DSfix 1.3

Edit: link replaced for screenshot quickfix. Redownload if you got 1.3 before.

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • fixed dynamic shadows being cut off in some areas
  • fixed some icons still not correctly hidden by Hud toggle

And adds these features:

  • HUD scaling
  • HUD opacity settings (per component)
  • Minimalistic HUD mode (removes the weapons and item/spell name display)

All the HUD options can be set in the ini and HUD manipulation can be toggled at runtime. Note that there are still some issues with the HUD manipulation, including damage number placement being incorrect and subtitle rendering not being handled. Also, poison and bleeding build-up is not displayed correctly, and neither are boss health bars. Additionally, I observed an unusually high performance impact at high resolutions that I don’t really understand yet.

Note that you can define a toggle key to quickly turn HUD modifications on and off in case there are issues.

Here are 2 screenshots showing off the HUD features:

Check out the DarkSoulsMod sub-reddit for a nice archive of texture replacements people have created so far. I especially like the high-res font replacement. My nickname there is DuranteA.

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

DSfix version 1.3 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

113 thoughts on “DSfix 1.3

  1. Am I like the only one who can’t download from minus? I can’t download it.. Can I request another alternative link?

  2. I think the performance impact is related to smaa and ssao because with either one of them on and the hud modifications on the gpu usage for the hud mods is much greater than the hud mod gpu usage is if it is used alone. (With smaa or ssao about 15% and alone about 1%)

  3. Hello there and thanks for the awesome mod!

    I have a little problem:
    I sticked to 0.8 until now, because I’m not that much into SMAA SSAO etc. and 1.3 wont let me alt-tab anymore, I can TAB out but on tabbing in it just crashes.
    This happens even with 0.9 so I think it’s the SMAA feature.
    Borderless Fullscreen works for that, but that’s not an option since im using a 16:10 monitor and the games scales then.

    Anyone got a solution for that?

  4. Next paycheck I’m definitely donating a good sum. You’ve done a service for all of us, the least I can do is show some monetary response.

  5. The arrow icon won’t show up when I enable minimalHud. I need to know what kind of arrow I’m using, like poison or large arrow. Unlike weapon and shield arrows don’t have separate texture when it hanging on my back.
    Thanks a lot.

    • And when I talk with others NPC there’s an invisible space between the text like this: so l ong

  6. Just updated to the new version and went to fight Seath the Scaleless. That was a rough fight with both hudscaling and transparency on. (I found out after that there was a button to turn it off in-game).

    What I observed (and I’m sure you’ve heard all of this already):

    1. Boss health is part of the bottom-right region for transparency, with the soul counter. If possible I’d like it split into its own region.
    2. Poison/curse/bleed indicators are also part of the bottom-right region, and should not be.
    3. The boss’s healthbar doesn’t actually scale, resulting in a bar floating randomly on the screen.
    4. The negative status indicators’ bar doesn’t scale either.

    So basically, add “jump into the swamp” and “encounter a boss” to your test cases for the next version, if you’re not checking them already.

  7. Thanks man, was the feature I was most looking forward too. I only had a fiver left on PayPal to donate last time, but I’ll be sure to send something again the next time my PayPal isn’t as barren as my free time lol.

  8. Everytime I change any of the options – SMAA, DoF and HUD – Dark Souls just stops working on start-up. Any idea of what I might be doing wrong? Anyways, thanks for the updates and great job as usual!

  9. Minus doesn’t seem to be working for me could someone possibly uplaod it somewhere else?

  10. My game has been crashing ever since you added DINPUT08.dll, I am forced to not use it. I really have no idea why it doesn’t work. I use a GTX 570, Windows 7, and no D3D overlays. The changed also don’t work when I edit DSFix.ini. For some reason Dark Souls is not aware of the changes. It acts like it’s not there. I followed the readme very carefully and i have everything in the right place. Please respond, I really would like to use the awesome changes you made to an already awesome game.


  11. Hey, I noticed some bugs with the HUD resize. I took screenshots of them and documented them fairly well. Unfortunately, I wrote my commentary in paint and accidentally saved to JPEG. Sorry about the resulting legibility. that and in general I think you might want to be more careful about how you resize and move around HUD elements.


    Great work so far dude! I love all the improvements that you and other people using your texture override tools have been able to make to the game

    • I found that transparency is 100% for the bottom line.. you should change the default for that

  12. Hud mods have no performance impact for me

    i5 750 @ 3.6ghz
    8gb ddr3

    2560×1440 to 1920×1080
    ssao 1
    dof 810
    no blur

    • Do here unfortunately

      i5 2500K @ 4.7Ghz
      8GB Gskill 2100Mhz

      2650×1440 & 3140×2160
      ssao 2
      smaa 3
      dof 1080
      blur 1
      skip intro

      in 1.3 SSAO and the HUD when enabled kill my fps to sub 20 constantly, in 1.2 i was able to use same settings “minus hud” of-course and it maintained 30 fps outside of activating a bonfire or a brief stutter when doing Riposte/back-stab.

