DSfix 2.2

As promised, I fixed the other problems introduced by the recent Dark Souls patch. In addition to that, I added a new, more accurate (but also slower) ambient occlusion (AO) option based on a shader contributed by Asmodean. Also, screenshots are now stored as PNG, which greatly reduces the space required to e.g store silly 4k resolution screenshots.

Full changelist:

  • Updated AA, SSAO and HUD-less screenshot functionality to be compatible with latest Dark Souls version
  • Screenshots are now stored as PNG
  • Reduced number of state changes with AA and SSAO enabled
  • Added “VSSAO2″ advanced AO option (based on a configuration contributed by Asmodean)

You can download DSfix22 here.
And if you want to, you can donate here – though I should mention that I’m not sure whether there will be a lot of additional DSfix development in the future at this point.

Furthermore, I’d like to address a few things that have come up:

  • The source code for the latest version of DSfix is always available at github
  • If you still have issues unlocking the frame rate, make sure that:
    1. You are running a DSfix version which matches your game version (e.g. DSfix 2.1 and 2.2 only work with the latest Steam version of DS)
    2. You have tried disabling windows Data Execution Prevention for Dark Souls
  • I am not the author of DSMfix, so I can’t help you with making it compatible with the latest Dark Souls version, sorry.
  • If you use the FPS unlock, you need to use some other method to achieve Vsync. Options include your graphics card’s control panel, D3DOverrider, or simply running Dark Souls in borderless windowed fullscreen mode using DSfix.

Oh, and thanks to those who wished me good luck in the comments a week or so ago! I’m now a PhD! :D

61 thoughts on “DSfix 2.2

  1. and…fps unlock worked on DS PtDE Beta 2014/12/15 -dsptde-2.0-
    (steamworks only version)

    Address for FPS.cpp(DSfix2.2)

    #define ADDR_TS        0x011E4D70
    #define ADDR_PRESINT   0x00FFA15E
    #define ADDR_GETCMD    0x00BAC3DD

    and no longer required GFWLCompatibility.lib
    thanks for your great works

  2. Address for FPS.cpp(DSfix2.2)

    #define ADDR_TS                 0x01245EF0

    #define ADDR_PRESINT    0x0102605E

    #define ADDR_GETCMD    0x00BD5ABD

    for DS PtDE 2014/12/15 public update version.

    not for Beta Release dsptde-2.0-.


    sorry, I’m not good at English.

  3. Durante, hello! First sorry for my bad english.

    Thank  you for DSfix!

    I have almost the same computer as me.(i5, GTX 770) I’ve been picking the best settings for displaying images in DaS1 and found the perfect ! I saw that you use render in 1440 and I think it is worse than the 1080 and especially in 2160 , because x1.5 very bad influence on smoothing than x1 or x2. Since 2160 I turn off AA and get a very high quality , and most importantly a smooth picture with 60 FPS ! Then I Nvidia settings exhibited Vsinks -one and get a gorgeous picture : flatness , smoothness , very high-quality textures .Use : renderWidth 3840renderHeight 2160presentWidth 1920presentHeight 1080aaQuality 0aaType SMAAssaoStrength 0ssaoScale 1ssaoType VSSAOdofOverrideResolution 1080disableDofScaling 0dofBlurAmount 0unlockFPS 1FPSlimit 60FPSthreshold 28filteringOverride 0enableHudMod 0enableMinimalHud 1hudScaleFactor 0.75disableCursor 1captureCursor 0enableTextureDumping 0enableTextureOverride 1skipIntro 1screenshotDir.overrideLanguage none.

    I wrote this to you all because in his fix for Dark Souls 2 used to render 2160, because this is best for monitor 1920×1080!

  4. Hello.

    I wanted to build DSFix under VS2013 and replace MS Detours with MinHook, but i canot compile code because of GFWLCompatibility.lib. Libary was created with /LTCG flag so it do not contain generated code and it cannot be linked on different compiler.  Can you rebuild this library without LTCG so it can be linked on any compiler ?

  5. Hi, I just wanna say thank you here.

    It’s a great game, but From Software really made it  disrespect to PC users.

    And you save it.

    Great job~

  6. Great work on DSfix, and congratulations on your PHd!

    I hope you get the bug to ‘go at’ the PC version of DS2 and aim for the lighting effects we saw before release :-)

    Seems from Gamespots coverage the frame rate and resolution is fine but the textures and lighting are no better than PS3 :-(

  7. Hello sir, I’ve been enjoying your DSFix patch since day one so thanks again for developing it!

    I have a question relating to Steam’s new in-home streaming function, which is part of their new beta. It allows you to stream a game from your gaming pc to another one so you can play on a bigger screen etc. A few people have tried that with dark souls but found that it results (if it works) in an unplayable frame rate and a number of glitches. I’m assuming that’s because everyone is running DSfix and it does something to the way the game is displayed so that Steam can’t stream it properly. Obviously you never built it for that purpose but I was just wondering if you know whether there is a way to stream it properly with DSfix running, or if it would only ever work with vanilla? There’s a thread on it here:


  8. I have tried it, it doesn’t work. The artificial upper limit is mentioned in the config file as well (I think it’s 20?).

