DSfix 1.4

As I announced previously, I’m now focusing purely on bug fixes until the source code release, which will probably coincide with 1.5.

  • Textures with a hash code starting with 0 will now be correctly named when dumpedĀ  and loaded when overriden (with prefix 0s). Every hash is 8 charaters long.
  • Fixed the cause of the latest fullscreen alt-tab crash (hopefully).
  • Fixed modified HUD performance, particularly in conjunction with SMAA and VSSAO.
    The performance impact should now be negligible.
  • Fixed modified HUD not showing effects like poison or bleeding correctly.

Known issues with the modified HUD: boss health bars, subtitles, damage numbers and curses. Configure the HUD modification toggle key to turn it off if you get into a boss fight or another situation where it messes up.

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

DSfix version 1.4 download
(alternative download)

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

147 thoughts on “DSfix 1.4

  1. any way to fix fps drop by particle effect ? i found program called FXAA, it fix this issue but exchange with worse graphic (cause a lot of grains every where).

  2. When I create a new charakter, I can’t see any pop-up windows like gender (male / female), class (knight, wanderer, …) and so one.
    Anyway, great job. Thank you very much!

  3. i heard many people talk about using some thing like “FXAA fix” in this game will solve frame rate drop issue. is that true ? and what is this FXAA fix ? is it can enable in dsfix or i have to download it from some where else ?

    *thanks, dabura667 for fast answer and yes, just like you guess i live in South East Asia’s country. English is not my native language.

  4. Just wanted to say, thanks for this wonderfull effort! Really made me cross the line on buying the game on steam.

    Thanks alot!

  5. So I asked this question on another page but the discussion stopped an moved on to another fix thread so here it is again:

    Has anyone encountered slow downs of the game after installing the fix? I have tried reducing the resolution of any setting using it, I have turned off, or put to the minimum, every other graphical option but I still get slow downs/sluggish gameplay.

    Can anyone help with this?
    My computer is pretty bad but I am able to use the 0.3 version of the fix without a problem.

    • you’re not posting your PC’s specs or your actual DSfix.ini settings. not much advice anyone can give you.

  6. errr…… this may be the most dump question ever ask here. is the only way to use AA and AS in this game is to override the via graphic card driver ?

    • As it seems that English is not your native language, I will try to explain in as simple English as possible.

      The “enable SMAA” in the .ini file is referring to a new type of AA which is implemented in the dsfix (make sure you READ the README.txt file first, and copy over EVERYTHING (including the “dsfix” folder) from the zip file over to the DATA folder of Dark souls)

      If you set SMAA in the .ini file to 4 (Ultra) the AA is pretty good.
      You can also edit the key bindings file to add a “toggle SMAA” button, so that you can press the button and turn on/off SMAA to see its effect.
      (remember to remove the “#” at the beginning of the line in order to add a new key config in the file”

  7. Hallo
    Iam using ur mod and it’s working well, having only a problem with the guiding texts, they are no more there :D

  8. Marvelous work. 1.4 seems to have broken the UHDless screenshot option in a weird way – I press the button once and the game starts taking multiple screenshots per second constantly. I cannot stop that. I have not messed with any settings that might have created this issue, or at least I hope so. Is there a solution?

  9. same problem i was having with poisoned status and icon showing up 2x on screen is happening with all enemy health bars and status messages. one right in center of screen like normal, one smaller down and off to left some. also hit point #’s don’t show up on enemy health bars.

  10. This is just fantastic work. You have made this game better, playable and very good from what has to be one of the shoddiest console ports ever.

    From Software should be paying you or supporting you in some way, because without your work, nobody would be playing this on the PC.

    Much respect and a big thank you Durante.

  11. Not trying to seem like a spammer, but I posted this on a few other fixes like this but didn’t receive any assistance. When I install the mods with the DINPUT8.dll file, as soon as I press play in steam, it attempts to launch but I’m immediately greeted with the “Dark Souls Prepare To die executable has stopped working.” Any suggestions would be most appreciated, thanks.

  12. Hey Durante,
    (I don’t like using someone’s first name presumptuously)
    I was wondering if you were planning on doing a YouTube video showing off your hard work and pointing out the before/after comparison of the vanilla Dark Souls with the dsfix and with your HUD / SSAO / SMAA features turned on/off. I’d be interested in your commentary and I’d say coming from you it’d get your page some nice traffic and highlight all the new features nicely.

  13. just want to say THANKS!!
    dsfix + Helix 3d vision fix + widescreen fixer / flawless widescreen = perfect Dark Souls gaming…
    well, almost, since with 3D surround, hud is huge and stretched, but this small flaw cannot detract the great experience.
    the hud fix doesn’t work for the triple monitor display (I run the game @6100×1080); when I activate the hud fix, inventory and menu screen got messed up really bad.
    do you by any chance know how to hack into widescreen gaming territory?
    just hoping here:)
    thanks again for the great work!!!

  14. do you have any plan to make ‘vsync off’ function?
    i’m just curious.
    ps) I always thank you for your hard work.

  15. Is there a fix for the framerate problem me and others have with an Acer Aspire 5750G laptop?

    • I got 5755G and the same issue. From what I can guess it’s a problem for dual card/Optimus laptops. Seems that when the fix is used the game starts with the Integrated Intel card no matter what settings you change. If the fix is removed, the game starts with the dedicated NVidia GPU without any problem and good fps.

      Wonder why this happens…and hope this gets fixed.

        • i’m late to check this and reply, but yeah I still get that issue. I have both darksoul.exe and data.exe set to my NVidia GPU but still it starts with Intel card. I’ve tried with all patches since 0.4 with no luck. Hopefully I haven’t been doing anything wrong, which I kinda doubt but..yeah who knows maybe just rotten luck for me Q.Q

  16. Dude Thanks again for the fix.
    But water still looks weird when using SSAO.
    Will you fix that?

  17. I hope you will implement rendering to high resolution like 5760×1200, that will be nice for triple screen users.

  18. So I have tried to use this fix and no matter how little or how much i change the settings it is locked at 15 fps max. I know other people have this issue but I have not seen any information on a cause or fix. I assume it is defaulting to on board graphics because my ati remains inactive while playing.

    • if PCIe or AGP is selected through your PC BIOS and your video source cable goes straight from graphics card to display then your onboard graphics should be inaccessible to software because it is disabled and has no output.

  19. Hello Peter. Any plans for separate release without ssao, smaa, hud and texture modifications.
    Just only renderer fix with mouse cursor and windows options? Like 0.8 was. But stable as current. Thank you.

    • If you disable them in the .ini (as they are by default) then that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it?

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