DSfix 1.4

As I announced previously, I’m now focusing purely on bug fixes until the source code release, which will probably coincide with 1.5.

  • Textures with a hash code starting with 0 will now be correctly named when dumped  and loaded when overriden (with prefix 0s). Every hash is 8 charaters long.
  • Fixed the cause of the latest fullscreen alt-tab crash (hopefully).
  • Fixed modified HUD performance, particularly in conjunction with SMAA and VSSAO.
    The performance impact should now be negligible.
  • Fixed modified HUD not showing effects like poison or bleeding correctly.

Known issues with the modified HUD: boss health bars, subtitles, damage numbers and curses. Configure the HUD modification toggle key to turn it off if you get into a boss fight or another situation where it messes up.

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

DSfix version 1.4 download
(alternative download)

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

147 thoughts on “DSfix 1.4

  1. Thank you for your great mod, Durante.
    Do you have by any chance some kind of instant messaging service (IRC)?
    I have some frame-rate “considerations” I would like to discuss/share with you, if you agree.

  2. Hi, when you add the aspect ratio like 4:3 and 16:10?
    Anyway, thanks for your work, i’ll appreciate

  3. Hey! This fix is amazing. You have brought more features than I could really ever imagine.

    The hud scaling and texture replacements are awesome!

    I have one request though, for texture replacement allow sub folders. This way you can organize a texture pack into folders for armor, Hud elements, etc. This will be useful for the creation of packs as well as the modification of existing packs if they are organized well.

  4. Okay no one is in anybody’s debt here. Some of you guys are seriously some of the weirdest people in the mod scene. If he would not have done it then someone else would have. I have never seen so much man love for one modder lol.

    Anyway, great stuff. Don’t hurt yourself trying to get this out. I think by asking for donations you have turned this into a job but remember we all have time. No need to get yourself in a bind over some modding. The game looks and plays great because of your mods.

    And can we please stop the dev bashing. These guys made a tremendous game. If you don’t want the game then don’t fucking buy it. You wouldn’t be playing it if they didn’t release it.

    • Would be possible to implement. I probably won’t do it, since I actually like keeping the game as close to the original look as possible. But if you choose a high DoF resolution and no additional DoF blur it’s extremely subdued anyway.

  5. I was in duke’s archives with hud mod active but toggled off when dark gwyndolin boss health bar (empty) appeared on screen. By toggling on again the health bar would disappear.

    I had hud scaled to 0.65 with everything opaque (1.0).

  6. I noticed a graphical anomaly at the Depths boss room. When your on the second level, the back wall disappears and in its place is a white texture. If you move the camera around, the wall can appear and disappear. I noticed this way back, but I only said something about it now.


  7. i wonder ? how long to make the game developer will realize their mistake and try to fix their own game ? while you struggling make a ton of patches one after one here, what are they f*cking do ?

    and what will be their excuse if their game not sell well and that cause there will be no more port for their next game to pc ? a piracy ? the very popular brainless excuse of all time. pc market is just a 20% of the whole game market, the rest is on console and yes the largest illegal copy market also there.

    but no one try to take responsibility for bad port on pc. they only know how to throw their sh*t to their customers on pc.

    • hopefully next “Souls” game will have PC in mind during development. many people i know have purchased game anyway besides the PC problems just because it is such an awesome game even without fixes (as long as you have a gamepad anyway). i’d trade all these graphical improvements just to have decent mouse support.

        • not what i need. i have all 5 extra mouse buttons configured perfectly through MS Mouse And Keyboard Center and that seems to be what this fix you linked to is addressing. have no problem with increasing or decreasing DPI or opening DS menu and changing sensitvity either. this fix would also be making it even worse if i can’t use my own predefined button/key settings.

  8. FYI i noticed a definite reproducible hud bug, and it’s a weird one. while fighting the silver knights on the patio area of anor londo, right above where you run into siegmeyer, the hud would pop back and forth between the shrunken transparent mode and the standard mode, and it seemed to be triggered by the sun being in frame. seriously. it was easily reproducible. just clear out that area, and move the camera around, you’ll see what i mean.

