Hyperresolution Neptunia 0.2 alpha release

I did some small code cleanups, and more crucially, compiled both .dlls in release mode instead of debug mode. I forgot about that for the initial release, so it had a higher CPU performance impact then expected. Do note that there will still be some CPU overhead from the interception compared to running the vanilla game — this is unavoidable.

Here’s the download, enjoy! And here’s the entirely optional donation link.

Is anyone interested in the source for this one? I don’t mind releasing it, but I made it by hacking an existing glintercept plugin so there’s tons of superfluous stuff in there.


14 thoughts on “Hyperresolution Neptunia 0.2 alpha release

  1. Thanks for the neat gl wrapper, this helped with Nep a bunch. I’m running in 4k

    Will this also work on the second game? I’m starting to get close to finishing the first.

  2. Since nobody seems to have mentioned it, MEGA link has been down for a while now.

    I hope you don’t mind that I mirrored it to pcgw, so that people can still access it without having to search for it everywhere. It also seems to work with second game so I’m sure people are trying to find it.

    Also bit late to ask but, is it possible to remove games (or second games) 60 FPS cap? I tested that games speed shouldn’t be bound to frame rate, but still for some reason the cap is there.

  3. Hey Durante,

    Just wondering if it’s possible to add 3440x1440p 21:9 support, as I’m having to play in windowed due to a big chunk of the top and bottom of the game been missing when in fullscreen.

    Also, thanks for all of the amazing fixes so far! :D

    • It’s probably possible, but also probably quite a lot of work. Since I only use 16:9 screens (and am basically done with the game at this point), it’s not really work I want to invest. I did release the source in case someone wants to give it a try!

  4. I’d love a copy of the source for this. Frankly, it seems fascinating. TBH, never even heard of GLintercept until the steamforum post led me here. I kinda want to poke through it.

    Also, thanks for the work. Downsampling makes this game look fantastic.

  5. Thank you very much Durante! You have saved the Gamindustri! Would be awes0me it they broke the fourth wall with some reference to you fixing every game.

  6. Thanks for doing this!  All of us Hyperdimension Neptunia fans really appreciate it!

    BTW, is this actually rendering the game at a higher resolution?

    I’m playing on a 1440p monitor and everything (except the HUD and Minimap, which I know you worked on mainly) look pretty much the same.

    Something I noticed, that may or may not help, is that the battle completed sequence where it shows the character that did the last blow does actually appear to be rendered in 1440p (everything looks very clear and sharp); however, the rest of the game looks like it was upscaled horribly since there are weird artifacts around all of the character models and textures.

    I’m not sure why this is the case, but its just something I noticed.

    Thanks again for your work on this!

    • Yes, it absolutely does render at whatever resolution you specify. I can provide direct 5120×2880 framebuffer grabs if you want :P

      What you are talking about isan issue with their line rendering, it can be mitigated by downsampling.

      • I think it’s because of the blur on the AA/cel shading technique they use that makes edges ingame look really messed up.
        On the menu and equip screens the models look really nice and a very clear 1080p.

  7. Out of curiosity, I tried installing this on my laptop which only has 1366×768. I set the resolution to my native resolution and I actually got improved framerate. Thanks Durante!

  8. Source code is always welcome.

    Granted, I lack the knowledge to do much of anything with it, but it’s always nice to have to have in case anyone needs it in the future.


    And, of course, thanks for the work you’ve put into the plugin. Glad to have high res rendering for Neptunia.

  9. Hey there,

    first of all great work ; )  I’d really appreciate it, if you could link the source. I’m kinda interested in the general steps needed to take to get framebuffer hooks and the whole procedure working. Diving into this field interested me for a while now and some examplecode could give me a nice start for further investigations :)

    Keep up the good work



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