DSfix source release

I just put DSfix up on github.

It’s not nearly as cleaned up as I wanted it to be, but I thought it’s time to put it out there and see what people come up with. Have fun!

Please try to only use the comments on this blog post for development related questions!

Here’s the developer readme:

And here’s my current TODO file:
(I’ve been keeping this since 0.8 or so, lines starting with // are done)


152 thoughts on “DSfix source release

  1. theres a way to make a mod to that does a 30 fps more stable. or this game needs more than a gtx460 and a 4 core?

    • You know…. For Dark Souls…. GPU is almost irrelevant. CPU is alpha and omega.
      If one of these days, somebody rewrite major parts to use GPU instead off CPU, then perhaps… we could see some major speedups for those of you with older CPUs.

  2. To end the discussion here I just made a small update to the mod:

    This version contains the render priority modification, which wasn’t in the previous one despite what was said in the readme. The code is also slightly improved, which may enable the mod to work on some systems were it didn’t (by “work” I mean “not crash”).

    It will take an unspecified amount of time to improve or add features over the current state of the mod, as it basically requires rewriting parts of the game engine, which is extremely time consuming, so do not expect a new version soon. (But that doesn’t mean that a major breakthrough won’t happen some day.)

    • Nope, the pirated version has too many stealth viruses in it that steal your credit card information and can’t be detected by any anti-virus programs.

      Because of these viruses, it is impossible to run at higher than 30 fps even with the patch.

    • Works with pirated/non legit version of the game. Dsfix and the 60fps mod,both work perfect. Save backups still doesnt work on a legit steam copy.

      • Thanks for reply! It is odd but i have the problem otherwise that means that back-ups works fine and the rest features of dsfix mod as well, but after copying 60fps mod files it crashes the game at the very “start” menu.

  3. It’s sad how everyone is talking about that 60fps patch that is not even Durante’s creation, instead of talking about the source code and the dsfix possible bugfixes…I’m sure Petert would be happier if we can talk about it.

    • is a separate page for source code release comments. how sad you don’t see that 60fps + Dsfix collaboration is exactly what this game needs, so help or shut up.

      • you don’t really need to be a dick, I just showed my personal idea. And nobody here is really helping except maybe 3-4 persons for whom Petert already showed his appreciation. amen

  4. save game backups still does not work on my steam copy of the game.works offline on a non legit copy.

    any help?

  5. Boy oh boy oh boy!

    I was thinking what am I gonna do until Torchlight releases, and here you are with the answer. :3

    Now to see how exactly you did your magic and investigate if I can do something similar with the sound.

  6. mine is working without a crash. used the gfwl protector disabler, downloded dsound.dll and together i can run at 60 fps. played for two hours and i got no crashes, went about everywhere except undead burg.

    i put the files i used here to download if you want.


    • Works for me as well, simply with those files your have there.
      Weird thing is, I still logged into gfwl just as I would normally, but the game then clearly an in 60fps.

    • yep, and if I only use the three files from that archive you supplied there, it does run in 60fps and ONLINE.

    • My savegame is not accessible if I use the FPS mod, due to windows live not being available.

      • I’m using ONLY the files from this media fire link, not the xlive.dll from the original mod package.

      • yes, just use these files i put here . it doestnt use xlive.dll which disables gfwl, it uses the asi dsound gfwl portector disabler which allows the game to use gfwl at 60 fps, i added a read me to it.


        enjoy dark souls

        credit to master durante and everyone else putting in the effort


          • You obviously failed to read or understand the post where he explained the way framerate works in this engine. Try again.

    • figured i’d try running on the DSfix 1.4 before reverting back to recommended version 1.1. seems to be working perfectly fine.
      differences i’ve noticed are Havok title page displays now and i see slight screen tearing. game seems a little smoother but i wouldn’t notice the difference if i wasn’t looking for it. could this be because it’s only partially working since i’m using later than DSfix 1.1?
      in Lost Iliath when testing and there’s lots of particles floating around but i’m definitely seeing less slowdown than yesterday when playing without this mod, no slowdown now actually.

      phenomII 955 (4.2GHz) / 1GB 6870 (950MHz/1200MHz) / 4GB DDR3 1600 / 60Hz Display
      renderWidth 2560
      renderHeight 1440
      smaaQuality 3
      ssaoStrength 3
      dofOverrideResolution 810
      disableDofScaling 0
      dofBlurAmount 2

      • have no problems caused by using this 60fps mod. but i’m not seeing the huge difference others are claiming. guess i’ll try the DSfix v1.1 with it tomorrow and see if it changes anything. correction: in Lost Izalith when using, not Iliath. was noticing slight frame drops with all the embers floating around in the air but not seeing it after using the 60fps mod. just coincidence?

