Tales of Symphonia postprocessing fix

The initial release from yesterday only fixed the main rendering resolution, the really low-res postprocessing (512×256!) still produced some ugly artifacts. I changed that now, in that the postprocessing scales with the rendering resolution selected. This was a bit harder than the other stuff, since I also needed to identify & fix a few vertex shader constants. Still, it took less time than creating this comparison image:

As a neat side effect, this also fixes the slight shift to the top/left that could be observed with the previous version at high resolutions, e.g. on the starting screen.

You can get the latest version including this change by updating from within GeDoSaTo or with the installer provided here. As always, you can donate to support continuing GeDoSaTo development here.


5 thoughts on “Tales of Symphonia postprocessing fix

  1. I’m experimenting with GeDoSaTo for the first time, are the only settings supported by Symphonia the ones in the Symphonia profile or will settings I modify in the base GeDoSaTo profile also affect the game?

    • You can add any of the settings from the main profile to the Symphonia profile (or, preferably to your user profile for it). Many of them (say texture filtering, or vsync, or postprocessing or stuff like that) will work.

  2. Neat, thanks for the update Durante. Got question about texture dumping because it seems its not working with Symphonia. Am i doing something wrong or its not supported?

    • I haven’t actually tried texture dumping with Symphonia yet. Whether it works or doesn’t work always depends on the individual game and how it loads textures.

  3. With your DSFix you saved Dark Souls, my favourite video game ever. And now you are saving Tales of Symphonia, my favourite JRPG. Thank you and keep the good work!

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