    • does it in many places. seems to be something about where the camera is facing in certain areas. was getting it bad in Quallog’s Domain but only in certain areas and it happened every time i rotated the camera to a specific angle.

      • happens in the asylum as well, easily seen while traversing the areas around the grand vista near the level exit.

  9. Whenever I try to play on Intel HD3000 it will always scale down to 15 fps, even if it is capable of playing at at least 28 fps. My guess is that the game scales performance down to 15 fps if it doesn’t play at the maximum fps, which is incredibly annoying. Do you have plans to fix this?

  10. Can you think of a reason the recent releases would break DXtory? I record gameplay footage, but it seems like after version .9, I am unable to record footage. If I roll the updates back to .8, it works fine. Is there something in the ini or dll that could be stopping DXtory from recording?

  11. the hud seem to be related to the sun flares in andor londo.
    sun flares and the hud mod don’t seem to mix well. and when taking hud-less screenshots the flares are missing.

  12. Had some money in my paypal because of Diablo 3 RMAH. So I sent some your way. Thanks for working so hard to make a bat port of a great game so awesome. The souls community will probably forever be in your debt and I doubt the donations even cover the time spent, but hopefully it helps. :D

  13. Durante, I know you said sound isn’t really your realm of expertise, but I think you may able to do something here… Could you include an option to mute that awful steel menu sound that plays when you press start/enter on the title screen? It’s louder than anything in the game and utterly obnoxious. Or would we need a way to decompress the data archives and replace the sound with dead air and repack it first? :/

    Thanks for all your work.

  14. Hmm… beginner programer here, and I’m just curious as to what language you’re writing this in… and what you are viewing in order to make these changes

    And as a player of DS, I would like to thank you for your effort and hard work, it certainly doesn’t go unappreciated!

    • Also, not asking you to do this – but is it possible to fix the mouse input for camera control/aiming bow?

      It’s literally the sloppiest way they could have implemented it, I’m using a controller, but aiming a bow with a mouse would just be so much better.

    • It’s C++. What I’m viewing is mostly huge log files and even larger rows/columns of numbers :P

  15. Nice work! but the game still crashes if i enamble smaa. the problem came first some days ago but i do not know why. Anyone else have this problem?

    • I’m not having this issue… make sure you’re running the latest driver for your graphics card, as that could have something to do with it.

      • Hi.
        I’ have a AMD HD6850 and Catalyst v12.8. OS is Vista 64 bit with all updates. The mistery is that it worked last week and now it crashes. I think it was the same like kc: the game chrashed and after that the smaa did not work any longer. (ssao works fine)

    • i have the same problem, everything was working fine on 1.2 and when i updated to 1.3, there was the screenshot bug and my game crashed. After that whenever i enable SMAA or SSAO the game starts up with a white screen and then immoderately crashes. The problem persists with 1.4

      • except for a slight HUD bug the game is running great for me. but had those problems before when i was tried forcing Anti-Aliasing through graphics card settings. when i changed to application’s preference it stopped. you’re not giving any info about what’s turned on/off through your system or on/off through your DSfix.ini so not much people can tell you for advice.

        • yeah its like Soszenbinder said. game was working find but then updated to 1.3 and game crashed because of the screenshot bug. Since then turning on SMAA crashes the game

          renderWidth 1920
          renderHeight 1080
          smaaQuality 0
          ssaoStrength 0
          dofOverrideResolution 1080
          disableDofScaling 0
          dofBlurAmount 0
          enableHudMod 0

          • Hello, I have the same prob – everything its okay but if I try to change the smaa or the ssao the game crash – White screen. Same thing with the HUD – a idea ?

    • I uninstalled DS and AMD Catalyst driver and cleaned with the ccleaner. Then i installed DS and Catalyst 12.8 again but smaa does still not work. :(

    • Ok. Sometimes I am stupide and forget to test simple things. It works if i run the game as administrator once and after that it works if i run it as a normal user too.

