DSfix 1.3

Edit: link replaced for screenshot quickfix. Redownload if you got 1.3 before.

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • fixed dynamic shadows being cut off in some areas
  • fixed some icons still not correctly hidden by Hud toggle

And adds these features:

  • HUD scaling
  • HUD opacity settings (per component)
  • Minimalistic HUD mode (removes the weapons and item/spell name display)

All the HUD options can be set in the ini and HUD manipulation can be toggled at runtime. Note that there are still some issues with the HUD manipulation, including damage number placement being incorrect and subtitle rendering not being handled. Also, poison and bleeding build-up is not displayed correctly, and neither are boss health bars. Additionally, I observed an unusually high performance impact at high resolutions that I don’t really understand yet.

Note that you can define a toggle key to quickly turn HUD modifications on and off in case there are issues.

Here are 2 screenshots showing off the HUD features:

Check out the DarkSoulsMod sub-reddit for a nice archive of texture replacements people have created so far. I especially like the high-res font replacement. My nickname there is DuranteA.

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

DSfix version 1.3 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

113 thoughts on “DSfix 1.3

  1. Hello. I just figured I’d post this here. I’ve created a high-resolution replacement font texture using the game’s original font (Matisse) containing the glyphs for all the languages in the texture (but none of the symbols or characters).


    Use a language such as Spanish, Italian, French, German, or Russian? Give it a shot! Unfortunately, Polish seems to be stored separately, and likewise so does the outlined subtitle font. I’ll work on those later.

  2. Thanks for update.So nice DOF on your head screen,how you get that beautiful?Can you write your changed parametrs in DS.ini Petert?

  3. Hey Durante, thanks again for a great update. It pains me to say this–you know, the whole gift horse thing–but I’m getting mad graphical glitches when the camera is obscured by an object. The screen goes black, with blue midtones and a few white highlights.

    I saw 1 other person had the same issue above, but I couldn’t find a fix/answer. I hope I’m not reporting it again to you needlessly.

    Cheers, mate. Keep up the great work.

  4. the minus website does not work for me… I cannot download it it just reloads the same page over and over. Maybe its my Internet Provider, but it is quite a shame…

  5. The game crashes at start if i enable SMAA1x since yesterday (version 1.2 & 1.3 tested). 2 days before it worked fine with v1.2 and SMAA1x. Does some one else have this problem? (The only thing that i did was upgrade itunes to v10.7 but i don’t think that this is the reason)

    • i have the same problem, whenever i enable SMAA the game starts with a white screen and imidetely crashes

  6. Hi, I;ve noticed a bug: using hud scaling splits the status bars (like poison bar) into two, like this:

    Just a question to all: is there any way to define keys to open “browse and use items” or “change equipment” menu?

    Great job with the dsfix man, thanks to you this game looks great!

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