      • PS: and yes i did turn off SSAO “as it seems to be stated it is causing the issues with the new Hud settings”, however i still get noticeable frame drops when i look at the volumetric fog in the darkroot woods. (otherwise i notice no frame rate drop elsewhere)

  13. Thanks for fixing the shadow issues

    But why cant I download the v1.3,I mean there’s no speed while I add it to the download tool

      • That JPG is saved at nearly max quality. The artifacts in the image around the text are what the game looks like. That is the issue, but I can see why it could be confusing.

  14. Here is a GUI for DSFix v1.3

    You can change all settings, but I still need to add more tooltips and make keybindings easier. Just put it in the same folder as DSfix.ini and enjoy :)

    DSFix GUI by Banelos: http://minus.com/lqsupzulM0oSd

    To petert: why are floats different, as in 0,75 and 0,80f. I’ve done some hacks to support it for the moment. I’ve tried to keep all changes through this GUI non-invasive, I only change the values and don’t touch any of the original comments etc.

  15. Awesome work as always Durante. This went from a simple rez fix to a full-blown graphics mod. Awesome.

    I just noticed something, I think someone else had this issue, if anyone could help me.

    I think that it is related to the dof. When I turn the camera in tight spaces anything that is on the foreground gets blurred like the distant objects dof.

    This includes the pc and any texture be it a wall or a branch.

    Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks guys.

  16. Hey, just a heads up that I seem to get a weird graphics glitch at the entrance to Darkroot Forest. When standing just inside the door and glancing into the deepest part of the forest (towards the Hydra), I see a flash of blue that will cover the entire screen in a couple of white blobs after a second or two. Looking away fixes this, but getting a screen flash whenever you look in that direction kinda sucks for PvP.

  17. I’ve enabled HUD mods and texture override, but neither are working. I deleted all previous instances of DSfix and installed the newest one, but still no go. Playing in windowed mode, if that means anything.

  18. Hi, since v 1.2 I have major slowdowns in my game. I didn’t change any setting and I did remove the files prior to install the new ones. Am I the only one in this situation?
    PS: my computer is fairly fast (Win7-64b, i7 2640, 12GoRAM, GTX570m)

  19. HUB reverts back to normal depending on your angle, and the alt-tab crash seems to be back (for me at least). Ether way, thanks for the update!

  20. Are you guys getting split menus now with the HUD mod? The base mod is great but when I walk up the bonfire it has “Rest at Bon” on the far left and “fire Press A” on the right.

  21. I’m getting game crashes on start whenever ssaa, ssao or hud mod is active. Any suggestions? Thanks for your hard work.

  22. So now here it is:
    DSFix Settings GUI


    Anyone who wants to check it out, give it a try :> Hope it helps speeding things up a bit. Durante brings out to many updates :P (Thank god he does) =D

    If something isnt working as intended, let me know.
    Maybe Durante likes it and will change his INI to match mine :D Should be readable now anyway.

    Before I forget…you need the .NET Framework 4.0 http://www.microsoft.com/de-de/download/details.aspx?id=17718



    P.S. Danke Durante :D Geilste MOD überhaupt!!! Bin schon am überlegen dir nochmal eine kleine Spende zukommen zu lassen. Aber erst wenn der erste Nude-Patch kommt :P

  23. Hi.
    First of all great work.
    I’ve just upgraded from 0.6 to 1.3 and the language override stopped working for me.
    Original: de
    I was using: en-GB
    Any idea want went wrong?
    I think i deleted all the previous files.

    • Adding the 0.6 d3d9.dll back into the game folder fixed the missing language override and the new features are still working too.

      I’m using a x360 gamepad emu with a xinput1_3.dll wich didnt interfere until now. Might have been the reason sinse the fix is a dinput wrapper now.

  24. This just happened:
    Taking a hudless screenshot in window mode basically froze the game and it kept dumping screenshots until I killed the process.

  25. Screenshot function seems to be broken. It is taking a bunch of screenshots on a row after a single keypress, slowing the game to 2-3 FPS according to Fraps.

    Log level 1 output on the link below:


    • I can confirm this. Doesn’t work out too well when you’re downscaling from 2160 as it craps out 30 MB BMPs. Maybe market it as a pause button without unpause?