      • The DoF box change seems to have the most impact for me (gtx570 and same CPU as you). If I leave dof at 0, I get solid 30 FPS, except blighttown, and some fog gates.

        You might also find that you don’t need to supersample with SMAA on, so either have SMAA at 4, and res at native, or res supersampling and SMAA at 0.

        • doesn’t effect perfromance for me.

          i’m not commenting on the frame drops, that’s old news and was never much of a problem for me. i’m commenting on the 60FPS MOD. am speaking about the huge difference with it on some have claimed, not seeing it. just slightly smoother with it on.

  7. 60fps mod look like dont work for me!!
    the framerate was increase but everything turns to slowmotion

    can anyone fix this problem?? pls help, thanks
    (im used DSFix1.4 with A4-3400 oc 1.8GHz, 8Gb Ram and Radeon HD6520g)

      • but i play game in windows mode 1024×576 is it not good enough??

        and i try to enable high performance to turn on crossfire (HD6720g2) and it was the same.

        my laptop can play crysis with high setting and other game that i think it run my processer more than this.

        im not sure it has any problem or cuz my laptop isnt good enough.

        pls answer me again and thanks for your help.

        (normaly i like to play in windows mode and i got stable 15fps in power saving mode and 30 fps in high performance mode for this game it ok for me but if i can improve it will be a good choice)

        • has nothing to do with what “mode” you use. your cpu’s pretty slow and you have a low-end gpu. no offense meant, you just don’t have the hardware needed for this particular mod option. as far as i remember reading that setup has a 6520 on APU plus a 6650 card. both are low-end so together you got a half-decent gaming laptop.

  8. Is it possible to implement an in-game map layout/compass or anything similar as that to better improve gameplay?

  9. Heh, I honestly didn’t think 60fps was all that big a deal, until I actually played with it.

    Wow. Let’s hear it for the glorious PC gaming master race :-P

  10. Amazing, thanks!

    Quick question: Would DSFix interfere with Dxtory at all? Dxtory doesn’t seem to work.

  11. Is it possible to optimize DS to be running better with the 60fps mode or is it totally a matter of hardware?

      • is it possible to remove things like the ugly “fog” when u sit at a fire? fps always takes a big hit on occasions like that, some game effects aren’t optimized at all like when u also stab someone, I don’t know why.. the game is pretty smooth otherwise even with 60fps mod and dsfix..

  12. How are we, the fans, going to be able to always going to download the newest build? The same way as usual with you, Peter, distributing it?

    How about setting up a build bot that cranks out a new build every time someone modifies it in github? An example would be here http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/ it keeps watch for changes on the SVN then creates a new build accordingly and makes it available for download as a fully compiled file of awesome.

    Just an idea. :)

  13. Petert/Durante is it possible to centralize the mods? If i change your code to add something and would benefit everyone where do i upload this??

    • Petert wrote in the Devreadme that we should write to him when we start on a task and then do a pull request to him when it’s done. He’ll handle releases when enough worthwhile changes has been added.

    • You can just send me a patch or pull request. Also, if you want to continue contributing, I can give you commit rights to the repository.

  14. don’t know about unblocking the 60 fps…game runs ok at 30 but hey..that’s my opinion.what i would like to see is the mini-hud bug free…i played the game with it enabled and it’s 100 times better.the game doesn’t look like it was made in the 90′s.
    thank you again durante and all the other folk that are working for the sake of better gaming.

  15. THANK YOU! I know nothing about C++ (been teaching my self C# for a while) so this should be a nice way to get stuck in and find out what it’s all about :)

  16. I just got it to work great on my E6600 running at 3.5 ghz! This little processor is doing quite well with a bit of water cooling, though I do think 60 FPS would kill my 6 year old processor…

  17. 60 fps fix work with dsfix 1.4 for me, disabled HUD stuff but using smaa and ssao.

    Running at 2560×1440 downscaled to 1080p.
    dof on 1080 with dof blur on 2.
    smaa on medium
    ssao on high
    I’ve got a 3770k at 4.7 and an ati 7970, cant sustain 60 fps with these settings but sits pretty close most of the time.

