DSfix 2.1

This is a quick patch to fix compatibility with the latest version of Dark Souls released 2 days ago.


  • Made FPS unlocking compatible with the updated version of Dark Souls released 2 days ago (thanks boowoo90 for providing the updated addresses)
  • Added a configurable pause key (built for taking nice action screenshots. Don’t try to use online. May break stuff horribly)
  • Changed frame rate calculation to perhaps prevent rare 59 FPS issue when playing for a long time

Points 2 and 3 are things I implemented months ago, but which were not yet released.

Note: some graphical features (I noticed at least SSAO) are still affected/broken by the patch. I’ll release a followup later, but I didn’t want to delay the major fix for people who want to play now.

Download DSfix21

I’m hosting this directly on my blog again, in the hope that there are no longer that many people interested in downloading it so that bandwidth isn’t an issue. I think it’s more convenient for everyone than some download site. Oh, and you can of course still donate.

39 thoughts on “DSfix 2.1

  1. Yes, DINPUT8.dll, DSFix.ini, DSfixKeys.ini and the dsfix folder and all it’s contents. Is there something I am missing?

  2. As said before here, my friend has exactly the same problem!
    Are you on Windows 8 too?
    It looks like the problem comes from it

    • Yes I am on Windows 8. Another piece of information, first time I copied everything over I had forgoten to turn off AA in game and it worked but it was in a 800×600 window or something. I turned it off after that and I removed all the DSFix files, run the game, turned on AA, exited the game, went back in and turned it off again and then I copied the Fix files in again. Hasn’t worked since. Maybe I need to reinstall DS?

  3. Thank you for your hard work but unfortunately this is not working for me. This is the first version of DSFix I am using. I have the game installed through steam and even if I just copy the files in the data folder without changing a single thing in the ini file, the game crashes at loading. Weather I start a new game or load a save, the screen will display the loading tip as usual, then flicker and go black, then flicker and show the loading tip again and then I will get the “has stopped working” message. I changed the resolutions, enabled and disabled FPS unlock, turned off my secondary monitor, it will not load into the game no matter what. Any ideas? Thank you.

      • Yes, DINPUT8.dll, DSFix.ini, DSfixKeys.ini and the dsfix folder and all it’s contents. Is there something I am missing? I saw it was posted at the bottom for some reason sorry for the spam.

  4. I’m a bit new to this. Could anyone tell where to put these files, it would mean a lot to me

  5. Hey Durante, I’m having problems getting this working with the internal resolution I was using before the recent update to DS messed things up. I have already tried uninstalling the game completely, wiping everything and using the the most recent version of DSFix that you uploaded a week and a half ago.

    Anytime that I try to launch the game with an internal rendering resolution of 800×600 the game crashes at the menu (right as I see the “press start to play” come into view but before the Dark Souls logo appears above it).

    I narrowed it down to make sure that nothing else is the problem, it is indeed this that is causing it to crash. The FPS unlock causes no problem, nor the skip intro logos (these are the only two other things that I have changed from default)

    I tried a few other resolutions and it looks like 800×600 and anything below crashes the game. 1024×768 and above worked just fine. Anyone have any idea why this could be?

    My computer is ancient and I really need to be able to play at 800×600 (not just display res but the internal render res) to have smooth FPS (yeah it doesn’t look too hot but I bought this game for the gameplay anyways :P)

    Many thanks for any help!

  6. The author of DSFix didn’t create DSMFix so asking him to fix what isn’t his isn’t likely to achieve much.

  7. Hey Soul, I had a similar problem initially. After scouring the web for solutions, I found that the Data Execution Prevention settings that other people had also been having problems with in previous versions were still plaguing me with this new DSfix. However, unlike with other older versions of DSfix, the game seems to just not work out of Steam outright instead of just crashing at some point. Short answer – you may need to put the data.exe file in the exceptions list to get the frame unlocking to work. Once I did this I got the game to work with frame unlocking! Good luck!

    Reference: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/Change-Data-Execution-Prevention-settings?SignedIn=1


  8. I can’t use the DSMfix since the last DS update. This DSfix version did not help. Does anyone know when/if DSMfix will be updated?

  9. Durante, I’ve gotta thank you for doing such great work. You turned this game from an unplayable mess to the great game it should be.

    Your mod did work up until the most recent patch, and I stumbled across your blog just a today. I installed the new dsfix just like I did all the other versions. However, unlike the previous version where the window would come up and then tell me there was an error and it had to close, now the game just won’t open. It shows up in the task manager (both DarkSouls…exe and DATA.exe), and then disappear without a trace after 10 seconds. If I relock the framerate, the issue disappears. If you could provide me any hint as to how I can get past this, I’ll try to make it worth your while.

    • Are you sure you installed the latest version? I messed up a bit with the filenames and that could be confusing.

  10. Wow, thanks! I didn’t think an update for this would be released so fast and I was very happy to hear that it has. :) THANKS! I just didn’t want to deal with having compatibility issues with people that hadn’t rolled back.

  11. Good job man! Yep, some things are still broken like ssao and -imho- depth of field is weird too: background is far blurrier now than it previously was, using the same settings. Who knows if the 1.2 patch changed something with that or if it’s a dsfix problem. Another thing: the game crashes on startup using random settings like “dofOverrideResolution 0 + dofBlurAmount 1″ (I don’t know if it used to crash using these before).

  12. This stopped everything on my mouse with mousefix from working, except for scrolling the wheel. Back to 2.0.1 and it works again.

    Incidentally, any news on a working interface scaling without double boss and debuff bars?

    • I’m no longer working on the interface stuff, so unless someone else picks it up it will probably not be fixed.

  13. Thank you for new fix ^_^
    Hope you dont mind, but i already re-posted this entry on steam discutions for people to know.

  14. Beautiful. Thank you, Durante. I wasn’t expecting a fix this quickly :) Quick question! I wasn’t aware of this 59FPS issue (since I play at unlocked 30FPS). What is the issue exactly?

    • A few people had an issue where, if they set the frame limit to 60 with unlocked framerate and played the game for 5 hours or more, it would start limiting the framerate to 59 (which obviously causes stuttering on 60 Hz displays). This should be fixed now.

  15. Just a question: is this ONLY for the recently patched Steam version, or does it also work with the steam-less boxed version which didn’t receive the latest patch?

    • It will only work with the latest version. it shouldn’t be too hard to find a way for the mod to figure out which game version it is and work with both, but I haven’t done that so far.

  16. Thank you. Sincerely. This is the best mod released in all PC game history, and you work on it constantly.

    Keep it up. I will donate you when i start to earn money.

    Thank you again.

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