12 thoughts on “360 Wireless Adapter Fixing

  1. What’s the potential risk of soldering over a fuse? A short circuit on the USB which will be caught by the fuse on the mainboard, right?

    Btw I recently fixed a Monitor, it appears that most of the issues are the same capacitors on the internal PSU blowing out.
    Weird, isn’t it. Almost like those things have a predetermined breaking point.

  2. I actually managed to fix this on my own when it happened a couple of years ago.

    My fix? Tinfoil. Yep, a little bit of tinfoil super-glued to the PCB actually bridged the gap and it worked again.

    (Didn’t have a soldering iron and I thought it was worth a try).

  3. Yup, the one I had died. Which prompted me to get Motioninjoy working so I could use my PS3 controller – haven’t looked back since (it would be nice to have those texture replacements in Dark Souls so the buttons look like PS3).
    From an engineering perspective it’s poor design which can’t handle a voltage spike when inserted in the USB – my advice is don’t take it out of the slot unless you have to and if you do have to, turn your PC off first. Shoddy Microsoft engineering at it’s best.
    BTW nice work on the DSfix, it’s made a great game even better.

  4. Thanks for the info, have about 3 over the years go on me.
    Just keep buying them, it’s good to know ther is a simple fix.
    Also, thanks heaps for the res fix it’s made the game awesome.

  5. Yes, but using that adapter to play Dark Souls is just now working :/ It’s a bug or something. I have the same problem and nobody can solve it.

  6. Why must everything Microsoft make randomly break all the time?
    My 360 died some time ago, gamepads break and let’s not even talk about Windows.
    Yet my Nintendo, Logitech, Sony and other random stuff keeps working forever.

    • Hmm, my 1st-gen wii has a broken gpu or the VRAM is defect.. -> black or colorful pixels all over the picture. ;)

    • Some people have bad luck. My 2nd generation 360, bought from new, is still working. Though it sees very limited use. Can’t really complain about any of the MS peripherals I’ve had either, but then, most of my stuff just works forever it seems…my mouse is now 6 years old, my old mouse was equally old… keyboards are a dime a dozen, but I swapped to a mechanical recently, and it’s holding up great.

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