        • no crashes here either! i’ve always been alt-tabbing in and out of the game (with DSfix) because it’s my first play through in Dark Souls and i need to read some guides from the net…yes i know im a N00b! :)

  26. Nice to see the shadows are fixed now. awesome work as always Durante!
    It’s really weird how the hud mods kill my game fps, I disabled them because I prefer a more stable framerate.

    • Seems that SSAO and the HUD enabled together cause the frame drop, I disabled SSAO and enabled the smaller HUD and the game plays just fine

      • using the custom hud the performance impact is noticeable even on 1280×720 & disabled ssao, at least with my graphic card and cpu.

  27. Heads up! When scaled down UI is active you can’t see the bar that represents status effects on you, such as bleed and curse build up. The bar’s background shows, but not the bar itself.

    Also this version seems to have fixed an issue with Dark Souls remaining open in the background for a period of time after you close it! kudos!

    • Thanks for the heads-up, that makes sense. The problem is that I have to handle all these “special” HUD elements, like the target indicator, this bar and for example boss health bars separately.

    • In addition, if actually cursed (woe is me), the skull that appears over the humanity count doesn’t scale, so it’s giant and misplaced.

  28. Wow great work :O Just checking it out now.

    Did you checkout my ini issue with my DSfix Settings GUI? (http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?p=206#comment-3591)

    I am planning on getting it online for everyone to use…but there’s still the small issue…maybe I’ll check it out later on my own…(I have to edit the 1.3 ini anyway).
    But maybe you can give me a hint where to look… x_X

      • Ok checked it out…that was the problem. Didn’t think of that.
        So I will split all possible DDL-Options into single lines, that should fix the problem.

        Thanks :) So my effort was not in vain.

  29. After some testing the performance hit only occurs when SSAO is enabled.

    On a side note, I love the minimalistic HUD!! However, would there ever be an option to put the magic slot above the item while still hiding the weapons? Seeing magic on the left and flask on the right is slightly confusing since the buttons to swap them and up and down ^-^;;

    Again, great work!!

  30. The Opacity of the Souls bar also effects the subtitles and by using the minimal HUD most of the subtitles just get cut off anyways.

    Regardless great mod and now subtitles or not I can’t see myself playing without the new HUD

  31. Hi there Durante.
    Thanks for the update!

    I have a question though.. I’m in north america and would like to change the language to Japanese. The override for Japanese isn’t listed in the ini so I was wondering what I should type. Thanks again!

    • The Japanese text is not in the NA and EU versions… the text data doesn’t exist.

      The reason why is that FROM publishes the Japanese version and NBG publishes NA and EU… so FROM doesn’t include the Japanese in the NA EU version, and they don’t include English or other language in the Japanese version…

      Adding the Japanese text to NA and EU version would constitute copyright infringement.

  32. This is incredible. You rock, Peter. seriously.

    I have one question. When I change items or magics and i had reescaled my HUD, i see the “effect” on the HUD if it were vanilla HUD. Dont know if i am making myself clear. Instead of having an HUD effect 0.75 of his size, it is reproduced at 1.0 of his size, and that’s a bit ugly.

    The rest… Well, you are incredible. I hope you keep up the good work.

    • Yeah, the little flash that occurs when you change an item still appears in its original size and position on the screen. Not a complaint; just an observation in case this was overlooked or it’s something that can be easily worked into the HUD mod.

  33. Ive downloaded and installed but my character seems to not be able to move or look around now idk i dont usually have problems with installing mods for ive done it for awhile now but if I could get some help that would be awesome

  34. >:D thanks.. i’ve been waiting for this HUD scaling and it looks even nicer than i had imagined…being able to change opacity is nice too :D… looks really good.. thanks for all your effort…. one slight problem… after i load the game… when i got into my character… about half a second maybe less… there was a flicker of my loading screen… that’s it… not really an issue tbh.

    • I’d also like to know if a fix is possible. Transparency not completely working getting fixed would also be nice.

      • I don’t know about the replacement issue (I don’t see how it could happen, maybe user error?), but it will never be possible to change non-transparent textures to transparent.

        The way the game’s renderer works makes that impossible.

      • 52b06f6 is the leg part of the gold hemmed robes. Only the chest part in that set gets replaced properly. There’s a few more that don’t work.

        • There’s probably a space missing in your replacement texture (at the front of the name). All hash codes are 8 characters long.

          Yeah, I know it’s stupid.

          • Since you can’t put spaces in front of file names, there’s no way to make it work?

          • You can, explorer just won’t let you. Open a command window and write

            mv “52b06f6.png” ” 52b06f6.png”

            I’ll make it prefix the checksum with 0s in the next version.

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