DSfix 2.3 – Steamworks works

So, much earlier than I expected to, I’m able to present what everyone was waiting for: DSfix 2.3 supporting the Steamworks version of the game!

There is only one change, and that is updating the address offsets for the FPS fix to work with the new version. All other features still work as expected, at least according to my testing.

That this is possible so quickly is thanks to the contributions of boowoo90 on this very blog. Is he an undercover From Software operative? Just a talented reverse engineering guru? Who knows, but he supplied the required addresses in no time at all.

Get the latest version of DSfix here.

As all but the packaging of this update is the work of someone else, don’t donate just for that! However, if you are just now getting into Dark Souls after it is freed from the scourge of GFWL and find DSfix helpful you can donate here.

And remember, if you use the FPS unlock, you need to use some other method to achieve Vsync. Options include your graphics card’s control panel, D3DOverrider, or simply running Dark Souls in borderless windowed fullscreen mode using DSfix.

FF13 article

In unrelated news, my latest article on PC Gamer just got published. It discusses the Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 ports. Busy day today!

44 thoughts on “DSfix 2.3 – Steamworks works

  1. address changed for Darksouls PtDE steamworks version 2015/01/19 update.

    // Time-step value address
    #define ADDR_TS    0x011E4D60
    // Presentation interval address
    #define ADDR_PRESINT 0x00FFA30E
    // getDrawThreadMsgCommand address in HGCommandDispatcher loop
    #define ADDR_GETCMD    0x00BAC4DD

    sorry, I do not yet ready environment on Github.
    i will next contribute on Github.

  2. Any suggestion how to fix it  http://imgur.com/RlW1wTf. I set game resolution to 1920×1080 and copied new DSFix without changing anything. I tried to fix it changing settings in the DSfix.ini but no luck. Maybe I missed something.

    Thanks Peter for you hard work.

  3. How to get GeDoSaTo works with FF XIII-2 ? It was working well in FF XIII. In FF XIII-2, I got a blank screen. I could still heard the main menu music and the cinematic.

    I could see also Steam Overlay and the GeDoSaTo ribbon on the top of the screen. Any idea what I’m doing wrong ? or missed ?


    So for now, I’m downsampling the game with DSR with my GTX 980.

  4. I got the new version, but it does not seem to work on my DS1 :l, on the old version of DSfix the game started up then crashed if I had 60fps on. but with the new version the game never starts up in the first place, it simply does nothing. I don’t really know what to try because I am not using any other settings atm. any help would be appreciated.

    • Forgot to mention, it only refuses to start up if I have 60fps on. I can still play the game with it off.

  5. hey! dsfix working great,thanks! but it no longer works with any version of the mouse fix…i know the developer of dsmfix should do smth about it but until now – nothing :( if u can find it in your heart to somehow include to dsfix something that cancels the negative acceleration it would be great :D

  6. Thanks for saving our asses from yet another moment where DS became unplayable.
    The community thanks you sincerely :)

  7. Is this version needed exclusively if we make use of the fps unlock? I had the game installed on my hard drive since september, updated to the steam version and that seems to be working still fine.

  8. Since I never bothered with the framerate unlocking function before I’ll pass on this update for now. Everything else still works perfectly, well, I guess I haven’t checked on the save backups…

    On the FFXIII article, am I the only one that thinks it sounds like they just reskinned GeDoSaTo, gutted out the support for other games, and bundled it into the base game?

    I mean, I wouldn’t exactly hate them for it, but if that’s what they did then you should be getting some royalties at the very least for that shit.

    PS: Comments were full of haters, trolls, and FFVII fanboys as could be expected.

    It’s like they don’t even understand what the story was about. You can’t just go everywhere when you’re on the run from an entire godsdamned army. You DEFINITELY can’t repeatedly backtrack either…

    I’d almost like them to release a free patch/DLC that allowed them to do that but boosted enemy levels and density in areas when they’re backtracked to outside of the regions of Gran Pulse where the Cocoon army doesn’t give a shit…

  9. Thanks Durante, I was wondering if you’re going to do this analysis.
    I hope SE will at least try to do a decent job at Lightning Returns, because it’s the only game of the trilogy that had FPS drops on consoles, and I afraid it’ll only get worse if they don’t do anything.
    I don’t know if you have done your tests on both AMD and Nvidia GPU, but I’d love if you could give us a comparison between them if possible.
    Also, is there any tweak to do CPU-wise.
    P.S: When forcing Double V-Sync on either games (Through Radeon Pro) the framerate doesn’t lock at 30 FPS for some reason, but thanks to that, the game never falls below 30 for me now.

  10. I just wanted to remind you that you should put the latest version of dsfix on nexusmods also >_> (unless that Durante is an imposter, I dunno)

    thanks so much!

  11. Is anyone else having issues with the borderless fullscreen option?
    It doesn’t seem to want to do the borderless part.

    I selected windowed in-game and borderlessFullscreen 1 in the DSfix.ini

    • Hmm, it seems to be working now. Didn’t change anything though…
      I hope the steam beta part stops being necessary when the grace period is over.

  12. Hi Durante,

    are there any side-effects of using the official 16x(CSAA) on Maxwell cards? When using GeDoSaTo with FFXIII I got errors when enabling CSAA (I switched from a 680 and forgot to change the option, actually) but on the official it does not. I wonder if it drops to 8x or 4x, making 8x the better choice for Maxwell owners.

    Thanks for GeDoSaTo!

    • I’m unsure, but probably they check availability and use a fallback in case it’s not available. But even then, selecting 16x wouldn’t hurt.

  13. Thanks to you and boowoo90 for the update, really appreciate that. Also I agree on the FFXIII article and am so sad the performance is still so unstable.

  14. does dsfix make backups in the right directory? I noticed now that my save is in “my doments\NBGI\DarkSouls” instead of “my doments\NBGI\DarkSouls\gamertag“.

    I guess I’ll see by myself while playing.

      • no! sorry, I don’t know why but a save file was in that folder (it surely was put there by steam for some reason) but now that I’m playing I verified that the true save is still in the previous folder (my documents\NBGI\DarkSouls\gamertag).

        sorry for spreading false infos >_>

  15. So what exactly IS going on with the FFXIII ports?

    Last I heard they’re trying to fix up the butchered port of 1, but is that even the case or did my source just make shit up?

    Anyway, thanks for the update to the both of you and keep up the awesome work.

      • I was aware they’re working on more graphic options but I was also told they’d address the framerate/optimization issue.

        Seeing as XIII-2 runs comparably bad the outlook seems pretty bleak though

  16. Thanks, this released like literally after my comments on the previous article were posted xD. Keep up the good work and thanks boowoo90 for the indirect contribution!

  17. Don’t mind what I said.

    I’m sorry, I just forgot an important part. I should have re-read the README.

    I forgot to disable ingame aa

  18. The game works for me finally! Resolution, FPS unlock, a couple of other settings and with Steamworks, and NO GWFL! Much happy. After a whole lot of updating haha.

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