DSfix 1.2

This version includes the following bugfixes:

  • Fixed some symbols still appearing with HUD toggled off (buttons, dashes, etc)
  • Fixed cut-off messages at some specific resolutions
  • Improved SSAO quality and speed, reduced distant artifacts (there is still some flickering, this is due to the method, use weak SSAO or downsample to mitigate this)

And adds these features:

  • The screenshot folder can be specified in the .ini (this was a popular request)
  • Texture override functionality! Any texture in the game can now be customized, e.g. for changing the button prompts or adding higher resolution fonts.
  • In conjunction with the above: texture dumping. This will provide you with the base textures for the game and their hash code, so that you can override them. This is only for people who want to create their own override textures.

For more information about the texture override feature, look at the .ini and the included example override texture. Here’s a picture of the example override (note that it only shows up once the “logo movie” is over).

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

DSfix version 1.2 download
(Alternative download location)

(The download is now hosted externally, sorry for that. The traffic was just getting too much. I hope it’s not too inconvenient for anyone!)

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

And before I forget: if you come up with any good overrides, please post them below!

271 thoughts on “DSfix 1.2

  1. When I use this mod, and press play in steam, I’m immediately greeting with the Dark Souls Prepare to Die exe has stopped working. Any help would be appreciated :)

  2. hi

    first i want to thank you for this mod is awesome, i would love to know what i should put in all this stuff, im new in pc gaming and i dont really know what ssao , smma really do.

    my spec are
    ivy i5 3550 (third generation 3.4 ghz turbo 3.7)
    gtx 560ti
    8 gigs ram g.skill 1800 mhrtz
    asus p8 z77 motherboard

    i use
    renderWidth 1920
    renderHeight 1080

    i dont know hwat to put in

    so far my pc runs dark souls awesome, no fps drops, loosm awesome but i haven seen pics that look even better, i tried some stuff but soemtimes the game looked bad, then crash, i could use a tip about what to put in there.

  3. u’re the best man keep ur great work, u really make me happy every time I come here :) Good luck

  4. Hi Durante!
    I propose a new feature for dsfix, if it’s not too hard and long to do:

    ———————————-fps counter————————————-

    it would be nice to check your frames/second without the need of an external program like fraps. :)

  5. Thanks SO much for the texture functionality. My brother and I are working on a full HUD change that’s simpler. We’re removing a lot of the cluttered frames and boxes around interface icons that make the HUD so overwhelming on the screen. On a bonus note, colorblind friendly! Wee!

  6. Game crashes on launch for me.. Gotta roll it back to 1.1 :(

    8GB DDR3 RAM
    Intel Extreme CPU Q6850 @ 3.67GHZ
    Nvidia GTX Geforce 460 SLI 800 Core clock 2000 memory clock

    If any of that helps, and I hope it does, I put it there.

  7. Hi Durante,
    just saw that “ArynCrinn” posted this on neogaf forums:

    “Any reason why in the Forest area (namely Alvina’s area where the covenant is) I get these weird graphical glitches? It looks like a super high contrast pink and bluish-green whenever I point the camera at a certain spot. Are there any tweaks I need to make in the ini. or should I just upgrade to the 1.1-1.2 fix?”

    Anyway, this was happening to me too, and if I remember correctly, I was forcing FXAA through nvidia inspector. As soon as I completely disabled the profile, the game went back to normal. Might not be the case for everyone, but haven’t seen too many comments about this issue so I assume it could be worth a try.
    Thanks for your hard work….

    • The world doesn’t cast self shadows (even in the console versions I think). You can see floating shadows all over the place if you look for them.

      • Sometimes there is shadows from world. Especially one’s moving parts. First example that bringing to mind is mechanism in Anor Londo.

  8. Hey sorry if asked before, wanted to know if there is any way to adjust the FOV (Field of View)? Like “on the fly” with two buttons for close-far fov adjustment or .ini adjustment with a hard value that can be set.

    Are there any plans on implementing such feature or is it even possible?

  9. Hello , first , thank you for you working , my experience in the game is very better with ds fix , I have a question , all versions of ds fix let me minimize the game to see the deskopt , but in the two last versions when I minmize the game later i cant return to the game and finally the windows show a error message and the game is closed, to the 8 v no problems but with the next i have thath problem , I need see the web and others during the playing the game , and you last version is very better than the 8v , but i have this problem , you will fix this problem ? , sorry for my bad english

    Thanks you anyways !

  10. Hi, thx for the fix! I have a question: it is possible (or it will be) to zoom in/out in game in order to increase/decrease the distance from the cam to the pg?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. sometimes the framerate drops for some seconds, especially in blighttown, no matter what graphic card you have got. you and Durante can do nothing about it. peace

    • the only ones who can do anything about it are the devs and from what it seems they aren’t willing to do the slightest effort to fix their product. to me that just shows how much they care about the client. it’s a sad day for gaming when the community/modders have to step in to fix a broken game, but nonetheless kudos for Durante; what he’s done made the game a lot more enjoyable. big respect

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