  9. Any chance of a version that buffs the maximum number of backup saves to 100, instead of 10?


    Also I don’t know if it is just me but the reply box has a good chance of not loading properly (It loads but clicking anywhere to enter text won’t work, you can always enter name, email & website but often not in the text box beneath them)

    Heck, right now I’m typing text on a gray background, at the bottom is a horizontal bar of white with “Path: p” without quotes on the left side…

    I use the latest 32bit Mozilla Firefox under Windows 7 x64. I use Adblock+ and Anti-Adblock plugins amongst other plugins that are very unlikely to be the cause.

  10. # internal rendering resolution of the game
    # higher values will decrease performance
    renderWidth 1600
    renderHeight 900

    works for me, but this one doesn’t

    # internal rendering resolution of the game

    # higher values will decrease performance

    renderWidth 1920
    renderHeight 1080


    Can you tell me why is that?

  11. Dearest peter, thank you so much for this mod, but ever since the last patch I absolutely cannot start the game with DSFix enabled, even the newest version — it loads save data just fine, but then freezes in the middle of fading in the “PRESS START BUTTON” title card.

    I’ve tried using the .ini with zero changes, I’ve tried disabling absolutely everything:
    data execution prevention – off
    in-game AA – off
    FPS unlock – off
    dsfix AA – off
    intro skip – off
    HUD mod – off

    Nothing. Apart from the intro skip just making it crash even earlier, it freezes at the same point evry tiem: http://imgur.com/wGnwV6a

    I know you’ll be stopping support for this mod soon, and I’d truly hate to be relegated to ps3 ;_;
    Any help would be wonderful.

  12. Guys, please help me out here.

    I don’t know if this have anything to do with the mods, but my DS is not working on multiplayer anymore after the last patch!

    No invasions, no fog walls, no coop!

    I tried re-installing the game, disabling windows firewall, checked if ports are opened in the router.

    Has any of you experienced this and managed to fix it? It was working perfectly before the patch…

    Thanks for the help

  13. I know these solutions but they are silly as you said, its really sad that you can’t play 60fps on a PC version (Blame on the developers)

  14. Still having the issue with the bonfire …. after unhollow I stuck at the bonfire

    this is happening only after unlocking fps to 60fps

    • This is a known issue with the FPS unlock, you can circumvent it either by locking the framerate to 30 at bonfires or by entering a different menu before exiting (I know that sounds silly but it works).

    • This problem.

      “I just tried launching the game with the .ini that comes with the .zip without changing anything. It worked like a charm. FPS Unlock to 1 and boom, doesn’t launch.”

  15. A fancy doctor now? Why not Zoidberg!

    Thanks a lot for fixing this for the new patch! Your dedication is MUCH appreciated!


    Your pal,

    Sun Bro Cormorrant

  16. Surprised and happy to see Asmodean’s SSAO implementation integrated into DSfix. I’ve been using a modified version of it ever since I saw his post on NeoGAF (which some others acted like trolls in response to because of the image format) and have been meaning to try his revised version too, but I’ve yet to play the game again. Now that it’s included in dsfix, I don’t have to swap files anymore, yay! Hopefully everyone else enjoys it as well.

  17. Gratulation zum Doktor und vielen Dank für den DSFix.Nachdem ich ihn schon seit dem Release nutze und in der Zwischenzeit selbst C++ für mich entdeckt habe (Danke für den Source), musste ich an dieser Stelle mal meinen Dank aussprechen.

    Grüße aus Linz, A.

  18. Hey Durante, I’ve been noticing for quite a while now that setting the FPS Unlocker to a value of 1 and the FPS to 30 (Or 60 or whatever you desire) resolves numerous situations in the game where it would’ve otherwise stuttered quite badly if the FPS Unlocker isn’t used.


    Any ideas why your tweak has this kind of impact? I’m just curious. I’ve been assuming From Software is using an abysmal vsync implementation or frame rate limiter that your code overrides/replaces.

  19. Hello Durante, don’t know if anyone told you, but it seems Anti-Aliasing is only working when unlockFPS is set to 1.

    The thing is, since I don’t get a smooth 60 fps all the time, I prefer playing with unlockFPS set to 0, since it avoids problems like the colision detection while sliding ladders and also avoid getting banned from GFWL…

    If I had any coding experience I would look into the source code, but unfortunately I don’t, so I would like to ask if you have any intentions of looking into this?