  18. Hi Durante, will we be able to become developers on your repository so we can push/pull, or at least make some branches? I like to leave pull requests open while developing so that others can check my progress and any time and let me know if I’m doing something completely stupid (or on occasion, completely awesome! hahaha, a rare occasion)

    • Absolutely, as soon as you show that you can contribute something useful. (I hope you understand that I can’t just hand out developer access on request immediately ;))

      • Of course :) No worries, I’ll look into one or two of the fixes in the next week or so hopefully!

  19. omg, it freaking works. i am on dsfix 1.4 and its working fine so far. i wont use it cause i wont lost my save but my god.

    • wtf, i got it working with gfwl and everything.

      i alt tabbed and it crashed, but man, that was awesome.

  20. Wow Dark Souls at 60fps is crazy. It’s like watching a movie with smooth motion on, a totally different experience. Not sure if it’s better, I mean it’s definitely smoother and better in a lot of ways but it seems odd. I was able to start a new character, and speed run up to the Hellkite Dragon’s bridge. With an i5 clocked at 4.5ghz, 16gb of ram and a Geforce GTX260 it ran pretty smoothly most of the time, some effects slowed things down a bit but overall not bad. I eagerly await more progress and will have to decide down the road how I fully feel about the Butter Souls experience.

    • 60 FPS is way better. Sometimes we just get used to the shackles that keep us down. You miss the old, terrible way. But soon, everyone will understand how awesome 60 FPS is.

      • I disagree, 60fps for some games feels better but for this game it feels weird to me. To each their own…

        • I agree with Mac.

          At first I was also infatuated with the idea of having 60 FPS unlock for this game, but when I tried it I realized running this particular game that smooth actually feels like it… I dunno… just immediately kills a good deal of the immersion that somehow 30fps lends itself too.

          That said, I am a PC gamer with a 120Hz monitor, so please know this opinion is not from some n00b that can’t tell 60fps from Gumby (‘stop-motion’).

          Most games drastically benefit from 60-120 FPS (Shooters pretty much REQUIRE higher framerates), but the jump in frame rate for Dark Souls I feel hinders the experience.

    • What’s the symptoms?
      If it just runs at 30fps, then the mod is working but you are limited by your hardware.

  21. This might help people trying to build Detours on a 64 bit machine:

    Things to do if having trouble building dsfix:
    1. Add include paths for Detours and DirectX SDK
    2. Add lib paths for Detours and DirectX SDK
    3. Correct post-build event

    Here is how my settings look:

    I just succesfully added individual scaling of HUD elements. It makes it a bit difficult if you just want to change it globally though, as you’d have to change all 4 variables. Trying to think of a better way to set it.

    • Have a function for setting the default and then one function for each HUD element. If individual HUD scaling isn’t set then use default. Haven’t looked at the source myself so don’t know if this suggestion is applicable but you never know.

  22. I wish FromSoft were really more community-friendly, I mean, they hear players, but most of the time, they just ignore some small complains of players that are reasonable and easy to solve but hey just don’t care to do it.

    In a perfect world, FromSoftware would gift you $100, include your DSFix, modded by them to work perfectly with the game, in an optional patch; and then give you credit for you contribution to Dark Souls and to the Community.

    • In a more geeky perfect world they would name a NPC after you for you efforts in the next Souls game.

    • Not every company is kickstarter esque companies. Dont start using donations and shit as an expectation from indie devs. Thats putting them on a certain precedent and that isnt really fair when they want to release their game, if they ever do.

      From Software just wont put their foot down with Bamco like CD Projekt has.

  23. I for one have no clue what the hell I am looking at…. How I wish I as smart as you. :(

    Thank you for all the hard work. You have probably spend more time modding this game than I have playing this game. Look forward to your future update. At the same time, let’s hope the smart one in the community will put your source to good use and lessen your load.

  24. I’ve put together a release of the “60fps mod” here: http://www.mediafire.com/?lv71uu81tozzk8x
    Please read the README. The mod will surely break everything for everyone but feel free to give some feedback.

    Durante, I’ll send you the source with a description of my understandings of the engine. I can provide you a detailed description with offsets, if you are comfortable with a disassembler.
    (Concerning GFWL, my version of the mod is “compatible” with online capabilities but let’s not get into that…)

    Dabura667, I was like you before. Basically the game uses two independent and asynchronous threads:
    - An animation engine running at a fixed delta-t (1/30fps)
    It performs animation interpolation and controls the overall game speed.
    - A rendering engine. It runs at 30fps w/ vsync, 15fps w/ vsync, or anywhere below 15fps wo/ vsync.