  16. weird. If I enable the HUD mod at all, my darksouls.exe will fail to load right when I open it. “DARK SOULS PREPARE TO DIE executable has stopped working”. Even with default settings. Oh well. Must be something specific to my system. F9 cursor toggle doesn’t work either. Nor do save backups. No idea why.

  17. Hi Durante, thank you very much for all you have done. I just noticed that HUD mods toggle ‘off’ when the sun is visible on screen and change back on as soon as the sun is not on the screen (or if it’s bugged and not visible). I really hope this also helps with the sun bug problem.
    I have the internal resolution to 2520 x 1575, SMAA Quality 4, SSAO Strength 2, dofOverrideResolution 810, dofBlurAmount 2; also enabled Minimal Hud, Disable Cursor, TextureOverride and Skip Intro.

  18. Thanks for all your work peter I sent you a small donation have a beer and some wings on me

  19. BUG REPORT [1.4]!
    Nice job and everything. Just thought ya should know, the HUD modifications all seem to revert whenever the lens flare effect appears. Happens at Undead Burg and Duke’s Archives, haven’t checked anywhere else.

  20. Thank you, specifically for the texture override fix. Looking forward to modding all those previously inaccessible textures!

    • As always, thanks for the hard work. This mod is just ridiculous (in the good way).
      Similar problem to above. The d-pad HUD doesn’t display ever. And when I alt-tab, my weapon and shield disappear. Which is weird.

      I’m actually not that fussed by changing my hud though, so it’s no big deal, but the report might help?

      Anyway, thank you again.

  21. When you release the source code, will you set up a google code page or something like that?

  22. Thanks for the work you’re putting into this mod, I just bought the game today and found my way here… it’s great to see the PC modding community is active and people like you are fixing the things the devs never could, or didn’t care to. Thanks!!!

    • and HUD has been sporadically changing from normal to my downsized settings, just for a brief second at a time.

  23. DUDE!!!! thanks for all of your work! okay so should I wait for .5 or just get this .4 ( I haven’t really started playing the game yet, I want the full experience of the DSfix)

  24. With your recent changes to DSFix such as putting it over to a input.dll my games crashes at the splash screen. Doesn’t even try to load it, just crashes. Is there anyway to change it from a input.dll back how it was in the original versions? If so I am sure I could do it myself if told how.

    Thanks for the awesome mod. Dark Souls feels unplayable with out it now.

  25. Durante, your dsfix is simply amazing…but i have 2 monitor with aspect ratio 4:3 and 16:10, hope you can add a feature for remove the black bar…

  26. Please don’t press the guy too much about releasing the source code: imho it should be better for him to clean it up and please give him some time to fix all the major bugs, at least the ones created by the modified hud. It’s not necessary to release it this weekend.

  27. Sweet SSAO, It looks surprisingly good for this game, really suits it. Now I’m curious, are you planning on adding anything else? Or is u fixing the HUD and releasing the source going to be the end of your holy quest :)?

  28. When i set the resolution like 16:10 (1920×1200 for my example), i still see the black borders on top and bottom of the screen.

    renderWidth 1920
    renderHeight 1200

    smaaQuality 4

    ssaoStrength 2

    dofOverrideResolution 540

    disableCursor 1

    Other settings by default.

  29. Hi! First thank you very much for all!!! (I donate and I will do again :))
    Just an information about the HUD fix in Eyefinity mode (it s not a priority I know but just in case ^^):

    - with hud fix disable + widescreen fixer => no issue
    - with hud fix enable + widescreen fixer => have this :s : http://imageshack.us/a/img843/9643/darksoulsfixhud.jpg

    I tried many setup in the ini and with or without widescreen etc but still there.. :s
    If other people in Eyefinity doesn’t have this issue I m hearing to a solution :)

    • Ok have tried with flawless widescreen and there is no issue with it =)
      The only difference between flawless and widescreen is flawless doesn’t resolve the hud menu like widescreen but in gameplay and for eyecandy I prefer to have small hud of stamina and equipement so let s go for flawless :)

  30. Every time I update DSfix, my 360 controller for windows button bindings get messed up. The X button becomes the start button and so on.

