync by default)

  16. https://mega.co.nz/#!h9p0RKYJ!ZT966izQdjhbegh0Pbt5gHHF1j5varXMVZlzpH2R7fg

    Here’s a texture for a book and files (most horrible textures)

    Files – http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/505821122989792775/A7F02B6E52C0DA099E2EF84AA090B98B58C3E8BB/

    I got only one problem with texture override.

    From distance it looks like this:  http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/505821122989794568/FDA8589424F6EAA9220A1BC277B921284ED6A9C5/

    I thought that’s because this texture is twice bigger, but original texture, saved as PNG does this:


    I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ll continue tomorrow.

    • I found the solution to this. You need to generate a .dds with mipmaps for all the textures which are used in 3D in the game if you want to resize them. Nvidia has a Photoshop plugin for generating DDS files with mipmaps, and there are also other tools.

      Here’s an example texture. (Note that if yo uhave both a .png and a .dds, DPfix will chose the png, so make sure to remove it)

  17. Can’t get the texture override to work. Placed the PNG files on tex_override folder, and changed enableTextureOverride 1 but i’m not getting the new button prompts.

    • They need to be the correct name, sadly abload renames them. It should just be the first 8 characters. (e.g. “96cad142.png” for the keys)

  18. enableTextureDumping 1 is now crashing my game instead (I deleted the old dpfix folder before installing 0.6. Only change in the new .ini is setting enableTextureDumping  to 1.



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