    At 30fps, the rendering engine renders all frames (jobs) computed by the animation engine. Below 30fps, it simply drops one frame out of two.
    “Unlocking” the rendering engine causes indeed the game to run faster, as frames computed with a delta-t of 1/30 would be displayed at a rate of 60fps, for example.

    So the animation engine’s delta-t must be set accordingly to the maximum frame-rate, and then it’s only a matter of frame-rate division (only 1/1 and 1/2 are possible in the game, which is okay for 30fps but I’ll work on other rates for higer FPS).

      • I dont mean to triple post, but I was able to get a 10 second glimpse of the 60fps render. Wow, its a major difference and now I see why its rendered in 30, or maybe just the fact that I’m used to one or the other, but the game decided to crash after I tried to attack something. Even though, keep up the good work man, that is awesome.

    • I tested it with the vanilla, non-DSfix version of Dark Souls on my i7 920 @ 3.6ghz, 12gb RAM, GTX 670 specced machine and I can confirm that it (sorta) works. In the Undead Asylum, most areas run at a fixed 60FPS, without any speedup in animations. The framerate drops to 30FPS occasionally and sometimes 15FPS too. So it is obviously unoptimised and in need of a lot of work, but yes… the potential is certainly there!

    • I like that you are trying to tackle the most controversial aspect of the whole game lol. If it will actually work once stable and be possible to be bundled with the dsfix then you two chaps could effectively have given the PC community everything they wanted single handed.

    • So lets say I chain your directx wrapper with the one from durante’s, his is priority over yours? so DSfix can load then the other dll’s for the 60fps? Everytime I add your wrapper to dsfix, load game, it crashes.

    • If you were able to get it to work with dsfix, post which version and the exact settings, DOF res, disable cursor, etc. All that stuff. Anything could be causing incompatibility and I just want to rule all that out.

      • im using it with 1.1. i have smaa on 3, ssao 2, internal res of 1920×1200, dof 600, dof scaling 0, dof blur 1. the only other option i use is skip intro, which is only half working with this setup (it skips the namco/bandai logo, shows the from logo for a second, and the full havok logo).

        im using a 3930k@4.2, 32 gigs of 2133 and a 680 top and i get a near constant 60 fps. there are times when it drops a bit, but it comes right back up. i have only tested in the areas around andrei the blacksmith (darkroot, sens fortress, undead parish) so far.

      • It should work with DSfix v0.8 (because it is no longer a d3d9 proxy) up to v1.2 (because the hud stuff of v1.3 and up seems to cause incompatibility).
        Do not try to add it in DSfix’s config as it is not a dinput proxy dll, as its name implies (what a silly idea!).

        Regarding performance, the mod itself doesn’t do anything except telling the game engine to perform twice as fast (thus increasing the CPU load twofold, of course).
        It’s not really comparable to DSfix, on which you can control the increase in (GPU) load by adjusting the resolution or the strength of MSAA etc.
        Performances, as they are, are entirely inherent to the engine itself and increasing it may be impossible.

        • Well then if it isnt a dinput proxy, then how do I use both? I just thought I would try it because, I wasnt sure how to use both

          Like lets say with ENB it says
          (here you tell it what extra dll you want to chain)

          I’m not very smart with stuff like this, but how do you set up dsfix to work with the new d3d9.dll

          • Alex: I don’t think when Durante asked for this comment thread to focus on posts concerning development of dsfix he meant someone like you should litter this thread with neophyte nonsense. Quit bothering the actual developers here.

    • First step to 60 fps Well it works on AMD FX 8150 + HD 7770, but not in 1920 x 1080 (30 fps). In windowed mode 1280 x 720 i’ve got 60 fps. CPU usage looks the same – max 4 cores, 10 to 20% of CPU use…

      double post, sorry

      • By “increasing the CPU load twofold” I meant “increasing the load of the render thread twofold”.
        The render thread is almost always busy and it will (may?) always use one full core, regardless of the amount of work done.

    • I tried your mod, and on while sliding down the ladder between the dragon on the bridge in the Undead Burg, and the boar in Undead Parish, when I landed on the floor (where all the rats are), I started falling right through the map. It seemed like with the 60fps mod enabled, after landing a ladder slide, it starts doing another animation and then suddenly begins falling beneath the level.
      image: http://imgur.com/aEPdg

        • Yeah, it happened 4/4 times I tried it. It only does it when I activate the sliding animation. Climbing down works fine. When I remove the d3d9.dll, no such bug occurs.

