Dark Souls Nexus & DSfix progress

There is now a Nexus site for Dark Souls mods available:

I know some people were asking for this, and it should make keeping track of new mods, changes and updates easier. It also offers far better options for discussion (e.g. an actual forum) than the comments in these blog posts, which get unwieldy once there are more than a dozen replies or so. I will publish future updates of DSfix there (though I’ll still keep making posts here as well), and I would encourage everyone to use it for downloads and discussion.

As for progress in DSfix, I just fixed the issue whereby SSAO was rendered on top of particles, fog, and water instead of below them (easiest to see when activating bonfires). This should also fix the sporadic screen corruption some people reported when either SSAO or SMAA are active in particular areas of the game. It’s in gitHub for now, I’ll do a release this weekend.

I haven’t received any direct source contributions or pull requests so far, but quite a few people seem to be interested in the repository, so we will see how that develops.



35 thoughts on “Dark Souls Nexus & DSfix progress

  1. Hi Peter. Can you think about the possibility of implementing *.dds files support at the texture override? Is this a simple task or just as complicated as working with the game HUD? Thanks so much for the DSfix!

  2. The thing is that now they are starting to destroy a game that isnt suppose to use mods… i rather agree with the lag fixes and resolution but disagree with mods…. they dont fit in this game

    • Texture replacements are ruining the game? The 60 fps fix or mouse fix are ruining the game?

    • There is a few silly mods of course. But nobody force you to use it.
      And good things will come out of it.
      High-resolution texts or button replacements are good examples.
      There is always room for improvement.

      • I said i agree with hi res and fps fixes, read carefully before writing… the mods that i dont agree with are the ones that ruin the game, alter the original armor, shield, masks, health bar colors etc

          • i bet your the class of person that like to use trainers online and fuck up the rest of the ppl

          • Oh those hackers online with their client-side texture overrides! How dare they change the color of the health bar only they see on enemies from red to green!

        • What do texture mods have to do with trainers and fucking up other peoples game? You do know that texture data is stored locally right, meaning if you invade a world where someone is using texture mods you won’t see them. No one is changing anyone’s game but their own.

  3. Hey Durante did you ever notice that the save backup feature is broken in 1.4? It no longer makes back ups like the older versions, I noticed it for some days now some others too.

  4. I have a suggestion, if it’s not too much.
    Could you make an option for skipintro to work with 60 FPS mod?
    (for example enabled with skipintro = 2)
    I don’t mind having to lower options to enjoy 60 fps gameplay but that intro is so damn annoying :)

  5. I liked it better when you were the only one working on the mod.. regular progress was made, new features etc. The code is open for everyone for a week now yet no one managed to fix the ui scaling.. It seems that Durante’s the only capable man on the planet with everyone else “working” on useless retextures

    • Careful Intuneric, I know its hard to wait idly by, but you don’t get to dictate who works on what and when. And how are the folks’ doing re-textures impacting DSFix exactly? Do you think they are Direct3D experienced programmers sidetracked from their true calling by texture work or something?

  6. Hey Durante, I was wondering if you were going to implement the 60fps fix into your mod. I’ve become a big Durante fan, so I was holding out on the 60fps fix to see if you were going to add it into your own patch rather than if I were to start adding other patches that may prove incompatible in some way.

    Once again, Awesome work!

  7. Oddly I cannot reproduce the smaa glitch in the forest anymore with v.1.04
    Some time ago a gamer said the glitch disappears when you kill Pharis (the archer) so maybe this is the reason.

  8. Hey Durante,
    You mentioned on neogaf that you have spent 12~20 hrs already on the HUD editing features of your mod. So with all the time you have spent already and after the HUD is completed and you finalize your tweaks to SSAO and SMAA will you be finished the work you wanted to do? Or is there anything in particular you would like to see happen with Dark Souls?

    Also it must be funny knowing your mod is essential to all the other Nexus mods working, the re-textures are only possible with the dsfix.

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