New GeDoSaTo Version, Status Update

It’s somewhat traditional (well, since last year) to have a Final Fantasy-related Christmas update.

This time around, I fixed a variety of bugs/missing features which made GeDoSaTo incompatible with Lightning Returns. After doing that, I also quickly discovered a PSHash for hudless screenshots which seems to work pretty well so far. Due to the way the game handles downsampling resolutions, you need to take some care when trying to get hudless downsampled screenshots, look in the .ini for details.

FF13 LR screenshotOther than the strange insistence on having a fixed set of supported resolutions rather than querying the OS Lightning Returns seems to be a pretty good port so far. At the very least, it doesn’t suffer from the random performance issues of the other two games in the trilogy. The gameplay seems fun as well so far.

DX11 / 64 bit status

People still frequently ask about these, so I thought I’d give a status update. For DX11, the vast majority of the relevant APIs are intercepted at this point, what’s missing is porting/reimplementing the support infrastructure required for downsampling and general operation (e.g. the text console, effect loading and application, rendertarget handling etc.) to the API. This is still a non-trivial amount of work.

64 bit support, on the other hand, would mostly just amount to compiling multiple versions of the .dlls, and setting the correct paths in the tool/loader. The only reason I haven’t done it yet is that it seems quite useless without DX11 support, given that 64 bit games are generally also DX11.


The latest version should also fix some other compatibility issues reported over the past few weeks (some, by far not all of them!), and even a few older ones, including installer issues – see the github tracker for details. I just hope it doesn’t introduce new ones, but if it does then do report them on github.

You can get the latest version by updating from within GeDoSaTo or with the installer provided here. And, as always, you can donate to support continuing GeDoSaTo development here.

Happy Holidays everyone!

18 thoughts on “New GeDoSaTo Version, Status Update

  1. Hmm I recently started using GeDoSaTo, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make the HUD disappear like in your screenshots. I checked the ini but there’s no option for it there either. How can we do it? (Sorry, really new to this program lol)

  2. Wow, I somehow always I thought that GeDoSaTo was limited to DX9 games due to fundamental technical reasons. Great thing I was wrong there! Thank you for your hard work!!!

  3. Hi Durante,

    in the profile for Lightning Returns you have written the following sentence:

    “# make sure to select the same resolution in-game!”

    How should I unterstand this? I want to downsample from 8K to 1440p but LR only supports 4K as maximum resolution cause it’s hardcoded.

    • It doesn’t support more than 4k even with GeDoSaTo, I didn’t implement a resolution unlock beyond that for LR.

      • Couldn’t he just make a LR user profile and set the resolution to 8K and go from there? Or does LR literally not support it at all, even with that addition to the GeDoSaTo profile?

        • LR doesn’t support it right now, and since I don’t need a resolution higher than 4k I haven’t looked into unlocking that (the DoF issue was much more severe IMHO).

  4. I’d love to see Gedosato support DX11 as DSR tends to be quite ugly and quite demanding. Merry Christmas and great work!

    • GeDoSaTo wouldn’t be any less demanding than DSR, since the demanding part is the rendering, not the scaling.

      However, I’d also love to see Gedosato support DX11!

    • Hmm, it’s probably an aspect ration issue. Since you say the monitor is 1600p I assume it’s 16:10?

      • Yes, It’s 1600p, but I also tried it with a 1080p TV with Nvidia’s DSR and the scaling issue remained. Only seeing 1/4 of the screen :(

        What I did:

        1. Set desktop resolution to 3840×2160 (don’t know if it’s needed). I added the custom res via Nvidia’s Control Panel with my 1600p, and used DSR with the 1080p TV

        1. Downloaded GeDoSaTo, opened GeDoSaTo.ini inside config\LRFF13 and copied the following text:

        # Lines starting with “#” are ignored by GeDoSaTo and used to provide documentation

        # This is a profile file for LRFF13

        injectPSHash 7fcf4d05
        injectDelayAfterDraw true

        # use something like the settings below if you want to take dowsampled hudlesss shots
        # make sure to select the same resolution in-game!

        renderResolution 3840×2160
        forceRenderRes true

        Only seeing 1/4 (with the 1080p TV) and a bit more with my 1600p monitor. Tried the three scaling options found within the game. If I alt-tab to set the game into Windows mode, it constantly minimizes and maximizes, and I have no other choice than to close the process via task manager.

        I guess I’m doing somethinmg wrong, but I don’t know what is it :(

        • Why are you setting your monitor’s resolution to anything other than native? Leave that at 1600p/1080p and let GeDoSaTo do the downsampling for you; that’s what it’s for.

    • Not automatically – like everything else, it would need to be mostly re-implemented for the new API. But of course I’d like to include it again eventually.

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