        • i can confirm that the ladder going up to undead parish has this problem every time i slide down it using the 60 fps mod. its the only one that i have encountered so far.

    • OMG ! I love you and I hate you too :( I love you because 60fps is just facking awesome but I hate you because now I saw 60fps, I don’t want to go back to my saved game with a stuck 30fps :(

      The game is not running faster, it’s just smooth as hell and the comfort increases insanely.

      Thank you for this ! I’m waiting for the next improvements :)

      • Being spoiled by the 60FPS and having to adapt to the default 30 after is what is keeping me away from this hack. Will wait for a few revision more till it gets more mature and/or integrated into dsfix.

    • Works 33% of the time on an AMD 3870K CPU with a AMD 6670 (Primary card and not dual graphics mode) on 1280×720 internal and actual full screen resolution. Seems odd but the HUD (HP bar) is rather fast on it’s animations but I like it that way. This breaks the Skip Logo partially from DSfix 1.2 which might be something you guys need to know. No other issues so far but I’ll continue to look for other issues I might find regarding this mod.

    • I think I discovered a major drawback to this. Perhaps you could call it a bug. It would seem that altering the frame rate shortens the distance of a roll or sprinting jump.

      For example, in the Undead Burg when you have to do a sprinting jump from the rooftop to get into the adjacent building to acquire a Light Crossbow it took me several tries because I just kept coming up short barely where as without the 60FPS dll I make the jump with plenty of room to spare.

      Can anyone else please verify what I am talking about so that maybe I’m not going nuts? :o

        • Yep same problem here. I always have to quit and go back to 30 fps to make the jump to crestfallen merchant in sen’s fortress. Same goes for the “shortcut” jump from undead burg to lower undead burg.

          Oh and also the ramp after the giant rat in the depths sometimes does strange things. I actually had an invader slide right behind me when I suddenly stopped mid-slide and he fell straight into the lower levels :)

    • Any way to change the inject method so it doesn’t use d3d9.dll? I’ve tried renaming it to something else (nkds.dll) and attempting to have dsfix call it, but that immediately crashes the game on startup.

      The reason I ask is because I use Xfire (xfire.com) and its overlay isn’t compatible with injectors that use d3d9.dll (unlike Steam’s). Was a blessing when dsfix changed from being a d3d9 injector to a dinput8 injector, but now I’m forced to disable it again if I want to use this 60 FPS mod, which I reeeally do, but meh.

    • I cannot express my absolute love and adoration for your efforts! Playing Dark Souls at 60 FPS makes it so much nicer and truly brings this version up to proper PC standards, which is such a massive service for all players.

      I just tried the mod and on my i2500k 4.2Ghz with nVidia Geforce 480, I get mostly 60 FPS except when first entering areas. But also, I do notice certain elements do have timing issues and move too fast. For instance, Estus Flasks cause your health to refill way too fast. And fighting some Drakes, their electric breath attack does seem to play too fast.

      And there is the issue of crashing after 10 minutes. :) Anyway, I sincerely hope you continue working on this. Here’s hoping there aren’t any hard-coded collission/timing issues. Thank you SO MUCH for your efforts!

      • Yeah the eyes of the hollows in firelink shrine. Instead of slowly fading in and out they blink on and off, it’s sort of hilarious.

    • I’ve got it working with dsfix 1.1 for about 30 seconds before it decides to crash. I read through the readme for an e-mail or something but couldn’t find one.

      I want to help in any way I can.

    • this is really cool, running 60fps at 1080p (just did a quick test with a new save, didnt feel like messing with gfwl)

      4k however sticks at 30 fps. I havnt tried anything in between yet

      5ghz i5
      DCUII TOP 680

    • works more or less great, however the splash screen skip doesnt seem to be entirely working. i’m getting about ~30 fps in blighttown whenever i am not facing a wall. i am using a gtx 560 ti and i5 2500k, this was also with SMAA and SSAO set to 0, make of that what you will.

  25. Hey Durante, congratulations on hitting your open-source milestone! I love what you’ve done with mod so far and I can’t wait to see where this project will go now that other heads will be going over too. Seriously man best PC game mod all year.

  26. Great job and many thanks for opening the sources, Durante.

    Here’s the deal about the frame-rate cap: it is very easy to change it and make the game run properly at 60fps (or above) by tweaking some internal stuff.
    - It requires modifying the .exe at runtime and obviously doesn’t play nice with GFWL protection. You can still use a dummy xlive.dll to play offline with saves.
    - It breaks DSfix above v1.1 (only HUD is displayed).
    - The render engine is so slow that you will need a high-end CPU to get to 60fps at stock resolution, let alone at 1920×1080 or above. (I hope to get a may to multi-thread it.)
    - The game will slow down below 30fps (instead of 15). This is easily fixed by rewriting the frame-rate divider function.

