Tales of Symphonia black character outlines

Someone asked for this, and I figured it would probably be easy enough to do. And it was, so here it is.

You can toggle the solid outlines in the game config file, like this:

People are also asking about framerate unlocks, and that would be – if at all possible – a lot more work even in the best circumstances. With the game’s silly DRM, it’s even more annoying, and not a task I want to undertake.

You can get the latest version including this option by updating from within GeDoSaTo or with the installer provided here. As always, you can donate to support continuing GeDoSaTo development here.

4 thoughts on “Tales of Symphonia black character outlines

  1. I’ve been using the borders and it looks great. I did notice one issue with regards to slimes (probably because they are largely transparent). The black borders will cause the entire slime to appear as a grey blob. I don’t know if this is something that can be altered, I can live with it if it’s too much work or not possible to fix. Thanks for the mod, it makes the game alot more enjoyable :)


    With black borders: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/495762843155467671/5DB7A3FA6B1AB471AF779DC1DFA20B1712F24489/

    Without black borders (I captured this with the mod still enabled since I was lazy and noticed it takes a split second for the border to apply). They appear the same when you are in combat:


  2. It’s kind of interesting, actually, because when you look at the models close up when it’s been upressed, you can see that the processing on them was designed for the lines to be there, even when they aren’t enabled.

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