DSFix 2.3 DMCA takedown

So, Bandai Namco filed a DMCA complaint against DSfix 2.3 and got my Dropbox account blocked from public sharing.

You can all let them know what you think about that.

In the meantime, here is a link to “DSfix 2.3.1″.

If you want to donate to my apparent future need for legal counsel, you can do so here. (That’s a joke by the way, at least I hope it is)



Apparently, this was done in error, in a wide-reaching attempt to purge the leaked debug executable from the internet. While it’s still a problem that the DMCA simply allows companies to take down arbitrary non-infringing files, at least there shouldn’t be any further issues with DSFix.

12 thoughts on “DSFix 2.3 DMCA takedown

    • Also a new version of Dark Souls was released which will likely break the FPS unlocker.

  1. I’m just writing this here since it is the newest post, with the newest version:

    It might be worth noting in future releases that people who use BitDefender should add both, the Darksouls.exe and the dinput8.dll to the exceptions in BD. Otherwise DSFix won’t work correctly (game will be sped up if FPS unlock active, other options won’t activate at all)

  2. Dark Souls for PC was literally the worst port i’ve ever encountered. Countless people including me wouldn’t have even bought the game at all because it was pretty much unplayable.

    But what do you know… Durante (+Nwks) shows up and not only does he fix the port issues but he makes it 10 times better than the console versions. So i bought the game, finished it multiple times and it became one of my favorite games ever.

    Now Bamco shows up years later attacking the person that made their game playable and selling them all these copies, instead of saying “thank you”. Fuck logic….

    We’re here for you Durante, just like u were here for us, they’re gonna hear alot of what we think about it.

  3. Dear FromSoftware/Bandai Namco, it has recently come to my attention that a mod for one of your games (Dark Souls) has been removed from it’s website due to copyright infringement. I am still wondering why this decision has been made to remove it, it not only made up for the lack of a proper porting of the game but also introduced new resolutions and better graphical settings for it. Over two years have passed since its release on the pc, a poor flawed port but with this mod (DsFix) it was made significantly better, enhanced visuals, higher framerate and the use of custom weapon skins and textures made the game all the more better.

    I would like an explanation for your decision, clearly no thought had been put into this port and I fail to see how removing the best port for a game that is severley flawed is a good decision. I urge you to allow it to be publicly downloaded once more and explain to all of the games fans why you took down this wonderful mod which fixed so many mistakes.

  4. Whats new in 2.3.1 ? You read my posts in http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?p=652 about zTex issue?

    And 2.3 and 2.3.1 links to d3dx9_42.dll but detours functions from d3dx9_43.dll, also Dark Souls use┬ád3dx9_43.dll, so I think it’s better to be consistent and link to d3dx9_43.dll. Also calling LoadLibrary in DllMain is risky, check my solution (in dinputWrapper.cpp/h) in my post about zTex issue (mostly, copy-pasted from latest x360ce source :p). Currently I want to rewrite DSFix to GeDoSaTo plugin but it will be hard because of detours/code patching required for some features.

    PS: Thanks for great work !

    • There’s nothing new in it at all, just taking out the one modified texture which could conceivably be claimed to be infringing.
      As for rewriting DSfix as a GeDoSaTo plugin, that would be awesome. I don’t want to spend the required time on it because I still need to e.g. get GeDoSaTo working with DirectX11, but it would have many advantages.

  5. I used to really respect From but they’re on my blacklist now. I remember when they didn’t believe in DLC, when they didn’t do bullshots of any sort, when they wouldn’t re-release a game a year later on the same platform, and when they said exclusivity was a mistake. Look at them now, it’s deplorable.

    • Do you people seriously have so much trouble differentiating the letters composing the name BANDAI NAMCO from FROM SOFTWARE? Because I’m trully appalled that you’re blaming FROM for this (not that they don’t have many other things to be blamed for).

    • From Software didn’t send the DMCA request, Bandai Namco and From are not the same company at all.

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