    That said I can post it somewhere if some people feel adventurous…
    (I was not able to get an account on NeoGAF, which is sad.)

    • Can you send me an email with explanations or the source code? Or ideally both? If I can reverse engineer which methods they are using to keep track of time for the FPS limit, and at what point in the engine, I *may* be able to do something about the FPS limit without breaking live compatibility.

      Before people get their hopes up though, that’s a big “may”, it will take a lot of time, and even if it works out you’ll need a very high end machine to take advantage of it.

      • Oh wow. I’d love to do “tests” once you release it, even if it breaks GFWL.

        I have a i7 with a 570HD, I can already run the game at
        3840 x 2160
        and back buffer res at 1080, with no fps drops, stable 30fps even at heaviest of scenes.

        If that helps.

        • Yeah it’d be interesting just to see how it plays at 60fps, properly.

          30 isn’t a problem thou in this game and it’s even nice to have a “low fps cap” so we can maximize quality. (in gw2 on the other hand, I can’t stand anything but a steady 60). I’m just curious to see it running at 60.

      • I could not give a flying poop about gfwl working or not, especially after beating the game. I would love to see where this goes.

      • Totally awesome news that progress is being made on 60 FPS. Absolutely awesome news. 60 FPS would make this game so perfect. Thanks again for everything.

    • Not sure how that’s possible. I know for a fact that all the animations in the game package are 30FPS and the game is programmed to slow down time when the frames slow down below 30fps… thus causing the original unlock = super fast mode…

      I would be interested in hearing a rough explanation of how it manages to increase the FPS cap (or remove it?) and yet maintain a time speed that is equivalent to the 30FPS experience of Dark Souls…

      • The animations running at 30fps doesnt mean the game has to. Animations don’t necessarily mean render speed for the entire game as a whole. Then the game will basically be pre- rendered if that was the case.

    • First step to 60 fps :) Well it works on AMD FX 8150 + HD 7770, but not in 1920 x 1080 (30 fps). In windowed mode 1280 x 720 i’ve got 60 fps. CPU usage looks the same – max 4 cores, 10 to 20% of CPU use…

    • Just tried your 60 FPS mod. You are as fantastic as Durante. I cannot even explain how great it feels to be playing dark souls at 60 fps. You two are gods among men. Keep up the fantastic work!

  27. Not sure the game audience includes many D3D experienced programmers willing to do significant chances/improvements to the code. This shit is hard!

    Hoping I’m dead wrong tho and some geek wizkid with the time and patience will eventually pop-up.

    • True, but there were quite a few people asking for the source, so I hope that some of them may contribute.

      Also, as I said above, opening the source doesn’t mean that I’ll stop working on it!

  28. “- turn off SSAO when activating bonfire”
    Wouldn’t it be better to find a way to render the SSAO before the fog?
    (This, of course, would tie in much better once the projection matrix things are found)

  29. This is great. I’m just hoping that somehow the mod community for Dark Souls will someone be centralize and organized. Dont know where yet, but I hope not on reddit. Hur durr pony mods everywhere basically and that would completely destroy the potential this game has. Something more like Moddb or hell even your blog would be a great place to keep things like this going, seeing where your compiled work is going, post links to said places, etc. Good luck with the kick off Durante. You’ve done a great job getting things going, I hope you continue doing just that.

      • But that doesn’t really mean reddit’s suited to mods, mod discussion, mod creation discussion, and so on and so forth…
        In the end, it’d be far better to have a proper forum!

      • I’m just talking about the audience of people, its obvious that reddit isn’t the best of communities with all the variety of sub reddits there are. I just think Dark Souls having a dedicated place rather than where everything is spoon fed should go on, it will be a haven for the right people, similar to sites like moddb.com

  30. hi durante, do you think that you will continue to work on this project now? thanks for the great job you did until now!

    • Sure, but I simply can’t continue to spend as much time on it as I have this past 3 weeks (which is probably almost like the 40 hours a week of a full-time job).

      I certainly won’t stop working on it completely though, don’t worry! Especially not as long as the sun issue remains unfixed.

        • Read any number of the comments on previous versions’ blogs.

          There’s a bug that a lot of people are experiencing when pointing the camera towards the sun / moon.

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