    As usual, a big thank you for your awesome work!


    • I’ll look into this, for now you could try to just set unlockFPS to 1 but set the FPS limit to 30. This should do what you want.

      • My fear is that if I set unlockFPS to 1, even if the limit is set to 30 fps, I might get banned from GFWL…
        Anyways I’m really glad that you’ll look into this, and I also forgot to mention on the previous post: congratulations on your PhD! :-)

        • Your ‘fear’ will never happen, like it’s never happened to anyone playing since the FPS unlocker first surfaced as a standalone mod.

          ..Not to mention GFWL is going to be shutdown; yet another reason to not worry about it.

  20. Are you able to implement support for the very recently released HBAO+ ambient occlusion technology from Nvidia?

    Will you implement said support if it is possible/feasible and release the update?


    Or do you think it is too much work for you to bother with? Which is fine, the software is still extremely awesome as is.

  21. wow…60 fps never worked for me before..i was moving in slo mo,but with this update is runs great…and i noticed some improvements in performance.thanks durante! and by the way..does dscfix work with this?

  22. Maybe it would be easier to create a static camera. The camera in a place, but with the figure should be moved. Dark Souls is a ideal game for great shots.

  23. Congrats on the PhD!  And thanks a ton for the updates.  I’m happy to (finally) donate a little bit.  Hope you find the time the work on DSfix more in the future, but considering the amount of work you already put in I’ve got no complaints at all!

  24. Congrats on the PhD! Crazy that you could balance a doctorate program and DSFix. Thanks for the hard work as always.

  25. Actually I forgot to mention unlocking the FPS fixes it.
    Well, I’ll just hold out and hope for a fix one day. ;___;


    If you do decide that it’s worth looking into, you’re welcome to hit me up and I’ll do my best to assist and give what information I can (oh god please it’s awful).

    I guess I could fiddle with unlocking the fps, but every time I’ve tried I have issues with resting at bonfires forcing me to alt+f4. Meh.

    Here’s some discussion on it.


  26. Hey – I don’t think I’m the only one here (some cursory googling) but I’ve found that skipintros doesn’t work.

    I’m on windows 8, but haven’t played since the recent patches so I can’t be sure if it was the upgrade to 8 that broke it or the patch.

    Either way, just wondering if you’re aware of the bug / planning to change it? Never realised just how frustrating the menu screen is without it.

    Basically everything is black for a while (presumably where the videos would be playing), then it plays the last one (havok or something).

    Cheers, thanks for keeping this great mod alive.

    • Must be Windows 8, it works perfectly for me. (Believe me, it would be the first thing I’d fix if it ever broke for me, I need to start the game a billion times for testing ;))

    • ..never mind, I just tried launching the game with the .ini that comes with the .zip without changing anything. It worked like a charm. FPS Unlock to 1 and boom, doesn’t launch.

  27. thank you for another update.  Please is possible add rotating camera during pause? For nice screenshots…

    • I wish I could. I’ve been trying to get a free cam going for a few weeks, but it’s really hard (particularly due to the way the engine culls objects). If anyone has any pointers (harhar) I’d appreciate it.

  28. wow man you have really outdone yourself this time. incredible.


    I’m running everything @ full blast on my alienware m14r2 laptop @ native res (1600×900), ultra AA, VSSAO2, the works. looks incredible, and i’m STILL getting a rock solid 28-32 fps with framelock & triple buffering on!


    seriously…blows me away how good the game looks now…

  29. Thanks for creating this patch and congratulations on your PhD! Good luck for your future!

  30. By the way, I forgot to mention:

    Thank you so much for DSFix, and congratulations on you PhD! You’re work saved this game, and you represent everything I love about PC Gaming!

    I’ll be sure to donate once I have expendable money, my 200+ hours of Dark Souls are all thanks to you!

  31. This seems to have broken the HUD mods. I can’t get the minimalist HUD working, nor can I get the HUD transparency to show.

    • That wouldn’t surprise me, I haven’t tested the HUD stuff in a long time. I’ll try to find some time tomorrow to check it.

  32. Hey, I just downloaded Dark Souls on my new computer and installed DSfix 2.2.


    The game won’t launch if I have FPS unlock enabled. I can see the .exe in Task Manager for a couple of seconds and then it disappears. If I have it disabled the game runs just fine. I have disabled DEP for DATA.exe and all.


    Does VSync have something to do with this?

    • No, VSync can’t have anything to do with that. Are you sure you are running the latest Dark Souls version from Steam?

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