    Any thoughts?


    • it conflicts with your current dinput8.dll, try the dinput8dllWrapper fix so you can have 2 .dll files to work

  31. Hey Peter, not gonna repost all the praise, figure you don’t need it anymore.

    The fix still blurs everything in the foreground.

    ini and inspector settings don’t really matter, I’ve tried everything.

    Regardless, here:

    renderWidth 1920
    renderHeight 1200
    smaaQuality 4
    ssaoStrength 2
    dofOverrideResolution 810
    disableDofScaling 0
    dofBlurAmount 1

    I don’t use the hud fix, I override the font.

    I override AF through inspector and tried all possible setting combos but still nothing.

    Didn’t have this issue up until 1.3

    What gives Peter?

  32. Minimalistic HUD works kinda funny in 1280×800 with SMAA and SSAO turned off. Subtitles are missing, some weird near-transparent black texture is sometimes visible in the middle of the screen… I guess it’s all WIP, so keep it up.

    Alt-tab is fortunately working again, thanks :)

  33. I’ve tried toggling the new HUD during gameplay, but I can’t seem to get it to work. From the keys .ini I’m assuming toggle hud changes, (default) right shift is what I need to push. Any insight?

    Thanks for these awesome mods, I look forward to your response!

    • I’ve noticed with some of the keyboard toggles that they have a very high rate of input. Not sure if I’m saying that right, but what I mean is you press the key and release in a natural way, but the system actually interpreted it as being pressed twice. So try very quickly tapping the key and see if that works.

  34. I noticed a bug with the HUD mod where if I had a weapon that I didn’t have the stats for equipped, the HUD would return to normal (sort of)

  35. This just keeps getting more brilliant every time I come in to check for an update. I do have something a bit weird to report however, my frames with SSAO on are taking a hit after I went from version 1.1. It’s not a big deal since I’ve already finished the game without SSAO but I am wondering why the frames went down.

    Anyways, thanks for an awesome mod and making Dark Souls PC such a joy to experience.

    • This could happen due to the 1.2 changes if your GPU was texturing bound on the SSAO. You’ll probably have to wait until an alternative SSAO implementation is available.

  36. Wow, I only just grabbed 1.3 and 1.4 is out! Thanks, dude.

    The issue with the black flashes while the camera is obstructed while panning through objects has been improved slightly. In 1.4 it is now a ghosting-like effect and it seems to stutter the frame rate or something. I AM running the UI tweak, so it’s possible it’s related to that.

    Thanks again for your great work.

  37. Awesome work on the hud modification. Would there be any way to scale the corners separately? I like the size of the hp bar, but i wouldnt mind having just the bottom left be smaller

  38. great work durante, you´re the real dark souls hero ;D
    one question: can you push the frame limit to 60 fps ??

  39. wait, so boss health bars, et al, are still borked? IS there any way you could enable/disable different portions ofthe hud independantly? or impact the opacity of the -original- hud?

    I really like where you are goingwith your hud efforts, but if you’re not not displaying health bars correctly, i’d like toselectively disengage that portion and justlet the game use the original health bars.

    Anyway, here’s my 2 second bug list:
    Modified HUD bugs:
    Boss health bars screwy
    Poison/Toxic/Curse/Bleed bars screwy
    switching inconsistancy/white flashingwhere the hudUSED to be when switching items.
    ACTUAL HARD CRASH when alt-f4ing once when my game got flagged for’sticky keys’ by windows, when I tried to come back it hung.
    *Some weird polygon effectsinthe openingseen of the intro-walk down the asylum hall to you prison cell

    I’m sure you’re aware of most of these but just in case, here ya go. keep up the good work. I already donated, but I will again whenyou release another version i consider ‘final’

    • I am doing exactly that — enabling/disabling portions of the HUD independently (such as the targetting marker).

      However, identifying each such portion requires
      - finding a scene in-game which features it
      - marking a frame where it happens and where it doesn’t happen
      - going through the thousands of lines of log files for both frames, trying to find distinguishing characteristics in the render calls that are (1) easy to identify in code, (2) unique and (3) reliable
      - adding code that recognizes these characteristics and performs the necessary adjustments

      It’s not just snapping your fingers. But once I release the code, probably later this weekend, anyone can try!

      • I think you might agree that dsfix is running at its limits here and it would make more sense simply doing a binary patch via DLL injecting to change the Hud in the game binary itself.

        It might take a while to find the correct functions in the game, but if you say you are hunting for 1000 log lines to find the correct hud – it might be a better option to stop working on the graphic backend and try going for real modifications

        • I don’t like messing around in the binary. It’s possible to fix the remaining HUD issues without doing that, it just takes some time. I hope other people will contribute once I release the source.

          I’m also not convinced that it would in fact be simpler, even if you do start changing the binary.

      • The direction your HUD changes are going is great, but obviously expecting you to catch every single little case/exception is unrealistic and not the best use of your time. It’s the kind of thing where many eyes looking at it will ultimately get there once the source is available.

  40. # Bottom right: soul count
    hudBottomRightOpacity 0.0f

    still haven’t hcanged the default value for this

    please do.

    • Why? I think it’s superfluous, and everyone who has a different opinion can change it to whatever they want.

      • I beg your pardon?
        people don’t want to see how many souls they have/ get from AI while playing ?
        I think there is no such player

        • Well, I guess I can change it to 0.5 if that’s the consensus.

          But really, is it that hard to open the ini and set it to whatever you want?

          • I guess after working for 80 hours on the fix I just don’t have much patience for people who can’t even be arsed to edit the ini for 5 seconds.

            Terribly sorry about that.

            Edit – Actually, since the HUD modifications default to off, make that “people who can’t be arsed to change the HUD settings to their preference even though they are already editing the .ini”

          • So I’ve never posted here before, but I wanted to say that everything you do is greatly appreciated.

            Also, gruia is a self-entitled piece of crap.

          • I would like to add to that.

            petert is the best.

            gruia is a troll. His only goal was to get your attention so he can feel that he is somehow special by having you speak directly to him.

            This is usually seen in people who didn’t have their parents (or their parents were neglectful failures of parents) when they were children.

            Best thing to do is to ignore them the second they post anything rude, and IP ban them from the blog if possible.

          • I second this. The Dude Abides.
            People are ungrateful swine. Swine I say.

          • How entitled can you get? He’s not making this explicitly for you, he doens’t even have to share his work. Stop being an ungrateful SOB.

          • we love your work DurantE?/petert. have made one of the best games ever manufactured much more accessible to probably millions by now.
            yah! it’s become a regular annoying PC forum with people talking shit back and forth.

            if someone wants to be lazy and have everything done for them they shouldn’t be at a “modders” site. it always takes some user input to implement, let em f*ck off.
            maybe they can find someone to build them a DSfix game launcher .exe with easy access menus and options, but still probably too ignorant to use even that on their own.

        • actually… for PVPers that have ungodly amount of souls that they never use… the counter at the bottom is pretty much useless as u can also check your souls count in the menu…. some people might not want it…. just saying your claim that “I think there is no such player” isn’t actually valid.

          • Come on Petert, we all appreciate your hard work, simply don’t feed the troll ;)

    • I need to give you my sincere thanks for all your hard work. What you have done is not only freaking awesome it borders on the crazy. By that I mean you have released a new version of this patch almost every other day since it’s release. by the time I get around to installing and testing 1.0 I have 1.1. now right before I go to play the game for the first time since last sat I now have 1.4. They just keep coming. Every release makes my game look and play better and better. When I get some money I am going to donate. I feel at this point its not an option, you have made this game what it should have been on PC. I can only hope the developers patch to fix some of the online issues and then it will be perfect. Anyway THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. For reals lol

    • What an obnoxious person… This guy is doing all the fix in the game by himself, with no profit intended and you think you can demand something? How about you do it yourself if you think you are better?

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